Blythe Masters talks to Jackie O

14 comments on “Blythe Masters talks to Jackie O
  1. SilverPorno says:

    Told you she’d need more than one exorcism…

  2. Harry says:

    @SilverPorno: LOL!

  3. Thinker says:

    Funny but with all due respect for what people are trying to show her, but don’t you think some of this crazy antics maybe counter productive to the getting the masses to understand the upside in silver ? it’s starting to look as only the crazy ones are in If I hadn’t bought in yet and was nieve to the upside and seen some of these pro silver youtube clips it would make me think i was joining some kind of coo coo for cocoa puffs .

  4. Al Kyder says:

    China has loosened its grip on its currency, letting the yuan move a little more freely against the US dollar from today.
    Apple, ACCC lock horns over iPad name

    A mediation session has failed to resolve a legal dispute between the competition watchdog and iPad maker Apple.

  5. Al Kyder says:

    Delta Air Lines may partner with JP Morgan to help run the ConocoPhillips’ idled 185,000 barrel per day Trainer, Pa., refinery if the carrier decides to purchase the plant. A JP Morgan spokeswoman contacted by Reuters declined to comment on the report. A Delta spokesman said the airline cannot comment on the CNBC story or rumors on the refinery.

    “J.P. Morgan is most likely insisting that that if they are going to manage the crude, they are going to manage the product offtake as well,” one veteran oil products trader, who asked not to be named, told Reuters. “There is a lot of financial risk for the Trainer deal. This would be one way for JPM to keep tabs on what Delta is doing.”

    Earlier this month, the board of Delta had met twice to discuss a potential bid in an unprecedented effort to hedge fuel costs for Delta, the world’s largest commercial buyer of jet fuel, a source familiar with the negotiations told Reuters.

    Trainer is one of three refineries in the Philadelphia area which have been pushed to the brink of closure by the high cost of crude oil feedstock and waning fuel demand.

    While many airlines use derivatives or even long-term physical deals in an effort to control their future jet fuel costs, buying a whole refinery would mark an extraordinary step to ease the pain of rising prices.

    Analysts have said Delta could struggle to make the refinery profitable after many integrated oil companies and independent refiners have incurred large losses in their downstream business as high crude costs have squeezed margins.

    Tom Claugus, founder of GMT Capital Corp., a hedge fund in Atlanta that owns Delta Air Lines shares, said earlier this week that buying a refinery was a bad idea for the carrier.

    “It’s good for management teams to think very broadly and look at all sorts of different options, but my own view would be that owning a refinery borders on the bizarre,” he said. “It would be a significant error.”

  6. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    @Thinker, humour is a good way of getting the message across, but I would suggest that shock tactics will only reach a certain sector of the audience-there are some who just won’t respond to humourous intellectual splattering techniques(amongst others lol). I know it isn’t M+S’s style and aint fun but what about a special dumbed down dull ‘BBC-essque’ version for the masses–try it from the lamestream angle, after all it seems to work on 95% of the population, M+S could place a few subtle jokes inside the lame stuff just for a laugh. And play Max at half tape speed then they might just get it cuz at the moment there is a big whooshing sound as it mainly goes over thy heads.

    Imagine the face of Jackie O in old age compared to that of ‘Blythe the Immortal Dark Sith Underlord’ and the truth lies chiseled in plain sight bequeathed for all to see.

  7. WhatsItAllAboutAlphie says:

    @Thinker – It’s all easy to figure out. We are all living in imagination land.

  8. Van says:

    “Blythe” sounds a little little like “Silverfurist”–ahh hah ha ha haa,… ahh hah ha haa…
    I love the costume…ahh hah ha haa, ahh hah ha haa….

  9. Thinker says:

    Max, stacy, any chance you guys could hit on the data sources originators for silver and gold we see, who, were dose the price feeds we rely on come from ? See I happen to have worked on data feeds for FOREX platforms/brokers and we would get the feeds from the banks aggregate them and in tern place a spread in and send out to the clients. what I’m getting at and wish someone could help me understand is where and who are the originators of the price we see ?

  10. jarrollin says:

    @Thinker Agreed, Max would be doing a super service if more of us understood the underlying things that create these prices. But I don’t anticipate him doing this. He also doesn’t do a very good job of fleshing out what he means by ponzi scheme(on the mass scale.) The devil is in the details. Everybody who wants it has the basic message by now: what are the price originators? Let’s get at this and stop dinkin’ around.

  11. Jackie O says:

    while most people I think will never wake up to get on the silver or gold train…
    (say MF Global they think it is a travel agency and the NDAA a golf tournament)
    they may wake up in the not too distant future to rampant food inflation,
    thanks to Blythe at JP and the Goldman Sachs gang with their GSCI, making a derivative out of food, by the way “weather” is listed as a commodity trade on JP’s page here
    can anyone fill me in on that? My next video, “Blythe’s Hunger Games”–and-the-poor-lose-out-7606263.html

  12. blisterchicken says:

    Ah Stacy,

    To test one’s patience, one should try a 5 year old Dell Laptop with Windows Vista.

    Mac Book Pro coming soon as part of my Full Sail tuition. He, maybe I’ll get to make a documentary with the two of you after graduation.

    Somehow I see myself shunning the Hollywood film maker path, and moving to Prague.

  13. SieraHotel says:

    I am annoyed that Silver Futurist is making silver and tricorn hats so uncool.

  14. Dave in Pa says:

    There is just no other way to say it,most people will not see the true value of gold and silver.I invested for 15 years before M&S explained it to me and I got on board.I have tried to tell people and I get the stock YOU CANT EAT IT or WELL NOTHING IS SAFE. They will have to learn the hard way by seeing their savings and paychecks get eaten alive by inflation and their homes hurt by deflation.Thanks for the Keiser Report and cant wait for the next Mott Street meet up.

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