Jim O’Neill, a senior executive at Goldman Sachs, has emerged as a surprise contender to become the next governor of the Bank of England.

40 comments on “Jim O’Neill, a senior executive at Goldman Sachs, has emerged as a surprise contender to become the next governor of the Bank of England.
  1. SilverCondom says:

    Papademos in Greece, Monti in Italy, now O’Neill in the UK… whose next?

  2. SilverCondom says:

    -who is- typo- my bad.

  3. SilverCondom says:

    How Inflation Will Destroy Students and Retirees:


  4. SilverCondom says:

    Gerald Celente — Ian Henschke – ABC Australia — 26 April 2012


  5. Jim O’Neill is in charge of $0.75 trillion of Goldman Sachs assets. Extremely valuable sub-prime mortgage backed credit default swaps and hyper-leveraged sovereign debt obligations. All tinder dry, and highly combustible. Outside in the streets the sparks are flying, and the Fire Brigade have just learnt that their pension fund is now worthless….WHOOOSH! another firework came over from Spain…I hope Jim O’Niel has plenty of good working fire extinguishers. a lot of fake fire extinguishers about these days.

  6. Sir Halibut says:

    what’s the name of that ginger haired guy who did a few vids with Max? I can’t remember.

    Jim Willie always makes it sound so exciting!

  7. Robert Mockan says:

    Sure, another “unexpected” surprise!
    LOL! Another Goldman Sachs guy.

  8. Yossarian says:

    I have met this man. He is the sort of person who expresses surprise each morning when he sees the sun come up.. again! Surreal!

  9. Sir Halibut says:


  10. JailBanksters says:

    So we’ve moved on from a One World Government to a
    One Corporation Government. Nice.

    One day i’ll wake from this coma, and everything will be completely Normal.

  11. flicks says:

    Expect Hunt to go today or some time this week and things hot up for Cameron. Spicy week ahead for UK politics.

  12. MirrorMirror says:

    Libyan Ex-Premier found dead in the Donau

    Libyscher Ex-Premier tot in der Donau aufgefunden


    @SilverCondom … Celente

    … is always on the ball.

  13. SilverCondom says:

    What’s Next for Libya?

    NATO’s “responsibility to protect” (R2P) was subterfuge to wage war. Months of terror bombing left Libya a charnel house.


  14. gold bullet says:


    Don’t forget Draghi at the ECB. He’s yet another Goldman Scum. The Vampire Squid is completely taking over Europe.

  15. Alf says:

    @all…I’m no expert, but this article smells a bit fishy to me… I’ll let you
    guys have a look.

    ” all this stuff about UK economy being back in recession is nonsense”

    “Why the official figures should be so wrong remains a mystery”

    “So how can we get a better feeling for what is happening? The statements at the start of this column are based not on official data but on a new indicator developed by Goldman Sachs, which it calls a current activity indicator.”

    ….Maybe it should be called “a current ‘Bullshit’ indicator?”


  16. MirrorMirror says:

    @Alf … as you are probably aware of :

    The “real economy” – WW – was never in danger as such.
    The “MSM Fear Mongering” is designed to enrich / rescue the fake banking system = socialize their losses, instead of going BK like a true capitalistic institution.

    BTW … this should help the oil profiteers’ bottom line :

    Saudis recall ambassador, shut embassy in Egypt

  17. MirrorMirror says:

    “One World Trade Center” .. will become the tallest building in NY :


    Q: Is that really the “official” name ?

  18. aaah says:

    UK needs someone to help facilitate the sale of Australia to China.
    This is in the works for the next few years.
    UK is broke -they can’t sell Canada to China but Australia is
    a done deal.

  19. Mark Frost says:

    Jim O’ Neil coined the term “BRICS”. He’s the son of a postman. He was raised in Manchester. Do any of these things counter his obeyance and loyalty to God-man Sachs?

    Fee fi fo fum
    I smell the greed
    Of a Goldman bum.
    Be he Manc
    Or be he not
    He’ll grind our bones
    For the Blankfein pot….

  20. Bruce says:

    Mr O’Neill, 55, has a strong background in economics and in 2001 coined the term BRICs, which is now widely used to refer to the growth markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China.
    That’s his claim to fame? Oh c’mon, even I could have done that!

  21. Bonn says:

    This Guy Jonathan Jay just got creamed By Tarpley
    Whoo hoo !!!!!!!!!

    From the Spy Museum in Washington, DC, a debate on the truth behind the 9/11 attacks. The participants in the debate are:Jonathan Kay, author of “Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America’s Growing Conspiracist Underground,” and Webster Tarpley, self-described 9/11 Truth Scholar and one of the people featured in Mr. Kay’s book. Mr. Tarpley’s take onthe September 2001 attacks appears in his book “9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA.” The debate is moderated byNewsweek/Daily Beast contributingeditor, David Frum. Mr. Frumserved as special assistant to President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2002.

  22. flicks says:

    We need the respected ‘alternative’ economists to speak in a clear understandable way about fractional banking infact being none fractional but just digits in an account without the deposit first. I’m sick of seeing programs on MSM talking about ‘bank loans’. The problem is one of clarity of communication. They, MSM specifically the BBC have been quick to pick up on idea’s I’ve put out there (even to hair style) to help the people they support – the banksters whom they so like to put forward – usually a ‘girly’ to put weight behind their Management Of Perception Economics. Sorry but crappy art work and sloppy visual and sound presentations are not going any where. You lot out there making stuff need to get a whole heap more professional about presentation.

  23. Bonn says:

    Internet blackout’ set for 9 July: FBI to ‘pull plug’ on 350,000 virus-infected machines – cutting off Web for users in U.S. and UK

    * Machines infected with virus being ‘kept alive’ by FBI
    * Operation costing so much FBI will ‘pull plug’ on 9 July
    * 350,000 PCs infected, mostly private individuals
    * 80,000 victims in U.S., 20,000 in UK
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2134853/Internet-blackout-set-9-July-FBI-pull-plug-350-000-virus-infected-machines.html#ixzz1tWTyuvwZ

  24. Mini US says:

    Its a Financial Virus of epidemic proportions to be sure.

  25. MirrorMirror says:

    @Bonn …. “Internet blackout’ set for 9 July”

    Great revenue boost for the Antivirus Lobby ! 😆

  26. Bruce says:

    China shuts Coke plant over chlorine – Yahoo!7
    SHANGHAI (AFP) – Authorities in northern China have ordered a Coca-Cola bottling plant shut after finding its products were contaminated by chlorine, according to a government statement.

  27. gold bullet says:

    ”1st Kopimism church wedding @ Share Conference”


    So, two days ago, the first ever wedding within The Church of Kopimism took place in Belgrade during the Share Conference.

    ”First kopimist wedding”


  28. gold bullet says:

    Complete patent insanity – US edition:

    ”Congress Asks Patent Office To Consider Secret Patents”


    “The USPTO is considering a rather interesting request straight from lobbyists via congress. That certain ‘Economically Significant’ patents should be kept secret during the process (PDF Warning) of being evaluated and granted. While this does occur at the moment on a very select few patents ‘due to national security’ for things like nuclear energy and the like — this would allow it to go much, much further. ‘By statute, patent applications are published no earlier than 18 months after the filing date, but it takes an average of about three years for a patent application to be processed. This period of time between publication and patent award provides worldwide access to the information included in those applications. In some circumstances, this information allows competitors to design around U.S. technologies and seize markets before the U.S. inventor is able to raise financing and secure a market.'”

    Next up: secret copyright! End this insanity already!

  29. trooper dave says:

    @flicks Just heard Peston on BBC radio 2 state the reason we are in despression is that the boom was run on too much debt. Not government debt, the real problem was households taking on 180% of their income as debt.
    Never did he mention that level of debts are given by the bank. The MSM are really pushing the “it’s your own fault” message to the public. This is a bit like the gubberment allowing drug pusher to deal and exploit the public, then when there are huge amounts of junkies the MSM says its all your own fault. The MSM pushed the credit(debt) bubble with property porn and advertising crap you don’t need; BUT “it’s all your own fault for listening to us an accepting the banks thin air money.

    IT’S A RACKET. It’s all a scam. But the plebs do not want to hear this as they are conditioned to be stupid and think ” they can’t change anything anyway”. It’s a good job that they already have a right to vote (not that that means much when it’s only for actors and front men to hide the wizards behind) and not be subject to the Lord’s whims because he owns ALL the land; ah, yeah, people had to struggle to get those things. Never mind, my “all seeing eye” phone allows me to be conditioned and spied on 24/7, hurrah!

  30. Sharky says:

    @ Trooper dave

    Few things annoy me more than the BBC, there news has literally come down to pure propoganda or simply avoiding discussion on the topic.

    And the presenters…… Dont even get me started how can they look at themsleves in the mirror. the worst thing about it is they deliver the lies and propganga with the calmest most nice british accent and a cheeky smile its sick becasue you know that most the population is lapping it up!

    So the British people are forced to literally fund there own indoctrination!! That is just sick!

  31. Happy Dick says:

    @MM … 1 WTC and previously known as the Freedom Tower
    … will be the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and the third-tallest building in the world by pinnacle height, with its spire reaching a symbolic 1,776 feet (541.3 m) in reference to the year of American independence

  32. Bonn says:

    @ Happy Dick
    With an asterisk, WTC is back on top in NYC
    Somethin ya might wanna see there is a Vid at the End of the article.

  33. Alf says:

    Yesterday, BBC’s Andrew Marr comprehensively interviewed David Cameron…
    And for once really got the truth out of him…Lol.


  34. Evolutis says:

    @Alf … Such clarity and as u say, comprehension … It’s English people taking snapshots of politicians, taking snapshots of English people. lol

  35. adonisdemilo says:

    I’m surprised that anybody on this site watches the BBC especially the news and current events.
    You should all have worked out by now that they are a very large player in the propaganda department of the bullshit elite.
    Whoever is in line for the next Governor will already be part of the establishment and because of that will already have proved to them that he will be able to maintain their grip on our wallets.

  36. trooper dave says:

    @ Sharky “So the British people are forced to literally fund there own indoctrination!! That is just sick!” Too true. Also a Sky dish hanging on your house seems to be a badge of honour among the plebs, again paying to be conditioned, deluded and indoctrinated. Oh, the stupidity of the feeble minded.

  37. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    @adonisdemilo, BBC only good for the weather and they get that wrong!

  38. Alf says:

    @Evolutis…spot-on…as usual.

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