George Galloway – Newsnight report on By Election

29 comments on “George Galloway – Newsnight report on By Election
  1. Tamir says:

    Saudi Insanity Update

    “If women are able to drive in Saudi Arabia, in ten years, there will be no more virgins and people will become gay, so says the religious council.”

    Oh, yeah.
    Oh, yeah.
    Oh, yeah.

  2. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    Allegro Stratton:’new gov poll shows people would rather be governed by unelected technocrats’
    Really?? Is this what you are putting out, is this what people need to think.

  3. trooper dave says:

    @Just dips “people want unelected technocrats”
    This statement is what jumped out at me. Classic psy-ops, tell the people what to believe by saying” this is what we hear from the people” . The alert from this is people beware, the MSM wants to control what you think and your opinion.

  4. About time someone raised some dust in the Westminster Village and across the UK. Wll done, George Galloway.

  5. flicks says:

    I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip – yes its important to highlight that !!! If anyone can find info on that poll can you post it here please haven’t time to do it today but think it is important, I want to check Newsnights facts on that. I may email yougov in the week about it as well.

    Labour have same workfare policy! The working class public have seen that their jobs are under threat by slave labour this is very compelling. All the working class talking about this and the tax on hot takeaway food.

  6. Karma Respect says:

    People are awakening just as in Ireland where the new property tax is seen as a direct transfer of wealth to UK and US banker bonus’s and just like George Galloway it hopefully will follow in America to a total Ron Paul surprise surprise. Nobody saw it coming! just like the banking crisis. Alternate media is now changing the world and giving a direction while the main stream media are complete lame ducks not even able to quack without repeating some zionist propaganda agenda, why anyone buys a newspaper is beyond sense or accepts tv news programmes as having any bearing on the truth. Liars clearly lie to themselves and cannot stand up against the light of the alternate media. Interesting times straight ahead.

  7. Heinrich Moltke says:

    @Trooper Dave –

    Also the way she dismissed concerns about the Iraq War as a war that was ‘over ten years ago’. Neglecting to mention Afghanistan. Har!

  8. flicks says:

    I found this:

    “Withdraw the UK from the EU – 58%”
    “Prohibit local councils from increasing council tax for the next ten years – 49%”

    anyone believe that ?
    Just skimed that info, anyone if your interested let us know if there is info specific to the NN statement plz I gotta go out.

  9. tsuki says:

    Nothing says out-of-touch more than two well-dressed, well-fed, manicured and coiffed wonks trying to score points off each other discussing a topic to which neither has any connection.

    Up the technocrats? Really? That’s what the Proles want? Really? To be repressed, like in Greece and Italy?

  10. dinosaur says:

    ’new gov poll shows people would rather be governed by unelected technocrats’

    Is that right, it’s funny the other day it was the only thing people on the bus were talking about, what we really need to sort this country out is unelected technocrats! Yeah right, you can’t make people think that b******t, it just shows how out of touch mainstream politicians are that they constantly try to make Galloway look like a fool by repeating his big brother appearance. In reality most other MP’s but especially the likes of Osborne, Cameron, Clegg and the Millibands would need several months of preperation and training to appear normal before they would dare go into something like Big Brother! But they try to use it against Galloway, pathetic, in the end he comes out of it so much better, he’s a miles better speaker than Cameron and he’s more in touch.

    And as for asking the question how did he get so much of the vote – like its some sort of mystery, LOL

  11. Karsten Hansen says:

    Here is where all truth is=
    CIA=Corporate(Central,what central ITT ET call home?) intelligens agency=ITT=Echelon world wide buggin company,logic to the bone.=American Fruit,i get sick and tired of lies,they are the goverment of the planet=Easter Bunny!

  12. Alf says:

    The whole political system is worried about Galloway for the
    simple reason he’s politically uncontrollable and without hesitation
    tells people what he thinks, and that’s usually the truth…Strange, how
    the political establishment is so concerned about someone telling
    them the truth.

  13. Lochinvar says:

    I used to work in the UK Parliament and I can confirm that voting makes no difference. For hundreds of years billions of people have voted for a fairer distribution of wealth that they have never had.

    If you’re against those that think they are in charge you won’t be on UK TV.

  14. Nigel says:

    @ Trooper Dave
    Ditto for me too TD. People want unelected technocrats – oh really – so as few questions she should have been asked immediately were:
    Who do you work for?
    Who told you to say this?
    Show me your information source?

  15. Mark Frost says:

    In the Youtube video linked to here, Allegra Stratton, the “political editor” (of Newsnight?) claims that in a YouGov poll, it emerged that:

    “People would rather have unelected technocrats running the country rather than -” (she did not finish her sentence.) See video at 06:41.

    What? People prefer to have technocrats? Like Monti in Italy or Papademos in Greece? The average Brit knows what a ‘technocrat’ is? Furthermore, against the backdrop of the demise of Greece and Italy, they want technocrats to run the UK?

    I see that the Daily Mail is telling its readers a similar story.

    “The poll shows that a majority of voters think Britain’s political system is now ‘fundamentally flawed’.

    Italy and Greece have responded to their economic catastrophes by summarily nominating technocrats to govern them — people who are thought capable of getting things done which elected party leaders cannot.

    A large proportion of British voters quizzed in the YouGov poll — 38 per cent — thought that if the same happened here, it would be a jolly good thing, with ministers replaced by ‘non-political experts who know how to run large organisations’.”

    How many people were polled? How were the questions phrased? What exactly were the questions that were posed? Were they told that technocrats like Monti and Papademos have strong ties to the same elites who are controlling the mavericks in power in the UK?

    What curious snippets of the future are presented to the masses.

  16. evolutis says:

    3 cheeks, a large exposed hole, and the partisan hole card of … ah yes, the matrix porn … the monetary pig. Poor Geo, all the responsibility and none of the control.

  17. flicks says:

    Mention on here that I may email yougov and three hours later I’m getting spam ‘erectile dysfunction’ emails. I almost never get spam these days.

  18. Jayme says:

    People prefer unelected technocrats? Bullshit.

    People like George Galloway have things to say? He only expresses very well what people already know.

    Our connection with those people … specific issues with our constituency? Pfft. The fact that Harriet Harmon refers to those people as a constituency and refers to ‘specific issues’ without naming any means she’s disconnected and should be discounted out of hand as a spreader of bullshit or she’s just a useful idiot for those who back her. The problem with ‘bandwagons’ is they are led by asses. We don’t need a mass moronic following, we need informed people and possibly insightful leadership. Politicians can’t do anything without the people and as the politicians dumb down the people through increasingly poor education, the only remaining methods for reform will be corruption, decay, and possibly violence in the resulting chaos.

    Mostly mindless chatter discussing our problems as if they are political ‘issues’ disconnected from the reality of what is going on in the streets. I’m not saying those in the streets are any brighter but we’ve set ourselves up for this catastrophe by electing and tolerating leadership and then expecting them as our representatives to do what we are not willing to do ourselves. Most all of these ‘leaders’ are just sphincters on a male cow who believe themselves to be cows with tits and a full udder. Bah.

  19. Flopot says:

    Currently the only politician who speaks the truth and the MSM are out to get him, serving their neolib/neocon masters.

    Watched an awful Channel 4 interview with George Galloway and he essentially told the presenter to f**k off because her questions were so loaded with bias.

    Well done Bradford. More balls than other voters in the UK.

    PS I do not think George Galloway is perfect; I sometimes think he steps back from the truth. But when he is on form he is the best.

  20. Flopot says:

    Lol. “Why didn’t we see this coming?”

    Translates as – “why did are propaganda not work this time?”

  21. Jayme says:

    White famine – by Alto Cirrus 1986

  22. Danny Cunnington says:

    UUGH! I can’t watch the BBC anymore. It’s propaganda has degenerated to the point of farce. I was just reading another piece they are running about Syrian gangs being paid to attack the Syrian government. I mean, That legal is it? Paying and arming a gang of youths to murder people in another country? Of course the glazed over BBC never go near that hugely obvious point.

  23. Bisphenol A says:

    Lib Dems are finished politically, Labour sold their soul to the devil years ago and the Tories are the same old same old.
    The people of Bradford vomited on the Status Quo and given the chance many others would too

  24. Flopot says:


    You said it. The entire political class of the UK has bought into the Neoliberal and Neocon agendas of the US – hook, line and sinker. I would love to see a list of politicians who will benefit from the privatisation of the NHS – the ones who will be sitting on the boards of all these companies that will be assisting the GPs in spending all that state money. Or maybe they will have shares in all the “medical services” that suddenly spring up, eager to get their hands on the NHS funds.

    A note to Tory voters who read these comments. You get what you vote for, i.e. the privatisation of the health service. Maybe you will benefit from the Tory pillaging of the UK state but I doubt it – the Tories look after the banks and the corporations. Again, I think New Labour would do the same thing but they lost the election and so it fall to the Tories; who are probably having wet dreams about they and their corporate friends getting their hands on all that NHS money.

    So if you voted Tory it is highly unlikely you will benefit from the NHS changes. Which just proves that you are a real idiots.

  25. Becky says:

    I think his win was highly predictable and no “shock” at all. Outside of the Muslim Asian Community, he would have struggled to find a majority. George lost credibility in stages outside of his fixed demographic and for me he really dented his image on Big Brother – even though he is gritty.

    If anyone really sits down and gets their act together – Everyone will start to vote for them at this point, its that bad. Couldn’t stretch to the Pirate Party at this stage, but have high hopes for Occupy if they ever get it together. UKIP? No. But they present themselves well on RT – Mainstream they’re still bit of an Enigma. Labour went to Iraq so…. Tories? Ewh!! Lib Dems…er… Oh dear Oh DEAR!!!! Greens…hahaha …Well it is April Fools! So George wins the battle yet not the War!
    [*Apart from that nice presenter Emily, Newsnight is a bit of a dead duck really]

  26. GGees says:

    Harriet Harman is delusional, the real lesson for all of British politics is that if George Galloway was fielding candidates acroos the Country how many seats would the Conservative/Labour/Lib masonic fellowship loose?

  27. Terry says:

    “People would prefer unelected technocrats” ha hah ahhhah stupid bitches revealing what utter shills they are.
    For myself, I would rather see unelected technocrats, disengaged politicians and propaganda wonks swinging from the lamp posts next to the bankers.
    Congratulaions George Galloway.

  28. trooper dave says:

    @Danny Cunnington I heard the BBC item about the Syrian issue. In it the “freinds of Syria” and other have agreed to pay the salaries of the activists fighters that are fighting Assads troops in Syria. Well, BBC report, how didn’t that statement trigger the question ” Salaried fighters, oh, that means they’re mercenaries fighting for an agenda and therfore NOT freedom fighters fight for justice. Oh yeah, I forgot BBC reporter means brainless , unquestion MOUTHPIECE for the establishment status quo.

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