Ireland: It looks like the banks, having been bailed out and having received huge government capital injections, could now be in the process of going bust.

25 comments on “Ireland: It looks like the banks, having been bailed out and having received huge government capital injections, could now be in the process of going bust.
  1. gussy says:

    I can’t see the corner we’ve just turned for all the green shoots, thanks in part to those ‘rising’ exports, and rents.

    Pssst, don’t mention the successful housing tax revolution, the Irish mainstream media has somehow overlooked this crushing defeat of the Gov. by the people.

  2. Mother Earth says:

    I you allow someone to waste all the pie because you like being thrown some crums, you should not be surprised at the end there’s no more pie, no more crums, and the someone has nothing to compensate you with…

  3. Mother Earth says:


    The use of the terms “Growth” and “Green shootes” in economics are some of the most disgusting semantic rape cases sabotaging our collective survival instinct ever devised.

  4. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    8 ‘Corzine-ings’ in one fell swoop, is this a record?
    ”this could be a record-breaking amount of mauling ever attempted by the colossus of client care as Goldman shows it does not discriminate between millionaire and billionaire Muppets.”
    ”The couple claim they lost more than $100 million because of their forced sales and general Muppet massacre.”

    And Murdoch owns the real Muppet Mansion- surely there is huge potential for irony here.

  5. Tamir says:

    AGW update

    “A new, detailed record of past climate change provides compelling evidence that the last ice age was ended by a rise in temperature driven by an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide.

    The finding is based on a very broad range of data, including even the shells of ancient tiny ocean animals.”

  6. Tamir says:

    This is really funny 🙂

  7. Danny Cunnington says:

    Of course the LTRO 1% funds are based on a pile of so-called assets largely made out of debts on collapsing real estate. The LTRO funds are mainly creating an illusion of solvent banks and solvent governments. It’s basically a circle jerk. The virtual funds based on a pile of dog poop are used to buy more government bonds and to park the funds overnight at the same institution that issued the new circular funds. (The ECB). Thus it cannot produce anything other than an appearance of solvency and a free lunch to banksters in the interest rate spread.

    This is fine until someone (like Spain) defaults at which point the whole thing melts down like a vampire exposed to sunlight.

    This is the inevitable consequence of not letting things go bankrupt that should have gone bankrupt. It means that there’s nothing you can do but engage in “perception management”. A political term that sounds nicer then telling lies and spinning illusion like a cheap fairground trick. The tertiary to this is a zombie economy that cannot grow because the capital needed to increase or even sustain real production has been misallocated and will inevitably be destroyed.

  8. Badsey says:

    If you read the article you can see that the feedback is very good and that the Irish people are waking up to this banking mess. -A year ago you could not say that.

    Bottom line: Should the Irish people be indebting themselves to give large banks blank checks to use Irish bailouts and ECB loans however they want. If the banks were only allowed to operate in Ireland is one thing, but these are banks investing outside Ireland. Maybe let these global banks fail and only invest in local Irish banks. –> That would send a very strong message to the ECB and your politicians by letting the large ECB loan banks fail while the smaller local Irish banks thrive.

  9. Hampus says:

    Quote from Aki Kaurismäki

    “For mankind, I can’t see any way out,” he says in his deadly monotone, “except terrorism. We kill the 1%.” Which 1%? “The only way for mankind to get out of this misery is to kill the 1% who own everything. The 1% who have put us in the position where humanity has no value. The rich. And the politicians who are the puppies of the rich.”

    Le Havre – U.S. Release Trailer (Aki Kaurismäki, 2011)
    (the movie is better than this trailer!)

  10. Happy Dick says:

    Tracking the $700 Billion Bailout

    This disgusts me, as I drive around and see how these facilities (in the post above) are the nicest looking properties, while many mom and pop shops are closed. This trend is still in tact … One can truly see and realize the farce of the fiat con-game.

  11. flicks says:

    Guns and Butter

    “Formula For Fraud” with William K. Black

  12. Happy Dick says:

    Then we have the “Den of Thieves” whom pillage from the con-game.

    Doesn’t this just piss you off!!

  13. MirrorMirror says:

    So much sh*t is printed in the MSMedia …. even in the so-called “respectable media”.

    I just noticed a title saying that ” ADHS / Hyperactivity ” is the rebellion of today’s children. What a load of cr*p … and waste of space… and won’t post the link because they don’t deserve the page.hit.

    Also in Germany, Gunter Grass ( prized author/poet etc. ) spoke his mind and said that Israel is risking global war and we should be allowed to speak our minds ( criticize Israel ) without being labeled anti-semitic.
    And guess what .. the typical German sheeple were infuriated at his suggestion that Israel could do wrong … judging by all the stupid comments.


  14. MirrorMirror says:

    More useless MSM waste of space IMO :

    March’s top 10 selling cars – in pictures

    …. what is “top selling” in a market that shows only new cars registered in Spain 50% DOWN recently …. as well as many other EU countries.

    They’d be better off printing a Research Article on which cars are the best value for money in terms of “driving from A to B” at the cheapest cost.

  15. sovereigntea says:

    Irish in Austerity Rebellion Video

    by The Ghost of Sir Edward Coke

    Faced with an EU centrally planned dictated future of eternal exploitation and poverty the Irish people appear to have found their inner spirit.

  16. MirrorMirror says:

    @Youri … “Decline In German Industrial Production Worse Than Expected”

    “Expected” = “MSM PRopaganda” coming home to roost.

    Because people here can hardly afford to drive to work anymore, some German Politalker on the radio said “they should take the bus or train” !!
    LOL …. train fares are only affordable for the Civil Servants …. & the Deutsche Bahn is trying to show a profit, so it can “do an IPO” , hence the high prices.

    German Transport Cos. are complaining becuase it now takes 1,000 EUR to fill their tanks.

    Oh … the “Lorry Toll Gates” ( LKW Maut ) will be extended to “B” roads as of mid summer . I wonder if the lorries were “already” using B roads to avoid the “Maut” ? … probably.

  17. MirrorMirror says:


    Keiser Report: Angel Dust for Ponzi-Addicts (E271)

    25 mins


  18. Uptick says:

    I Thought you would get a giggle out of this
    Groupon Concept For Vancouver Condos!

  19. Joe9083 says:

    @Gussy.Those people who paid the household charge are spineless traitors.

  20. gussy says:

    @Joe9083, those people who paid are fictional, the Gov. are lying through thier teeth.

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