The implication seemed to be that Americans are hypocrites, or at least woefully uninformed.

For her book “The Submerged State,” she asked a scientifically selected sample of 1,400 Americans whether they had ever used a government social program. Only 43 percent copped to having done so. Then she read off 21 social programs, such as Medicare (FFSOMED) and the home-mortgage interest deduction, and asked the same question again: Have you ever used a government social program? This time, 96 percent said yes, in fact, they had.

7 comments on “The implication seemed to be that Americans are hypocrites, or at least woefully uninformed.
  1. Jack says:

    Max/Stacy can you guys list out all the counter-arguments to silver and gold prices and debunk them. Also, it would be interested to see quantitatively what the effects of kick the can are in terms of how much time it can buy? Everyone knows what will happen, but the big questions is when? For example, what I see as a problem is that when average people think they need gold, they go on etrade and click for GLD and SLV. As long as they can do this, I believe as average people believe in the system. I think this can go on for a long time as the consequences of not are quite dire for the average person. I.e. GLD/SLV act as slack for physical demand. Perhaps you need to form some crowd owned corporation that absorbs enough shares of SLV to demand delivery. Perhaps your friends the Iranaians or Palestenians can by enough shares to demand a delivery that could not be met to bring the market into truth.

  2. Smfrank says:

    The home mortgage interest deduction isn’t welfare…it’s a friggin tax deduction.

  3. Bob DR says:

    According to the author, if a government forcefully takes your money away in taxes then gives some of it back, it’s welfare????????? I think most of us know better. This is liberal prattle at its finest.

  4. kdt says:

    ANY sort of TAX return is MY money coning back!! how the government does its ponzi scheem math is irevelent , and the value extracted is from work performed not the toilet paper they passs off as a monetary system!! factor in the inflation “tax” on that scientificly compiled group and what you have left is a bunch of slaves who think they own the plantation! wake up suckers

  5. tsuki says:

    I think you can see from the posts that Americans have no concept of Civics, the Common Good, and the Social Contract. This is the land of Mammon, my, my, my.

  6. Mattdog says:

    I’m woefully uninformed. Didn’t even know these social programs existed, except that I thought they were only for pregnant women from foreign countries.

  7. jason says:

    Let’s see, I received a national defense student loan which I paid back. My first mortgage was a VA loan. I took advantage of the mortgage interest deduction that was a program to encourage home ownership. I drive on the national defense highway system. When I was an active aviator I used the aviation infrastructure that was provided by the FAA. I am an FCC licensed radio operator and technician. I have never received a direct payment from the federal or state government.

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