Finally, a good day to start sniffing glue

28 comments on “Finally, a good day to start sniffing glue
  1. Bruce says:

    What’s worse is that nuclear is GROWING around the world, not shrinking.

  2. Mattdog says:

    So, not even ALL the money in the world can solve this problem…
    Especially our so-called leaders. Hell, at least slap a coat of paint upon the plant and sell it to the next sucker…

  3. JonnyJames says:

    Nothing to see here folks, this is just a hoax perpetrated by the Rosthschilds who rule the world (even Japan and China, lol). Radiation is good for you, doncha know. There are no consequences for human activities whatsoever. Action does not cause reaction. Laws of physics don’t apply.

    But serioulsy, the Obama regime is pushing for more nuclear power plants in the US. Isn’t that great!? They can send the spent fuel rods to Japan.

    Meanwhile, the San Onofre nuclear plant in California is shut down due to safety problems and is said to have released radiation

  4. Blah blah says:

    Let’s face it, until we see Godzilla and Mothra running amok this is a non-story to be brushed under the carpet as the consequences can be blended into any number of made up cancer statistics. This industry has seen 50 years of coverups, silencings and intimidation of whistleblowers, why will that suddenly stop now?

  5. gman says:

    Maybe its time I got my head out of my ass!

  6. evolutis says:

    Just because we “can,” doesn’t mean we should (Jurassic Park in a nutshell) or … Yes Virginia, there is a bull and if u keeping fucking with it, u will get the horn.

    But hey!; think of all the money investors made by cutting corners!

  7. Harry says:

    “No word yet if this situation even registers on the United Nations’ radar screen.”

    What does?

  8. williambanzai7 says:

    In all the disaster movies, the corrupt/idiot politicians have an epiphany once it is too late to do anything and beg for everyones forgiveness. Then they die.

    There is something to that notion. Don’t expect them to do anything to avoid disaster.

  9. microhousehold says:

    TEPCO Cheapskate Tactics, put Entire World At Risk.
    While ‘Fifty-Year Battle’ To Save Japan Rages On
    By Richard Wilcox ( 04/06/12)

    Japan’s Near Miss
    Large Scale Nuclear Catastrophe and the Ongoing Crisis
    (by Richard Wilcox / March 31st, 2012)

  10. Danny Cunnington says:

    I think that scenario is a bit OTT because the dude just quotes the total cesium that the total of all the fuel rods have in them. The threat at reactor 4 is from the spent rods in the storage tanks because the structure might collapse.

    Reactor 4 is quite interesting. According to ex NSA guy Jim Stone, (google it) reactor 4 is a bit like Building 7 on 9/11. The problem is, reactor 4 didn’t have any fuel in it at all. It didn’t even have it’s lid on because the reactor was having a new internal shroud fitted. It was completely out of action for maintenance. It still blew up though with a big enough explosion to totally wreck a concrete structure that’s almost as strong and massive as the Hoover dam. IMO: 3/11/11 Fukushima must have been a staged event. No reactor can meltdown and explode with a force that destroys it if there’s nothing in it too explode.

    Jimstone has the classified drone JPGs which prove this. Accidents that can’t happen in the real world are always not accidents.

  11. proxyoflove says:

    Just more scaremongering. We all know perfectly well that either Jesus or Homer Simpson would come and save us. Possibly both.

  12. Talcott says:


    I live 25 or so miles north of San Onofre, and there is quite an active local anti nuke group in San Clemente(little surf town..where R Nixon once lived). My understanding is the recent rains had more radiation(presumably from fukushima) than anything coming out of the nuclear titty’s by I-5.


  13. Jim says:

    Thanks for the “Heads up” Fuck Head!

  14. Being There says:

    This article and video is a beaut. Thank Max for posting. Another blog I’m on is covering the same subject matter and I applaud all who have not let this unfolding nightmare out of their sight.
    Just think, The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) might be replaced by the industry “privatized” companies oversight–oh yeah, that’s the ticket—and you thought pink slime was bad…
    I just think these guys have dreamed up a way to get us all so sick, that the medical industry can boast big GNP keeping us all alive after they poison us and give us cancer.
    Whadda concept!

  15. Jim says:

    Get me Rex Kramer!

    Max Keiser as Rex Kramer?

  16. Jayme says:

    I doubt it would extinguish all life but it would sure cause a lot of devastation.

    It’s clear that there should be a global effort (Japan and US having most at stake) to relocated the spent rods to a better site.

    I wonder where the Fukushima reactors and other nuclear reactors fit in the global plan for sustainability? No actions being undertaken by any exponential growth based system is sustainable. All actions destroying or changing the ecology planet today are driven by the need for corporate profit and a society based on open ended consumption. Nothing these politicians or corporate heads do is sustainable … Including their plans for all of us to establish a sustainable world. News for the politicians and everyone who will gladly give up their lives as fodder for the ‘common’ political agenda – the world is sustainable and always will be, regardless of whether or not mankind survives its own stupidity.

    The problem isn’t too much knowledge (they’re dumming us down) , it’s insufficient and generally the irrelevant ‘knowledge’ propagated by the state that prevents the solution of these problems in the first place. Every politician and scientist who wishes to impose a ‘solution’ on the population does so through deceptive practices and dubious ends justified with any means. Fukushima (and any nuclear disaster waiting to happen) is pure idiocy when one considers that TEPCO (corporations) and the Japanese government (governments) knew full well the problems of nuclear energy, yet they went ahead and continued on as if all was okay. It seems to me that it’s the same asinine thinking that is preparing Agenda 21 as is running our global power systems. These people will offer solutions where the people are practically irrelevant and they will continue to deny or cover up any meaning access to information and alter facts to fit their agendas. Japanese government to Japanese people – ‘don’t tell anyone how bad it is and maybe it will get better.’ pfft. These academic eggheads and political idiots are given too much of our trust.

    Fukushima residents report various illnesses

    Agenda 21 For Dummies [9m31s]

  17. kdt says:

    @danny i have to agree not only that but it would be impossable to top the second explosion , wich was acculy worse than droping an atomic bomb (minimal reactive mass produsing a maximum yeald vs. maximum mass produsing a minamal yeald) and yes the second explosion was a non-“conventional” accdental atomic detonation caused by the hydrogen explotion shock waves reflecting around the inside of the containment “squeezing off “unstable fuel rods!! (that is according to arnie gunderson when he finaly got the ok from his handlers to tell us the truth……after it would make no difrence to all those dead babeis across the northern teir , no need to panic folks you have been breathing it for weeks damage done……….) how the colapsing of the pool at #4 dumping the spent fuel on the ground will be worse than enginering an accdental dirty bomb is beond me , other than that they refuse to admit how bad things are NOW so SEEING the building cave in would be “preceeved” as it geting worse!! how far WRONG dose the engineering in this mess need to go wrong befor they admit it is not making mone,y it is not ever going to make money and we are geting close to the point where SCOCITY wont be able to aford to clean it up ?? (close lmao were past close, way past) oh crap lol i forgot this was never about energy or making money , it is an excuse to play with fissionables and a sorce for bomb making matrials and scocity be damned

  18. kdt says:

    As far as this is conserned : Jimstone has the classified drone JPGs which prove this. Accidents that can’t happen in the real world are always not accidents
    all we know for certian is that an earth quake happened and the plant was damaged to asume that the structures were properly built at this point would be ….idiotic after eye witnesses came forward to say they were NOT ! so to me this could not be some sort of bomb lol did they plan the quake too ?

    i know too much about power and radar to beleeve in harp causing earth quakes or even geting used for weather control, dutchsence makes me lmao with his bull shit!! so dont go there. it is for shooting down metalic objects crossing the pole (that is why it is in alaska) for wich it works exelent ! that is scary enuff for me thank you, keep the magic out of it

  19. F. Beard says:

    Sounds like a solvable problem. Get Red Adair or equivalent on it.

  20. proxyoflove says:

    Beardsy is right, if Red isn’t available, International Rescue are probably sitting around with nothing to do. I’m not an expert but lifting the whole lot up, probably using Thunderbird 1, and ejecting it into space should do the trick. Pretty obvious really but sometimes the obvious answers are difficult if you’re too close to the problem. Like watching golf. It’s a frigging ball and hole.. how hard can it be?

  21. F. Beard says:

    Doan make me get ronron to punch you in the head!

  22. Daidalos says:

    As an alcoholic, I feel qualified enough in the fields of Advanced Nuclear Physics to suggest the following:
    There is but one way to kill this and we’re not gonna like it…. Shed loads of concrete to reinforce the pond walls then kill it all with kindness- Add acid to dissolve the fuel and then a bit like a giant mixer-settler used for Magnox fuel reprocessing but in a “pulsed-critical state” It will dissolve the fuel that will in turn condense into critical mass and then release horrendous amounts of RADIATION until it self-agitates and falls out of critical mass and radiation dies off until it settles again and repeats until all of the fuel is depleted enough to be considered stable.

    Sacrifice a NE Japan borough- Save the world!

    Right- Next pint.

  23. Vonda Bra says:

    Holy shit!
    well yes, where is Help?
    so true! …I suppose, its either Red Adair or Rex Kramer!? 😉
    who else ???
    I might go with Rex.
    We´re totally fucked!

  24. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Daidalos | April 7, 2012 at 11:39 pm |

    hmmm …. sounds like you have a plan! 😀
    but we probably will need more pints!!! NOW!!! …. just to make sure ….

  25. Danny Cunnington says:

    @KDT, Arnie Gunderson is a gatekeeper for them. Hydrogen explosions can’t create explosions with that much force. There’s not enough oxygen. There’s a huge problem with the claims of a 9.0 earthquake. An earthquake of that size off the coast would have caused massive damage to all the coastal towns within 500 KM. Also the tsunami would have taken about 40 minutes to arrive at the coast (The Japanese have a tsunami warning system and the people in towns are supposed to evacuate when they hear it).

    Go and take a look at any of the footage of the Tsunami as it rolls in. Try and find so much as a broken window in any of the structures you see. Why are all the people still there and all the cars just parked neatly outside of buildings? Where is the earthquake damage?
    I can’t find any and no explanation for why Japanese people would stand around or do nothing, waiting for a tsunami to swamp them. Obviously they had no reason to believe there was any risk of a tsunami and there was no tsunami warning which there would have been if any such earthquake really happened as we are told.

    So I have a problem believing that huge reactors made of concrete could have been damaged by the quake when this same supposed quake didn’t so much as cause a few wooden houses to collapse or any bridges to fail. Obviously there was some sort of quake but definitely not the 9.0 that we are told.

    If we want to get a handle on the lies and the cover up in the clean up effort you need to sort out the lies and the cover up with the actual events of 3/11/11 which came first. How can anyone work out what to do with the aftermath if the actual event is not understood?

  26. Robert Mockan says:

    It would be difficult to tear down global industries to meet the Agenda 21 goals of the insane oligarchs unless nuclear power can be prohibited. Here comes the fear mongering.

  27. Paolo says:

    The only thing that can help us is a large dose of irony coated in a crunchy coating of apathy. Fortunately in the west we have both resources in spades. Hurrah, we are saved!

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