Good news: Jon Corzine’s missing $1.6 billion has been located. Bad news for clients: no, you can’t have it all back.

25 comments on “Good news: Jon Corzine’s missing $1.6 billion has been located. Bad news for clients: no, you can’t have it all back.
  1. Kevin Eshbach says:

    Time to vaporize Corzine before he disappears to some country with no extradiction treaty with the US.

  2. JonnyJames says:

    Nothing new. The world’s worst criminals, mass murderers, war criminals, financial terrorists etc not only go unpunished, they get to keep all their money AND they are REWARDED for their crimes with taxpayer monies.

    This will only get worse. As Bill Black says: there is an INCENTIVE to commit fraud, theft and crime. “Criminogenic” is the term he uses.

    The threat of life imprisonment in a general population US prison (where beatings and rape are routine) these scum will not stop. The death penalty is actually too lenient for them. A lifetime of beatings and rape in US prison is much much worse than death.

  3. williambanzai7 says:

    I thought the money blew up over California last weekend.

  4. Dennis says:

    They punish themselves. For living evil and empty lives full of deceit. I bet they can hardly thing of anything nice. We may die in hunger, but we die free (some of us).
    They die with pilles of gold yet they are enslaved and never will feel anzthing apart from fear of losing “the gold”.

  5. OlympiaLogger says:

    Are we having fun yet…

  6. feral says:

    Foodbank Events coming up in and around the UK. . . .

    For individuals and families who are experiencing food poverty.

    If you live in UK where events are taking place, maybe donate any tins from your cupboard?

  7. Dpyan says:

    Great! That means there is legal precedent protecting me if i steal!
    Lesson learned: never invest in anything you can’t take possession of. Then it would require physical force to steal from you.

  8. Flopot says:

    In the future, corzine will come to mean “criminal audacity” or “impotence and despair in the face of unchecked criminality” or maybe even “lawmaker criminal” or just plain old “f**kin’ chicken thief”.

  9. Mike says:

    Considering all the lives he has ruined, I’m amazed nobody has come after him.

  10. Mattdog says:

    @Flopot, maybe “corzine” will be defined as: “dried santorum”?

  11. pm says:

    Don’t worry Ron Paul will get their money back by cashing out all the entitlement funds for the working class poor and reneging on our contractual obligations for social security. Well, that is if there would be anything left after the private central banks take their cut. And with gold backed money, you could collect exponentially more! No wonder the Bilderburgers like him so much!

  12. Blah blah says:


    In recent years in this area (North West of England, not poor, not rich) I’ve seen collections of clothes and scrap metal (vans driving round picking up anything left out for collection/not nailed down) go from once a month to now daily. Last month, for the first time, I passed a van with hoardings asking for short date/out of date food, it was at that point I realised we really are in the shit.
    We now have shops showing up that will buy unwanted clothes from you, they pay by the tonne. I assume they are the clothing equivalent to a scrap metal merchant.

  13. Blah blah says:


    Follow the money. Imagine the chances of Obama being voted back in if one of his key benefactors was done for grand theft?

  14. steveosilver says:

    no post whaaaa, tracey what happened, i must be heard i must be seen, oops love and gratitude

  15. Bruce says:

    “According to the Weekly Standard, Corzine is listed as a top bundler in the most recent Obama 2012 campaign documents, with over half a million dollars to his credit. As far as I can tell, none of it was “vaporized.”

    But remember, Barack Obama is the Little Guy’s best defense against Wall Street predators!”

  16. Kevin Eshbach says:

    @Blah blah

    I remember before the housing crash seeing various people young and old rifling through mine and my neighbors recycle bins for aluminum cans until they discovered there is no money in aluminum cans. When this was occurring it reminded of a Seinfeld episode where Neiman and Kramer were trying to cash in on recycled bottles and thought they had come up with a way to make it profitable.

  17. gman says:

    Amazing how well behaved the victim’s of this theft have been. At least the Mafia and bikers have boys with baseball bats and cigar trimmers (for da fingers) to collect.

  18. kdt says:

    @pm total crap R.P.’s basic soloution is to phase SS out over time, simply stop enrolling people and wait for the existing oblagations to grandfather out. simple , streight forwad and most of all fair he also has said even as prez. he can’t do ANYTHING with out the people of this country wakeing up to the facts of life , tanstaafl there is no sutch thing as a free lunch any one claiming that there is , is a scammer this is not complex or hard to understand. over complexity is the curtain they hide behind .

    based on the “bilderburger’s” pattern in the past , rick perry was there pick not R.P. they invited rick to a meeting and one would assume anointed him at that time wich would account for the arogent way he behaved at the debates . lol too bad for them he is a lush and could not hold it together in public for more than a week at a time as far as i’v ever heard ron paul has never been any where near one of those meetings that kinda blows that theroy all to hell.

  19. pm says:

    @ kdt,

    Ron Paul says clearly in his Restore America plan that his cuts to the poor, which will cost millions of lives, will occur in his first year in office. How will social security be funded when he eliminates or more likely reduces the income taxes? They won’t be. He doesn’t have a plan nor does he care. The only free lunches here are the trillion dollar ones created out of thin air belonging to the banks Paul is beholden to. The banks are the source of all the criminal debt not their victims that Paul unjustly castigates, the destitute and working poor. Entitlements are well within the budget constraints and in fact are under funded due to congressional looting.

    Rick Perry for all his time spent at Bilderburg meetings never came back with a 2.7 million dollar check. Money talks BS walks away empty handed. Ron Paul also got allot of stealth donations from the private central banks. Why? Because his monetary policies favor the financial oligarchs. By getting rid of the Fed and establishing a gold standard, the debts the 99% will owe to the 1% will be insufferably higher. Their plan is to have a one world currency backed by the worlds reserves in gold in a new private global central bank, the BIS. Back in 2001, Paul has said that there is nothing to fear from globalism or a one world currency. You austrian tea party dunderheads are voting for your own demise and don’t know it by falling for all that feel good constitutional hokum.

  20. JailBanksters says:

    I hope there’s no Jail time for stealing $1,600,000,000.53, otherwise I loose faith in the US justUS system. So thank G O D only those that steal a twinkie go to jail.

  21. jarrollin says:

    Crap! After reading the first part of that headline, I thought I was going to get my money back. I guess I’ll just continue living under this bridge — for the time being.

  22. Blah blah says:


    I am under no illusion there is either money or a perception of money to be made from other peoples unwanted clothing.

    When local councils get in on the act of defrauding the public to make a profit then you know there is something wrong. The act of charity that is donating or recycling clothes is done to aid those less fortunate than the donor, not to line the pockets of private enterprise or make up the shortfall in badly run councils.

  23. MirrorMirror says:

    @Blah Blah … agree !

    In Germany, some people ( usually the poorer of course ) line up at Govt. waste recycling dumps and persuade those people dumping their rubbish to give it to them instead.
    Of course, the State moves in and proclaims it illegal .
    Why ? … because not only do they charge the “dumpers” money, but sell the “rubbish” etc. for a nice profit.

    As to Charities etc. // I never “donate” simply because 95% of the money collected goes to “pay” to organization IMO…. i.e. I think it’s better to “help poor people directly” , rather than to get scammed by these organizations.

    There is also a free service from the State called “Sperrmull” ( large junk objects like mattresses, beds etc. ) that come around every few months. You often see the poorer sections of society roaming in vans through the night , picking up the “waste” before the morning pick-up.


  24. feral says:

    @blah blah + mirrormirror

    Loads of pound bakeries are springing up where I live, 2 pies for 99p, filled barms £1.00 . .

    People don’t want to pay more than a quid these days, the bakeries all going low cost/high volume. I feel sorry for the poor workers who are having to do twice the work to keep up with demand!

  25. Badsey says:

    The main reason I went physical is to stear my life away from fiat fraud. You could literally wake up and find all your fiat accounts drained and it could take years to sort out (if ever). =that person trifling thru the trash could easily be you. These CME traders could easily be flipping burgers when you are talking about getting caught up in a Billion$ fraud case.

    If you do find yourself broke, the competition for corporate handout fraud is very high also. Those USAid, USGain donation dumpsters look like a scam to me. =even at the bottom their is fraud/scams now.

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