69 per cent of the acreage of Britain is owned by 0.6 per cent of the population.

22 comments on “69 per cent of the acreage of Britain is owned by 0.6 per cent of the population.
  1. Blah blah says:

    Time to have Fred Harrison on again?

  2. Duncan says:

    It’s easy to criticize America & much said is certainly valid, but the information I see coming out of Great Britain convinces me the place is pretty fucked up indeed.
    I’m not optimistic about the future of the place.

  3. Marc Authier says:

    Perfect image of what Britain, a medieval society disguised in a democracy. In reality UK is just one fine backward country. It will not take much to come back to the dark ages there.

  4. @Max,

    nothing has changed since the middle ages. do these Lords still also have Droit du seigneur too?

  5. Becky says:

    Don’t worry, the Queen (& do sincerely like her Maj) owns it all, Bless Her!!! And who could begrudge an old lady a few inches of Garden for her Pets…!

  6. SilverPorno says:

    “69 per cent of the acreage of Britain is owned by 0.6 per cent of the population”

    Yes, and a great deal of that land is registered as “farmland”. This allows the landowner (one of the 0.6 %) to apply for government subsidies to “manage” that “farmland” and recieve huge payouts from the UK taxpayer (that’s us, folks). In most cases there is NO management that needs to be done, or is ever done, as there are no farms there. It’s mainly open scrubland and forests.

    One of those that steal the money we pay in taxes in this way is the prince charles – the prince of wales. Not only do UK taxpayers pay for their lifestyle and all their land and property, but they steal even more from us through these”farmland” subsidies.

    All legal of course. Stealing from us is perfectly legal.

  7. Alf says:

    “The government needs to be much more rigorous about taxing wealth and static
    assets, especially property and land,”

    …The British establishment along with its wealth has been a “closed shop” for many hundreds of years. And Cameron/Osborne are determined to keep it that way
    for many more hundreds of years…They would rather impose crushing austerity
    on the nations population and tax their fuck’n pasties, than upset the CENTURIES


  8. trooper dave says:

    Ah, we sit in the gutter a see the king go by. “there goes the king” “how do you know he’s king” “because he’s not covered in shit like everyone else”
    clippity clop goes the coconut shells. diamond jubilee this summer where the peasants can show devotion to the royals, tug forelock and bow.


    If this beautiful gemstone of an Island, formerly known as “Great Britain” is to retain her beatiful patchwork quilt of emerald green fields and paddocks, stitched together with ancient hedgerows, some of which were ancient when William 1st compiled The Doomsday Book…If we are to continue with an abundance of natural flora and fauna, flocks of starlings, wee jenny wrens and common sparrows courting, skylarks twittering above, etc….THEN CAVEAT! BEWARE IT MAY SOON ALL GO!

    There always have been inverted snobs! they loathe and detest anybody, football stars excepted, who can display a percieved oppulance that is unattainable even to a self-made multi-billionaire. These old families have tried their best to be good stewards of the estates handed down to them. “Shrouds have no pockets” , they know that the grim reaper will take it all away sooner or later! and just hope and pray that their estates will continue to be managed in a sensitive, eco-friendly and productive way for generations to come. These estates have always been a target for siezure and exploitation by corporate entities, out to drain the last penny of profit from land, deploying high intensity industrial farming methods!

    The hedgerows will be grubbed up!…The vast open fields will be plouged up!….Those fields will be planted with Monsanto Genetically Modified Frankinfood Crops!…The land will be saturated with toxic weedkillers!….Then saturated with chemical fertilizers, manufactured with the same industrial plant that make high explosives!….Not one living creature will be found in this new industrialized soil!!!…No worms!…No beatles!….No bacteria!….Just a vast carpet of chemical crap!

    These same corporate entities, know the power of prejudice and ignorance combined! They know how to wine and dine a friendly ‘Left-Wing” journalist, seeking to advance his career! They know that a bitter and twisted readership will lap up a story that proposes ‘People Power’…The ignorant suckers will do the hard spadework on behalf of the Agro-Corporations, at Zero Cost! They are so strongly motivated by a perceived injustice, they will work tirelessly for nothing!

    The Agro-Corporations are willing to spend millions, offering tasty Non-Executive Directorships, etc., to influential Politicians! When the final legislation is drafted, the aims and aspirations of the “People’s Power” Lobby Group, will apear in bold type in the intructory paragraph! “The People’s Victory At Last!” will be the headlines in the ‘Left-Wing Press”….and the small terrified voices, quivering with consternation, of those few “People’s Power” supporters who have actually read the entire long-winded Land Reformation Bill, loaded with unintelligible and ambiguous legalese, WILL BE IGNORED!

    VICTORY! VICTORY! VICTORY DAY AT LAST!…..Then the black horrific nightmare dawns! The Gemstone once called “Great Britain” will be crushed under the hard steel wheels of macinery. Birdsong will no longer herald in the morning! The “Dawn Chorus” will be the sound of engines starting up! The stupid peasants fooled yet again, hooked by prejudice and ignorance as sinker, “HOOK ~ LINE ~ & SINKER ~ FOOLED!”

  10. Paolo says:

    I get the feeling GB has long been a nation of suckers. Its where neoliberalism got its first real foothold on the basis of Thatcher selling the idea of freedom to the electorate. They were too dumb to realise that she only meant the freedom of capital to move. And when it did move, it was in a direction diametrically opposed to where the electorate happened to be standing.
    What, theres no land? property is too expensive? duh! Errr, must be the unions, or foreigners, or paedophiles etc etc etc ….
    What a bunch of chimps.

  11. @Paolo ~ Yes! but a nation of trusting people is usually a trustworthy poeple! Here in GB, if you drive a clean smart car, wear a shirt, tie and well pressed suit, and sound authorative with your sales patter, the ‘marks’ will sign away their pension/house/whatever, and never know they have been duped! I receive about ten telephone calls a week from a new service sector industry. The conversation begins:- “Our records show that you have been mis-sold a pension plan/ credit card loan/etc. …blah!”

    I have a wicked secretary who sometimes answers “Yes! I was sold a pension plan please tell me more I am really interested…but please hold on a minute, I am decorating at the moment and my hands are covered in paint! can you wait while I go and wash my hands in the bathroom?….Five minutes later after making a brew, she answers the phone again and a few seconds into the conversation says:- “That’s the front door bell, can you hear it? (they can’t as there is no door bell) I will be back soon….” This can go on for over half an hour! Annie says that it’s her good turn for the day! somebody else is not being scammed or mythered, and genuine incoming calls can be diverted to the other line.

  12. User2323 says:

    Oh my goodness. This sounds like a progressive cause alright…maybe for the 1700s or 1800s.

  13. Alf says:

    @AC…Nice piece, @TD…always spot-on, @Paolo…It might look
    like that from the outside…The British people are rather docile,
    but never make the mistake of upsetting them.
    @User2323…You’re correct…the class system hasn’t changed from that
    time…Here’s a magnificent poem by Shelly, its 15 minutes long but
    definitely worth your time and confirms things haven’t changed much
    since Shelly wrote this piece…nice accompanying vid too.


  14. Paolo says:

    Alf, it seems to me that these days if you upset the British people they simply put on weight. Not exactly terrifying. I’m not sure if theres some hidden methodology behind this and at some pre-ordained moment in the future the army of the obese wil rise up and eat everyone, or mow them down with packed shopping trolleys from Iceland, but i think the birth place of neoliberalism and modern haven of global financial piracy has a duty to sort its bloody mess out.

  15. Janet says:


    What you write is hilarious and true. And although you may be familiar with blighty you seem to misunderstand our relationship with the aristocracy.

    The thing about our Queen is that she is actually closer to god that us, her subjects. She actually really met him when she was crowned. So, she deserves everything she and her wonderful family enjoy. The land, the palaces, the jewellery, the political power… I mean we don’t bestow endless riches on her for no good reason. We’re not that stupid.

    Anyway, off to iceland to buy frozen sugar for my five bastards. So watch yourself!


  16. BankingThief says:

    SilverProno beat me to it. The land is subsidsed by the taxpayer to not be used to grow crops on thus increasing food prices. Poor taxpayer gets it from both ends, higher taxes and higher food prices!

  17. Alf says:

    Fair point Paolo…But I feel a social tipping point isn’t too far away
    and I don’t mean with weighing scales.lol.

  18. Paolo says:

    Janet, dont forget to buy some pink slime while you’re at it. Its on offer as nuggets in the shape of the cayman islands.

  19. Danny Cunnington says:

    Interestingly….. Even with all the subsidies the UK cannot even feed itself and hasn’t been able to for decades without importing food. What the subsidies do is create a monopoly for corporate style mono crop farming which as AC points out above totally wrecks the countryside. No subsidies and smaller more diverse farms would help but the Brits need to get over the obsession of viewing the countryside as scenery rather than a food production area. Basically in Britain, a small farmer can’t even get permission to put up polytunnels in a field because someone in power considers it “unsightly”. This is just crass stupidity and one of the reasons that Britain cannot feed itself or compete with other countries in agriculture.

  20. What-me-worry? says:

    I read somewhere on a gov. website that around 5% of land in England is allocated to housing with around 2.8% being actual living (under the roof) space. So it seems that what UK needs is a land value tax to restore ‘balance’ of sorts.

  21. Flopot says:

    I think members of that 0.6 % still own land in the Republic of Ireland; almost a century after they were supposedly booted out.

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