Globalization continues to crumble. Animosity index hits new high.

11 comments on “Globalization continues to crumble. Animosity index hits new high.
  1. SilverCondom says:

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  2. Hal10000 says:

    Really?! File this under “no sh*t Sherlock”.

  3. SilverCondom says:

    Hal10000: Really?! File this under ‚Äúno sh*t Sherlock‚ÄĚ.

    Watch RT. You’ll see a program about it. ūüėÄ

  4. YoLithos says:

    In those really massive bungabungas, how do you know who’s “20%” is that in yourface, and where yours might be?

  5. Sandra says:

    Meanwhile what is going on (or not going on as the mainstream media blackout might imply) in the West Philipine sea?

    Spralty Islands Gold Rush- USA Bombs Bunkers Open While Philippines Strong-arm China

  6. Rick says:

    Globalization sucks! Only benefits the 1% / corporations. Bad for the environment too.

  7. Sandra says:

    Further to my earlier post, someone needs to buy the US government a map. The Spralty islands are quite some distance from North Korea. But hey, what the heck,Panetta, most of the peasants won’t know the difference, huh?

    “Forget ‘5 Minutes To Midnight’, We Are ‘An Inch From War'”

  8. frances snoot says:


    Isn’t it interesting that the rise of the belief in feminine ‘hysterics’ correlated to the insemination of the British mind with Zionist banking interests? ¬†Objectification of the feminine is the predilection of man’s rampaging with force against innocence. ¬†One sees the mortification of the flesh of the feminine in the mortification of nature: man opposed to other and apart from harmony. ¬†And of what construct other?

    I wrote in a paper: “The origin of voice traces belonging to the mind or psyche of the speaker.” ¬†Yes, and the need for copyright foists authority on origin as a digress of state-functioned control. ¬†In this aspect of Mind man chops the finger divinity and claims succulent: I know thee; I own thee. ¬†And yet no. ¬†For the entire fiasco is easily assuaged: God deigns light; man owns nothing. ¬†Man knows not divinity but rather ¬†by divinity is known. ¬†I mention this idea in a poem I wrote for Maxwell once when I wrote: blinded, men search for the sky as in a darkened chamber, lonely-formed shadows creep along the wall reaching for sunshine. ¬†The only control fear enables the state is the control of psyche; state-managed fear and terror are not rule but rather desperation seeking attention. ¬†We are reached anarchy: we are reached separation. ¬†

    The beauty of Love made manifest is that origin and authority are not suspect but rather intertwined with being: the whole is not fragmented, and the whole is not image.  Just rule seeks wholeness in the individual as a part of the ecosystem through which man finds belonging apart from psyche.  It is a natural state to belong to the cyclical heart of God.


  9. frances snoot says:


    Reality is being.

    I spent years chasing shadow and lending substance to that which I objurgate due to my willingness inculcated by fear in accepting state-borne dogma.  One fine example of this trend is the waste young people make of their lives at college, as you indicated for yourself.  But this world of sephardi banking interests (Medici A) relies on substance: light casts shadow.  Shadow the marker is absolutely bound by light being deigned.  That which deigns is God.  Man is not god: man is beast without heart upon the shadows.

    Do you realize that the goal of the banker is to objectify god being to that which profits man being god?  Man being god is the type of manifest destiny that destroy entire ecosystems.  Maxwell said once that banks are the hinge to the door swinging open to hell: I now quite agree.  And what is money but the willingness of human to cooperate in the exclusion of human for the gain of nobody.  Nothing is gained in the purlieus race to the abyss.


  10. Max Power says:

    High speed trading is not totally opaque, but research on how it can cause a market or currency implosion is still lacking…

    As a result of these different approaches, prices in a Walrasian universe have different characteristics from prices in a Mengerian universe. Rather than registering at a single determinate equilibrium price, as is the case with Walrasian prices, Mengerian prices tend to be dispersed within an indeterminate range. In financial markets, we call this range the bid-ask spread.

    Perhaps the best way to illustrate these two thinkers’ differences on price is to use as our example the modern-day phenomenon of high-frequency traders (HFTs) and the digital tracks they leave as they operate in electronic equity markets.

    High-Frequency Trading

    High-frequency trading is the use of computer algorithms to guide trading decisions in securities markets. HFTs will hold securities for no longer than a few seconds, and for as little as microseconds. It is estimated that they now account for anywhere from 50‚Äď70 percent of all equity trades in North America.

    Spreads also arise because market actors have different levels of knowledge about the securities being traded. The less informed therefore demand a price spread to compensate them for enduring the possibility of unintentionally buying bad securities from savvy traders, or selling good ones to them.

    In a Walrasian setup, the auctioneer informs all participants about the nature of goods available on the market. This levels the informational playing field and precludes any motivation for the emergence of a spread.

    While infinite liquidity and information remove the psychological motivations for the emergence of a spread, the Walrasian setup also physically prevents the emergence of spreads. Because an auctioneer monopolizes the price-setting process by soliciting the amounts demanded from all actors at various prices prior to the market opening for trade, HFTs are effectively barred from fiddling themselves with various bid and offer prices so as to get valuable information prior to exchange.

    Secondly, all final prices and quantities are given to actors by the auctioneer. Because every trader is literally forced to accept the same price when the market opens, no HFT can transact in a way so as to obtain a better price. The market machinery, so to say, is out of HFT’s hands in a Walrasian setup.


    In a Walrasian market, HFTs simply have nothing to do. Walrasian prices don’t hover in an indeterminate range bounded by bids and offers, as they do in a Mengerian market, but are singular and given.

    There is no reason for price duels, because the auctioneer removes both the psychological motivation for their emergence and the physical capacity for any sort of spread to arise. In short, Walrasian pricing can’t explain the wondrous patterns that Nanex has isolated, but Mengerian pricing can.

  11. frances snoot says:

    Condensed version: zionist banking ledger increases are proportionate to the decrease of innocence on the planet.

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