[TaM-358] The Truth About The Pain For Motorists

**UPDATE**: Tungsten filled gold bars found in London – not surprised as all fraud happens in and through London

Stacy Summary: We talk about the price of petrol rising in the UK and the Bats IPO being pulled.

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30 comments on “[TaM-358] The Truth About The Pain For Motorists
  1. MirrorMirror says:

    On Topic .. for a change 😆

    Global Inflation ‘Disaster’ Coming, Economist Xie Warns


    Says basically the same :
    FED didn’t see the subprime coming
    ECB didn’t see the debt crisis coming
    There is little reason, then, to believe these regulators will see the coming global “inflation disaster coming !


  2. John James says:

    Don’t wish to seem pedantic but where’s the evidence for Max’s assertion (@ 03.20 onwards) that last year’s riots were caused by the housing crisis?

  3. I precariat says:

    Peter cruddas, chief fundraiser for conservative party,
    secretly filmed offering dinner with David Camoron for a donation of £250,000, The Sunday Times.

  4. Peak Oil & Petrodebt are the consequences of the cheapOil addicts’ dreams.

  5. Happy Dick says:

    OH, the perfect pic there Stacy!
    Yes indeed, gas has now become a pain in the ass. The mid and high test grades of gas have now breached $4/gal in most regions here in the states, and people are “feeling” the pain.

  6. Al Kyder says:

    The price of oil is going to 200£ in six months. Maybe, I see a drop in prices of crude during the third quatre, and that will stop prices from rising for as long as it can be sustained.

    The rise in oil prices this year is most likely due to the failure of Luna field. It cam up dry. That will hurt oil futures in the UK very badly.

    Anyways, you are bang on the money maxkeiser. Gasoline prices are not driven by oil prices they are driven by the bloated money supply.

    We need to focus on the declining wells, the new wells and the futures market. The new discovery’s are being sold on the Futures markets even though they may not be recoverable due to political instability.

    The price of gas will stay high, even if the price of crude crashes.

    HA HA AH WTF? great explanation of Bats IPO, The firm that does these HFT denied its own existence. Still chuckling about that.

    Priceless piece of audio, tat deserves to be looped.

    So the US senate has now got a law about crowd funding. I wonder when the first amendment will be proposed, I bet lobbyists are already talking to lawyers.

  7. stacyherbert says:

    @Happy Dick – well if you listen to the podcast, you will see that gasoline prices are $10.10 per gallon in UK!

  8. A Gardener says:

    How to easily test gold to see if Tungsten is inside.
    Ultrasonic testing seems to work without cutting the bars open. see
    Got this care of Pladizow on Zero hedge.

  9. dlweld says:

    With a basic machine shop it’d be pretty easy to drill out 5 holes, sized to fit 5 tungsten rods, heat the bar slightly, slide in cooled tungsten rods and let it all cool – a tight interference fit. If one did a lot of these I’m sure there’d be a jig that would hold the five rods and they all get pressed in at once. Plug up the holes, and do a little electeron beam welding to cover the holes.

    Ultra sonic testing would detect the problem and the bar would probably be stiffer than a real one. This could be detected by the note (higher pitched ring) if suspended and struck.

    Pure gold has a specific gravity of 19.32, and tungsten has 19.22, but often it’s less, as many tungsten items are fabricated by sintering due to it’s high melting point, and can’t quite make 19.22.

    So, A little machine shop work and a $20k profit per bar – not bad!

  10. Al Kyder says:

    @ stephan Tychon @99Street

    Thats an interesting web site. Tans for the link.

    It is unfortunately tainted by western political influences. This is a serious failure of almost all western analysis. Te company goes in starts production, Locals who lose access to primary production of food and such due to pollution of straight out loss of land revolt. The company then claims it ant do business and threatens to leave.

    Then the good ‘ol’ US’of’A arranges a police action which we sometimes refer to as a war, or it usually develops into a war. ENRON, gas Afghanistan. for example.

  11. A Gardener says:

    Nondestructive verification of the physical integrity of gold bars.

  12. F. Beard says:


    Sorry to hear you were stalked. I guess being a cute kid has its drawbacks. Pedophiles should be executed, imo.

    I was once accused of stalking kids. My habit used to be to walk hours in other peoples’ neighborhoods because they had sidewalks and because it was peaceful and because I liked to look at interesting architecture and well kept yards. I NEVER trespassed and rarely even saw kids much less spoke to them. I had done that for about 15 years without incident when a female cop pulled up behind me and made me sit in the back of her car while they checked me out. She said someone had said I was following kids! WTF! I didn’t even see a kid that day! I was so hot I’m still angry and that was about 10 years ago.

    Anyway, a pleasant past time of mine has been forever destroyed because pedophiles are not executed like they should be.

  13. sam says:

    I like high gas prices, keeps the riff raff off the road.

    in London, I drive to work, as I don’t have to go in the congestion charge area it is in fact cheaper than taking the ‘lovely’ tube. despite high petrol prices the people who run the tube increase the cost of tickets at a rate higher than inflation. so as expensive as it is, it’s still cheaper for me to use the car than public transport.

  14. Happy Dick says:

    @Stacy .. $10.10/gal in UK
    Right, got that … What would happen here in the states IF people had to pay that price? … Likely a rebellion. (the price fixers Must know this) … The slow “Boa constrictor”squeeze play is on … Anyway good informative podcast! 🙂

  15. Badsey says:

    Coins are harder to scam than bars. -A Fisch type instrument or just caliper sizing a coin +weight. Some NGC and PCGS encased coins have been faked.

    -choosing silver over more expensive gold is a good option also. =Silver Eagles or similar 1 Oz maybe the safest bet.

  16. OlympiaLogger says:

    “…not surprised as all fraud happens in and through London…”

    Years ago in a History night class at UVic on Vancouver Island, one night the instructor invited as quest speaker for us who’d been a real live, 3D and in Living Color French Resistance Fighter in WWII. At the end he took questions. One was, “If you could use your courage and skill and pick ONE really evil place in the world to raid and shut down today, where would it be?” We thought he’d say something like, “Pyongyang” or “Yasser Arafat” or the training camps for the terrorists who shot up the Munich Olympics or something like that.
    What he said, I’ve never understood until recently. His answer was, “The middle of London.”
    (I laughed because I thought he was kidding. …not anymore…)

  17. OlympiaLogger says:

    I like the way you think bro’ !!!

    I don’t suppose you have any Flynn’s, Cannon’s, Bray’s or Valentine’s in your Family Name List do you !?!!

  18. Hey Stacy thanks for the mention of the tungsten filled gold bars.
    My post which spawned the posts on SilverDoctors and ZeroHedge can be read here:

    Greg Hudson
    ABC Bullion

  19. Al Kyder says:

    Sorry just noticed that coent does not even make sense.

    I have a stupid spell checker Beta i’m testing.

    The price of oil is going to 200£ in six months. Maybe, I see a drop in prices of crude during the third quatre, and that will stop prices [of gasoline] from rising for as long as it can be sustained. [under 100US$ p barrel]

    The rise in oil prices this year is most likely due to the failure of Luna field. It cam up dry. That will hurt oil futures in the UK very badly. [Lina is in the North Sea ]

    “Norwegian Energy Company (Noreco) on Friday reported it is in the process of completing the drilling of exploration well Luna-1X in licence 1/11 in Denmark. The well did not encounter hydrocarbons.”

    Det Norske’s Drills Dry Well at Kalvklumpen
    Feb 13, 2012 – Partners Faroe and Noreco, along with Det norske, drilled a duster at the Kalvklumpen prospect in the North Sea.

  20. Talcott says:

    That easter bunny crack whore


    “The name “Easter” comes from the name of the Babylonian and Assyrian goddess Ishtar. Here is what the Encyclopedia Britannica says about Ishtar, “…the chief goddess of Babylonia and Assyria, the counterpart of the Phoenician Astarte”


  21. Harry says:

    What is a cheaper tungsten-test other than the ultrasound test?
    I.e. one for DIY at home?
    Of course maples and such will be fairly safe but if simple tests like the balance come into question (see http://www.goldcoinbalance.com/), will I be safe from fraud?
    See http://www.goldcoinbalance.com/http:/www.goldcoinbalance.com/how-to-make-the-perfect-fake-gold-coin as well.

  22. AG Hoarder says:

    “Using an Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
    to Detect Fake Silver” (and other material)


  23. sam says:

    Not quite, but I think I’ve worked out that you cannot change the zombies in the world you gotta let them starve themselves and then either move to a zombie free zone, or build up from the remains.

  24. Sterly says:

    Not wishing to be pedantic, but don’t forget that that a UK gallon is 20% larger than a US gallon – not insignificant.

  25. Bruce says:

    classik grafik

  26. Bisphenol A says:

    Good show . Thanks Max and Stacy

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