Gold Coil About to Pop.

Technically it looks as though gold has made a bottom. I said we had made and bottom in January and now gold made a higher low yesterday. We have seen the end of this correction and I think a major move is coming. It (gold) is like a coiled spring. There is massive energy in the gold and silver market now, and that energy is going to release very soon now in my view.”

6 comments on “Gold Coil About to Pop.
  1. Bruce says:

    Less talk, more sky-high prices. So I can sell the yellow metal and stalk Stacy & Max full-time.

    Many thanks.

  2. Mattdog says:

    Let’s make gold rip and make people realize what fiat is really worth!

  3. giggler says:

    While everyone seems so quick to talk of up and buy, perhaps you should look at history and of confiscation. If indeed times are far worse in this up and coming financial system crash, what do you think they’ll do? the same as before? seems a little tame given the magnitude? Think digging a hole to hide it from them will do you any good?

    Here in the UK purchases over a yearly threshold in value have to get registered with HMRC, photo id the lot. Even when not exceeding the amount, records at bullion dealers are recorded, business practice. While now it’s used for tax purposes to make sure you are not purchasing physicals with laundered money, in the future who’s to say, given what it amounts to is a list of ownership locations to come knocking on your door when needed by the state.

  4. Jeff says:

    Right now the expectation being telegraphed via internet “chatter” (which is heavily monitored already never mind CISPA)) is that Gold is expected to rise. However, don’t be surprised if the market gets served a massive curve ball in the shape of a huge GLD paper sell order flooding the market and dropping the gold price like a stone to $1,300 (just ahead of the long awaited lift off.) Their AI puters and algorithmic software they employ can “sense” that the narrative gold is meant to now be following is that it should go up. Watch how Bruce Lee used to fight (a la Jeet Kune Do stylee) always throwing dummy kicks and fake punches before the surprise knockout. I believe that we are / and will witness a series of “growth spurts” then they will drop it like stone ahead of the Euro crash / Indian oil acquisition using Gold lesson / Dollar and pound devaluations.

  5. Apocalypto says:

    Jeff, your hyperlink is broken:

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