That is what the NYPD calls a “disobedient civilian”.

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  1. Al Kyder says:

    Shown in footage careening across Mali’s Saharan north in vehicles identical to Libyan army issue Toyota Hi-Lux technical trucks brandishing Soviet bloc small arms, the MNLA seeks to secede from the Malian republic and form an independent nation called Azawad. The MNLA has overrun towns and army garrisons along the borders with Niger, Algeria and Mauritania, causing thousands of refugees and, in the case of Algeria, Malian soldiers themselves-to flee Mali’s borders.

    In response to President Toure’s impotency during his last days in office, a group of military officers led by an army captain named Amadou Sango and calling themselves the National Committee for the Restoration of Democracy and State (Comite national pour le redressement de la démocratie et la restauration de la democratie et la restauration de l’etat – or CNRDRE).

    The CNRDRE has announced that it has immediately suspended the Malian constitution and claims to have detained several government ministers in Bamako in one of its initial actions. None of this bodes well for Mali and Libya’s neighbor Niger,
OIl Report. 2011; Keith Hill, Africa Oil’s President and Chief Executive Officer, commented, “The acquisition of Centric allows Africa Oil to consolidate its interests in the Tertiary-age East African rift basin in Kenya and Ethiopia. We will also be adding an interesting new play area in Mali which, although frontier, has many of the characteristics of the rift basins we are exploring in East Africa. The partnership agreements with Tullow and Heritage allow the Company to explore these basins with experienced rift basin operators at significantly reduced costs. Combining the Africa Oil and Centric portfolio of oil and gas interests provides our shareholders with multiple identified prospects and leads, geographically and geologically diversified across four African countries and five under-explored petroleum systems.”
    Mali faces escalating problems – among them the heavily armed rebels stemming from Libya and soldiers suffering from low morale after a series of strategic defeats like that of the capture of the remote northern town of Tessalit’s army base and airport.

    Now the capture of Gaddafi’s infamous intelligence chief, Abdullah Senussi, in Mauritania, arriving on a flight from Casablanca, Morocco, reportedly on a forged Malian passport, illustrates that the effects of regime change in Libya will be felt across Africa for some time to come.

    Following Wednesday and Thursday’s climatic affairs in Bamako, it is now clear that the consequences of the Western-backed Libyan campaign have now unequivocally traveled from North Africa to what is distinctly West Africa.

    Derek Henry Flood

    The following companies have operations in Mali: 
Gold Mines: (Government), AngloGold Ashanti Limited, Endeavour Mining Corporation, IAMGOLD Corporation, International Finance Corporation, Randgold Resources Limited, and Resolute Mining Limited, (amongst others).

    Wkileaks Document 1: The President of Mali, Amadou Toumani Touré, “directly linked revenues from drug trafficking to terrorism”

    SINKREBAKA, Mali — The burntout wreck of a Boeing 727 lies abandoned in the Sahara desert, what is left of it covered by a little more ochre sand every day.
    UN officials say the plane landed in the remote northeastern area of Mali in West Africa in early November with a load of cocaine and other illegal goods from Venezuela in South America.
    Coming in on a makeshift runway, it unloaded its cargo and was then destroyed.

  2. Max Power says:

    More IP vs IPO news :

    The $8 Billion iPod: Rhapsody Founder Rob Reid on How Copyright Math Doesn’t Add Up–2

    The inevitable backlash over the online uprisings that foiled controversial pro-copyright bills SOPA and PIPA earlier this year is slowly rising to a boil. Last week, the content industries managed to strike a backroom deal that will have major Internet Service Providers monitor and police their customers as early as July. Under the agreement, ISPs such as Verizon, Time-Warner and Comcast will work under a “6 strikes” system of graduated response to discourage alleged violators from transmitting infringing material, striking at the core of “net neutrality,” which has aimed to keep service and content separate.

    The industries, headed up by the lobbyist powerhouses of the RIAA and MPAA, claim their increasingly controversial actions are justified, citing billions of dollars in yearly losses and hundreds of thousands of jobs at stake. But with some empirical investigation (and a little bit of humor) Rhapsody founder and self-proclaimed “Copyright Mathematician™” Rob Reid shows that the numbers simply don’t add up.


    Or how about this one: Following the value that has been placed on a single pirated MP3 back in 1999 ($150,000, as decided by the Napster-era Copyright Damages Improvement Act) your average iPod nowadays can be filled with about $8 billion worth of pirated media, as far as content industries are concerned.

  3. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    That is what the NYPD calls a “disobedient civilian”.
    The NYPD understands that they, too are ‘civilians’, right?
    ‘Civilian’ is a term relative to ‘military’, so, unless the NYPD is willing to explicitly declare that they have been 100% co-opted by the Feds and ARE part of a (the) military force, they should probably drop the whole hubristic thing.
    This would in fact, mean, as they say, that war has officially been declared against the population at large. And you in particular.

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