ETF: WAR – The Angry Arab reporting on some explosive Aljazeera propaganda footage?

Apparently there is some footage that was leaked by someone from inside Aljazeera; and according to the Angry Arab, this footage is now being shown in Syria and shows “staging of events of calling a civilian an “officer” in the Syrian army, of faking injuries and feeding statements to people before airtime, etc.” Here and here. It’s hard to know as, of course, if this is true, no Western media, certainly not the Guardian or the New York Times which are most agitating for war, would ever cover this; so you turn to the bloggers. I recommend the Angry Arab blog as he is VERY against all the dictators and monarchs of the Middle East but is just as against propaganda, misinformation and disinformation. So anyway, he’s a useful resource when trying to figure out who the Syrian National Council and the alleged Free Syrian Army are, for example.

As Max proposed below, there should be an etf called WAR. And much of the media coverage should be viewed as the shiny prospectus trying to sell you on this new shiny war sure to bail us out on our losses on the last war.

UPDATE: In related news: British war graves in Libya desecrated by Islamist militants

14 comments on “ETF: WAR – The Angry Arab reporting on some explosive Aljazeera propaganda footage?
  1. Paul says:

    I like to watch your financial reports and I find Max and you rather funny at times. However, I don’t think you’re an authority on what propaganda is and isn’t, seeing as you align yourself with some of the more prominent propagandists from time to time. I won’t name names, instead I’ll point you in the direction of the Stratfor leaks.

    I will follow your link above and judge it on its own merit, like I do with all information that comes from your site.

  2. trooper dave says:

    The propaganda on UK tv is all:- “the military are attacking the people, how can we stand by while this happens, we must start bombing now. It worked in Lybia”

    It is quite sickening to watch and hear the war monger journalists spouting on and on. And what seems obvious is that the UK presstitutes have so much derision for their readers/viewers that they credit them with having SO little critical intelligence that they never mention glaring contradictions to their own narrative. Like, civilian deaths in Lybia skyrocketed, caused by UN munitions, AFTER the no-fly zone save the people operation was enacted.
    I used to watch MSM to judge how bad the propaganda was, but now I have given that up because my reaction became “yeah right! Now I am insulted by your patronising bias”

  3. JohnsHadEnough says:

    Er… please be more choosy with your sources. have you been to Syria? Nobody who has is going to believe the west is manufacturing a case for war. On the contrary, people from Syria, or familiar with real Syrians, say the US is manufacturing reasons for not pushing harder for the regime to fall.

  4. Al Kyder says:

    Its iteresting that the Angry Arab has not had much experience with this type of Propaganda journalism.

    My favourite was when you did not want to interview someone. You would knock on the door and invariably they would appear demanding their right to tell their side of the story.

    Later in the editing room, the mark where he opens the door, is quickly reversed, showing him slamming the door in your face. You can then cut to some other prepared footage.

    In the case of Homs we seem to be in the same information vacuum as was the case in 1982.

    I noticed this from the UN preceding the alleged massacre.
    EU leaders declare Syrian National Council ‘legitimate representative’ of Syrians

    The leaders of 27 EU countries who have completed a two-day summit in Brussels on Friday, declared the National Council of Syria ‘legitimate representative’ of the Syrians, RIA Novosti reported today.
    “The European Union supports Syria’s opposition in its struggle for freedom, dignity and democracy, recognizes the Syrian National Council as the legitimate representative of the Syrians, and encourages all members of the Syrian opposition to unite in their peaceful struggle for a new Syria, where all citizens enjoy equal rights,” the summit’s final document says.

    A good reason to put troops on the streets. Thats a declaration of war.

  5. John says:

    Found this on a blog:
    “It is quite common knowledge that Qatar and especially Jordan is in bed with Israel – KSA on the other hand is in bed with USA. ”

    Couldn’t agree more.

  6. Danny Cunnington says:

    The problem with all of this Assad’s a bad guy propaganda is exhibit A & B. There are 40 Turkish intelligence officers who have been caught in Syria and 130 French troops also captured who cannot explain what they were doing in Syria.

    For a country like France to send groups of it’s own troops into another sovereign country is blatantly and brazenly illegal and literally constitutes an act of state sponsored terrorism.
    So, forget the spin it’s much simpler than that. Are these NATO countries following the law or ignoring it?

  7. Mother Earth says:

    I don’t think the credibility of Al Jazeera matters one bit. It depends on who’s talking. Angry Arab is just shaking the trees hoping we think a storm is brewing. A bit of acting?

    All conflict means loss, so if it is really necessary and unavoidable let the the agressives mutually destruct each other. Better there be a clear victor. The US public is so well trained in empathizing with complete irrelevant events around the world it can be trusted to sacrifice everything for any side in any conflict. I’ve seen enough psychopaths in positions of control to expect killing is of no consequence if the hierarchy approves it.

    Let’s hope the US collapses before it can lash out..

  8. gold bullet says:

    It is now blatantly obvious that the West is using all of its propaganda tools in order to convince its people that there is a ”humanitarian disaster” in Syria and that NATO just must intervene and ”help” the people of Syria by bombing the living shit out of Syria with cluster bombs and bombs with depleted uranium and ousting Assad in order to pave the way for an attack on Iran.

    Congrats, Al Jazeera, you have become the BBC of the Middle East, a complete propaganda tool for the neoliberal, blood- and oil-thirsty maniacs!

  9. Danny Cunnington says:

    If you do a bit of checking it becomes clear the so-called Angry Arab is actually a shill from some weird Israeli anti-zionist- zionists. He is also going after Gilad Atzmon who wrote “the wondering who?” This puts him in the same camp as AIPAC and other usual suspects.

    He’s part of a group who claim to be pro-palistinian but in fact seem only to try to disrupt real palestinian solidarity groups.

    I knew there was something wrong when he tried to pin the footage on Assad. Aljazeera is out of Qatar. It ran the fake movie set Green square footage in the Libyan deception. If you check, Qatar is arming the so-called rebels in Syria and also armed and supplied the Libyan rebels.

    Aljazeera is owned by the Qatar pseudo-monocrhy who have just pledged $100 million to arm anti-Assad military groups. Also, the Puppet TNC has also pledged $100 million to overthrow Assad but this is ridiculous as the Libyan TNC has no money so it’s clearly being used as a front for a donor who wishes to hide his identity but must be connected to the US because that’s who the TNC answer to.

    Israelis are becoming increasingly worried about the possible failure of the rebels against the Syrian army. They are much better organised and more formidable than the Libyan army. The Russians are supplying new radar capabilities and advanced weaponry.

    They have just been routed in Homs. If the rebels lose and melt away this leaves Israel with a formidable army in Syria and Hezbollah who already defeated them in Lebanon.

    This means that anything coming out of Aljazeera is anti-Assad propaganda. The Angry Arab is trying to tell you the opposite is true.

  10. Al Kyder says:

    @ Mother Earth

    You of all people should know this is an oil play.

    Gulfsands has some very nice 26ºAPI in the North, thay just just got a nice deal in Tunisia too.
    I know 26º is not what you would be looking for really, but with the price of brent, it would make a profit as the deal was 500k down from spug to rig release, and then it’s 100 $ per barrel in your skyrocket.

    Tethy’s have also just completed a survey
    Doris(AKD01) More than 1,000 m3 oil per day (>6,800 bopd), World class permeability  Extremely good quality low sulphur crude – 0.80 SG (46° API), no paraffin
    Dione(AKD03)  Extremely good quality low sulphur crude – 0.81 SG (43° API)
    Do1r5is discovery opens up new play type in Uzbek part
    of North Ustyurt

    This is what you really want, something you can sell at a premium. They would get a very good price for this oil. Saudi Super Light has an API of 44 to 50 depending on the blend.

    Libya is the only other place like this. Nigeria has Bonny Light crude oil. Colour- Dark Brown Specific Gravity 0. 8457 API 37. 7

    When all that goes, we’ll be left with carbon credit debts. The game is on the insane oligarchs are on the loose, and the Syrian people dont even get a mention. That is ominous

  11. Al Kyder says:

    @ Danny Cunnington

    Your right. This will be extremely embarrassing for the West if Assad does not get removed.

    In a way I hope he just crushed that rebellion in Homs. It will have long term implications but it will be better without that kind of agitation. The West is rolling Syria up with Iran and Libya and its not gonna be that way in Syria.

  12. SiriusBlack says:

    It would have helped if the Angry Arab provided links to the video he refers to. As it is I guess we’re supposed to take his word for it.

  13. Tamir says:

    Err, this is a guy with a passion for killing Israelis.
    He once posted: “There will come a time where Zionist will have no where to go”.
    Genocidal, terroristic at best!

  14. Danny Cunnington says:

    The really ironic bit it that pressure on Assad has led to a successful referendum on introducing multi party elections with universal suffrage. (exactly what the west claim they want). Assad is now fairly safe as long as he keeps playing the democracy card. He may lose power eventually because he has resisted this in the past. He is now gambling on defeating the western backed attack and been seen as a hero (In the way Putin got his popularity from defeating foreign looting). This could mean that he could run in an election and win fair and square with the Syrian people seeing him as a leader who resisted and over came the terrorists whose success would have led to an Iraq style nightmare for a majority of ordinary Syrians.

    Thus the regime change attack could fail and lead to Assad having more power and real popular support.

    You only have to look at Libya before and after. Would anybody in their right mind want that to happen to them and their nation?

    The armed groups have no air support. They are about the same strength as the libyan gangs but the Libyan gangs would have lost without NATO air support and an intense media propaganda campaign that involved outright fake news. The Syrian army are much stronger than the Libyan army and have much more advanced radar and Russian S300 missile systems. Libya was isolated and couldn’t re-supply (They were very short of ammunition). Syria has a fully functional port that the Russians have a base in and can re-supply the Syrian army and give them additional satellite and advanced radar intelligence against NATO.

    I’m no Assad fan but it’s high time the out of control NATO hooligans got a good slap down.

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