Central Planners Getting Desperate


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  1. Robbie777 says:

    Buy gold, make every gold purchase less than 2500 euros, then negotiate a gold for goods transaction with the seller, who can then exchange the gold for euros, in transactions smaller than 2500 euros. Or the seller could just keep the gold, only selling when he needed cash.

  2. Heh, the “bad bank” idea in Spain is to create a bank that will be some kind of sacrificial lamb. The banks will transfer all their financial sins unto the lamb, then slit its throat, thereby negating all their risk through some sort of ceremonial mind game.

    The Eurozone is finally resorting to bizarre occult rituals to get rid of its debt, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the church murdered the pagan masses. Obviously we’d be better off crucifying the murderous oligarchy and getting on with our lives.

  3. Sandra says:

    No tengo pesatas pero tengo mucho bitcoins.
    (I have no pestatas but I have a lot of bitcoins)

    At least I think that’s what it says. I haven’t spoken Spanish since schooldays at aged 14.

    Hold on a second, I think it actually might mean , “Lock the bankers in the bullring and release the giant bull.”

  4. MirrorMirror says:



    ( English Subtitles )


    44 mins.


  5. BankingThiefs says:

    The real reason the want rid of cash, cheques, and debit cards is because they don’t create debt, so they kill the debt based money system if people use them!

  6. Mary Genoud says:

    The `Bad Bank‘ concept for Spain’s real estate is actually a good idea. Unlike other countries, Spain‘s resorts, although over built, remain an attractive retirement investment for many Europeans; therefore‚ the bad bank portfolio will rebound. More sustainable water and land development policies would further recovery and maintain future value. Growing Spain’s economy can quickly be influenced by adopting a more sustainable economic approach; maximized recycling, more waste to energy and by-products, strict water and land usage legislation, population limits, etc. Spain’s banks avoided most of the financial junk of the past few years; therefore it is unclear what happened since 2009.

  7. Youri Carma says:

    Dutch Parliament fell!!!

    New elections in the Netherlands too but don’t expect much. In fact expect notin, more of the same.

  8. Our Company Chairman, often used to pay his bills in cash, but quite recently he wanted to settle a Solicitors bill, and just happened to have the cash on him. The amount was about £2000, the Solicitor (exageration) swooned and fell allmost lifeless to the floor, after the paramedics had rescuscitated him, and his attractive secretary had brought him a comforting cup of tea, the Solicitor explained to Chris, our Chairman, that had he accepted the £2000 cash, he would have been instantly struck off the register, and lost his Licence to practice Law…..A cheque or banker’s draft would do nicely.

  9. Happy Dick says:

    Radioactive Rain – Radon Washout Found!

  10. KARATE KID says:

    spain and the euro and the late usa
    people dont trust the goverment simple
    i could GO ON but the truth is if thiers a cashless society get ready for lots of tradeing
    i do see a civil war in the usa when the dum bastards finally figure out who the slave really is and the masters are and have been , then the dummys wont care about sports
    because they will be to busy bargaining for food as the fed follow you around

    now lets all sing the new usa song
    just remeber back in 41 they were saveing the world too how did that work out


  11. Genevre says:

    Oh well, just starting to use Bitcoin anyway!

  12. ricin3000 says:

    Poor Spanish ppl. They’re so fucked.

    @Youri: Yup, and the Dutch seem to be groomed to accept…. wait for it… technocrats. So we’re being set up to get fucked as well. Worse than the Spanish perhaps because for now they do have an exit window. Literally.

    Best regards,