Bad news upon bad news keeps pining up in Spain

2 comments on “Bad news upon bad news keeps pining up in Spain
  1. Bruce says:

    All the olives and olive oil I bought didn’t help.

    If I ever go to Spain, I must see this:
    PS10 solar power plant – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  2. Carlos says:

    The king of Spain recently had to issue a public apology for going on safari (elephants) to Botswana last week. Estimated cost to the taxpayer: $58,000. And it only gets better, his majesty broke his hip on the trip and had to be airlifted back to Spain on his personal (tax payer funded) jet where he was taken care of by the finest Spanish doctors his majesty’s subjects could foot the bill for.

    Those incestuos rat bastards are going to have to keep a low profile until their subjects shift their full attention to the Euro football championships this June.

    res ipsa liquitor

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