“Fuel is just taking a massive chunk out of our salaries. Even with one car, it’s becoming frightening to see how much money we put in every week.”

23 comments on ““Fuel is just taking a massive chunk out of our salaries. Even with one car, it’s becoming frightening to see how much money we put in every week.”
  1. Clawhammer says:

    So, in summary, “I bought an overpriced house miles from where I work, with payments I can barely afford and now I want to complain because inevitable price increases are finally bringing me back the reality that I’ve been suckered by society into believing the lie that owning my own property will make me rich and happy and fulfilled !”

  2. Youri Carma says:

    Brent crude $118.49 and U.S. crude $102.58 a barrel now

    Like the Arabs said $100 oil is the new normal so it only can go higher not lower – below $100.

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  3. Youri Carma says:

    Can make anything of gold’s movements say last half year. http://www.goldprice.org/spot-gold.html

    Gold made a hike while”Spanish debt auction well received”!???

  4. F. Beard says:

    It gonna be cold in France too?

    “Coldest May in 100 years”, forecasters predict

    Stacy, I forget that place in Kansas you sometimes mention? Topeka is it?

  5. Cypher says:

    As an American, if you drive a vehicle that costs over 100 dollars to fill you deserve to pay high prices.

  6. JonnyJames says:

    While resources are finite, peak oil is not yet a factor. Global demand is still down yet petrol/gasoline prices have been jacked up thanks to ZIRP and Easy Money by Fed.

    The banksters pumped and dumped the housing market and now the victims are getting squeezed. Once again this all comes back around to the banksters.

    Some ignorant and short sighted people blame the victims of this crime. Sad thing is that most of the Schadenfreude stricken folks (like Wolferl) are also victims whether they see the strategic picture or not. Many sycophants fancy themselves as part of the .01% and identify with their opressors. Collective Stockholm Syndrome.

    Fuck that, roll out the guillotines

  7. Youri Carma says:

    @F. Beard

    What’s to Blame for Wild Weather? “La Nada” http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2011/24jun_wildweather/

  8. Mother Earth says:

    The underlying thought here is that one is fair to expect fuel at any price. That is a wrong assumption. The ‘I am doing my duty’ defence is nothing more than aknowledging irresponsibility, an open invitation to suffer it’s onsequences.

  9. Tritone says:

    Children are the ultimate expression of love, I know, but It’s sad for the children, that’s no way to run a family, but I know they have little choice.
    I hope they find happiness in their jobs at least.
    In my mind as I see society and deal with the everyday stuff I find it nearly a
    “miracle” to create a happy family proud of who they are and where they came from.
    I truly think that the concept of ” family” as defined is over and a new word needs to be
    created to reflect the reality of today.

  10. Youri Carma says:

    Follow Up on Gold Hike – Maybe this was the gold hike trigger, make sense:

    More Americans Than Forecast Filed Weekly Jobless Claims

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  11. Mark Lytle says:

    More ‘past peak civilization’ notes:

    Wages and Consumption Are Both in Long-Term Downtrends


  12. Evolutis says:

    @clawhammer … Exactly! … And we have even more delusional variations on the theme that we trot out from time to time … All to show it is “them” not us, who make the conscious choice to abandon the inherent unity of nature for false property rights. Nature is far to sharp to stand still for monetary constructs … Rich, poor, kings peasants … All empty and meaningless … Do we really have nothing better to master? Far to many languages to learn, people to meet, problems to solve. … A Maglev to catch … NY to Paris in 39 mins. A universe in common or the falsely drawn ownership mortgage of meaningless property rights for debt, enslavement … At any given moment we have an infinite number of choices. What would the unity of an advanced civilization do?

  13. YoLithos says:

    Is Argentina larger than an elephant?
    1. Argentina and Britain stir the Malvinas/Falklands pot.
    2. Spain doesn’t seem interested. They probably reckon there’s better pickings in what’s left of the North Sea and the “new” Med – and that they need NATO ‘support’ for that?
    3. Argentina kicks YPF out. Talks over reparations might begin soon – with no time limit set. Figures of $10Billion or so have been mentioned.
    4. Spain talks of cutting its $1.5Billion of agro imports from Argentina. Hm. Whom are they going to buy it from? At what price? From Germany, perhaps? Or, maybe, from the Japanese? Would China want to buy from Argentina? Even as a strategic gesture? What about Iran?
    5. If Iran cuts Spain’s oil, whose wil YPF substitute it with, now that the Argentine source is also no longer available? At what price?
    Disregarding – even very scrawny – elephants is definitively a very, very baaaad idea.

  14. YoLithos says:

    All ‘merkan ‘burbs’ need is no gas and a ditch around them, in order to become full-blooded concentration camps. All that chatter about ‘secret fema camps’ must be in antecipation of having to accomodate the more ‘priviledged’ lumpen, later on.

  15. Bruce says:

    64 miles distance roundtrip = 32 miles each way
    = 51.49KM up and 51.49KM back.
    ~103KM each day

    That’s living quite far from your job. How is public transport in Wicklow / Dublin. Couldn’t one of them, or both of them, take the train/bus, perhaps with a bike if catching the train (or bringing the kid to creche with)? ‘Cause it’s not just fuel right? How ’bout insurance, maintenance & registration?

    Failing that, wouldn’t selling the second car and getting a motorbike (license) be a good idea for the long trips? Have they thought of that?

    Fuel has gone up all around the world since 2009, when the bad news of the global financial crisis hit and changed buying patterns so they had to reduce it. Buy less. Downsize. Cut down on your ovepackaged toxic foods and drink too. Better yet, eliminate them.

    I really have no compassion for people who call the media to do a story on them and pose in that stupid “look at us, we’re hard done by” pose. They still have the second car sitting in there doing nothing and they’re hard done by?

    Show some respect for yourself and downsize.

  16. Eric says:


    Show some respect for yourself and downsize.

    Though I agree that the “woe is me” attitude in this story sucks. I tend to disagree that they should be the ones to unilaterally downsize. A large portion of current productivity is getting sucked into various bottomless pits: the military industrial complex, inflation, government, interest on debts, …
    Unfortunately governments don’t downsize without nationalizing any assets they can get away with and the last taxpayer has been sucked dry.

  17. Bruce says:

    Eric, totally agree that gov doesn’t downsize and that many suffer because of it. No question about it. Thieves. If anyone should be downsizing, they should.

    But since that has very little chance of happening, it’s all about survival and these guys would rather complain with their 2 cars and 1 kid, call the media up…they’d rather do this (and give more money to their oppressor) than make some moves to survive better given the thieving circumstances.

    It’s just (very) hard for me to feel sorry for these two. Especially considering some of the more serious hardship going on.

  18. Citizen119 says:

    Thgere’s no shortage of oil. My shipping contacts tell me that there are
    tankers floating about all over the place, full of the stuff.
    They’ll be stooging around about 100 miles off Landsend or Cape Hatteras,
    and will discharge wherever the price is right.
    There is a shortage of refining, and that’s where the ‘shortages’ and prices are
    manipulated. It’s been that way for years, a cash cow for traders and governments.

  19. Badsey says:

    An electric bike/scooter can make 20-30 miles a charge especially with a lithium battery. $500-1000 and your fuel savings will easily pay for the cost in a year. A $2000 small 4-stroke scooter can also get 100-200mpg. Car-pooling is also an option. =I am sure their are others in your predicament.

    I would rather ride a bike than give more fiat to the oil terrorist cartel. =Your fiat savings can buy alot of physical.

  20. bleep says:

    @Mark re: being past peak-civilization, by many measures that would appear to be the scenario; scale, energy, resources, technical complexity, etc. However are a people that live out of balance with nature truly civilized?

    What truly matters in life?

    If I perish in the coming changes, so be it. I am looking forward to a more simple life.

  21. Daidalos says:

    This is not news, I do a round trip of 64 miles a day to work, sometimes more. I just hope the day never comes when it is cheaper to fill a tank with alcohol than petrol. (As an alcoholic)

    I don’t have a mortgage though, how can a mortal being “own” or lease a piece of this planet? That’s what has always made me laugh. I agree with clawhammer.

  22. Badsey says:

    E85 (ethanol 85%, 15% petrol) has been cheaper than 90%+ petrol for some time. Once the drunks figure out how to get the 15% gas out of E85 you can expect some bizarre fill-ups at the service station.

    Brazil has been using very high percentages of ethanol for decades.

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