A looming flare-up in the eurozone crisis over Spain will drive the price of gold towards $2,000

8 comments on “A looming flare-up in the eurozone crisis over Spain will drive the price of gold towards $2,000
  1. SAO says:

    So the article says gold could hit $2000 by the end of the year. Same crap as always. Gold was suppose to hit $2000 and higher over a year ago. The cabal will continue to suppress gold as they can do no wrong and they get away with murder.

    For those of us that are down to living off our metals, this is royally pissing me off. Economic forecasters cannot forecast because the game is rigged. I can only duck and cover and wait for a miracle.

    As for this article, it is only more hot air. No one knows where gold is going or when.

  2. Tao Jonesing says:

    The banks holding gold will sell to protect against tripping debt covenants tied to investments in Spain. We will see gold at $900 before $2000.

    Don’t doubt that we will see it at $2000, though.

  3. Mini US says:

    Jim Rickards presentation to the Subcommittee on Economic Policy
    Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs
    United States Senate

    March 28, 2012


  4. bit chin says:

    I’m watching those algos at 9:30-ish AM GMT. PM’s trading down (as always). No doubt they’ll trade up this afternoon (unless it’s another PM hit). It’s all too predictable.

    Gold and silver. It’s part of the Rothschild club. You’d get a heads up when manipulation either up or down was happening via your uncle Gregory. He’d probably turn up at the summer mansion (naturally). As for the rest of us muppets, we’ve got to sit out and wait until we get a fair deal – doing our own homework.

    I guess we have to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day (or didn’t collapse in a day either)

  5. bit chin says:

    Sorry, that should probably read as ‘Uncle Rupert’ instead

  6. Look through the spin. We all know how to kill the bankers. Here is a hint: it is metallic, grey, and rhymes with silver…


    Stack faster my friends.

  7. MirrorMirror says:

    @SAO & Tao Jonesing … Gold price

    Yeah , I know what you mean.
    I nearly bought another Kg. today, but decided to wait to see what BS Bernanke says tonight … and FED meeting in a few weeks.

  8. SAO says:

    @Mirror Mirror
    Bernanke should be in a deep, dank, wet, cold, off shore prison with little Timmy Geithner.
    The prison should be packed with politicians and bankers.

    If gold goes under $1600, I’m going to pop. But it could. Not sure if I should bail from PM’s, but do not know where to invest. Everything is manipulated and I’m not savvy in the investment game.

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