Greek mourners: it was not suicide, it was financial murder

Creeping fascism is not only to be found in Europe . . .

The “Clean Halls program.” In effect since 1991, it allows police to execute so-called “vertical patrols” by going up into private buildings and conducting stop-and-frisk searches in hallways – with the landlord’s permission.

15 comments on “Greek mourners: it was not suicide, it was financial murder
  1. Alf says:

    “Greek mourners: it was not suicide, it was financial murder”

    …I quickly posted this yesterday…If you think you can add to it, please do.

    Goldman Sachs+
    Financial Tyranny+
    Loss of Dignity+
    Hopelessness =
    Suicide in Syntagma Square.

  2. microhousehold says:


    Occupation + Freedom = syntax error

    Goldman Sachs + Jail Time for financial terrorists = One problem less to deal with

  3. gold bullet says:


    Goldman Sachs + guillotines for the financial terrorists = One problem less to deal with

    Fixed. 😉

  4. microhousehold says:

    @gold bullet

    Thanks for the correction.

  5. JonnyJames says:

    Forget the “rule of law”
    This is the Law of the Jungle.
    The ones with the means of physical violence dominate.

  6. CarlosMurphy says:

    Knowledge is the only way to ultimately beat these guys, the more informed the public are the easier it is to see through the dirty tricks and know exactly where to focus the anger and despair. Since MSM is owned, the Internet is now the most powerful weapon to fight TPTB. It’s how most of us learned what’s going on and how more can follow.

  7. jayzio says:

    wow. the emotion and rage on the faces of the men at the end of the video is so genuine and powerful. That’s the kind of rage and anger that can’t be subdued.

  8. @Alf, ~ I think you missed a very important one to your list:- “Treason!”
    Technically my Brother could be charged with ‘petty theft’, because he likes to rescue plants dumped in a skip, especially stag’s head ferns, which recover well. I find and lose those cheap gas lighters, I discover two yellow ones in my pocket, when I know I only had one! tut! tut!

    Theft is on an escalating scale, ‘Grand Theft’ could be a few millions, but at some point theft becomes “TREASON” especially if there is “mens rae” criminal intent, rather than incompetence. Criminal intent is something that only a Court can establish when evidence is submitted by the prosecution, and there is no defense! …The punishment for Treason is severe! because the consequences of Treason are equally severe. People die! In 1997 the UK New Labour Party lifted ;capital punishment’ from treason offences, itself an act of treason! and then went on to enact plenty of treasonous policies in the opinions of many. The Attourney General was not allowed to sit in on Tony Blair and the Riviera Gigolo’s Cabinet Meetings, for very good reason.

  9. James says:

    Max! Not sure how to best send you news but did you cover the pasty tax?

    you really are an oracle

    the pasty song as originally posted by Max and Stacy:

  10. Jayme says:

    And not one banker arrested.

    Someone is paying for the NYPD police to patrol. I figure about $40 million dollars is spend for over 300 police is spent on this program. The police can’t even effectively cover all the buildings. Fascism is so expensive and produces practically nothing but a false sense of security. I’d like to know if these searches have actually made these buildings safer?

    This article is a good awareness piece but needs more research.

  11. Eric says:



    I have been around too long. I knew 3-4 years ago something nasty was up because the word “IMF” kept coming up in the news like a bad web-bot item.

    IMF=vultures has been true for me since my early teens. They are the progenitors of financial sacking of nations through sovereign debts and austerity measures. The “austerity measures” keep the nation from recovering so they stay perpetually in debt. Every nation that recovers from the IMF does so by NOT following their “advice”.

  12. ThomasPaineTheThird says:


    “creeping fascism” … ha! fascism went into a warp speed power dive on 9/11, DHS, TSA, Stasi police. It was the perfect excuse to engage in cult-like brainwashing on a grand national and international scale – very Hitlerian IMHO. The “terrorists” are the new “jews”. But it is an insignificant phase transition, oppressive regimes are meta-stable, you only need one person that knows there is no spoon and it unravels.

  13. Mother Earth says:

    This will eventually lead to the police being unnecessary..

    I guess the plan is to make the world so dangerous we need constant surveillance to stay alive.

    But these people are massochist, because what would you rather be? Captain dredd or a Beatle? People go far to feel usefull, and usually they mistake inviting suffering to replace a threat as such usefullness..

  14. Alf says:

    @all…Some interesting additional thoughts…thanks.

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