Protesters are expected to march about a mile to the steps of the Sanford Police Department on Saturday to demand justice and answers in the murder case of Trayvon Martin. (And hey America, fast food makes you depressed; sugar is toxic).

18 comments on “Protesters are expected to march about a mile to the steps of the Sanford Police Department on Saturday to demand justice and answers in the murder case of Trayvon Martin. (And hey America, fast food makes you depressed; sugar is toxic).
  1. jischinger says:

    I’d go hungry before I’d eat fast food – seriously, how hard is it to grabs piece of fruit if you’re that hungry or on the go?

    but sweets, bitters, starch and spices will kill ya if you over indulge in any of them.

    what’s most important right now is to find or help develop communities with smarter and more active people in them

  2. Jayme says:

    I have no idea whether Trayvon Martin was a good or bad person but his murder has been handled terribly. There is too much crap like this that goes on. Trayvon is only one example. Friday had several broader scoped interviews. The issue is too racial and being made too political in my opinion. I hate to see these things called “hate crimes.” Crime against another is crime. Amy Goodman has put out several good segments on Trayvon.

    Junk food causes depression? Not surprising. “…and commercial baked goods…” is a little more surprising but not really since most used bleached flour. Processed foods are stripped of their nutrients with flavor and calories engineered in. I prefer whole foods and a well prepared home cooked meal.

    Like most refined substances, sugar is bad in large doses. I’ve already given up meat and am almost ready to give up on dairy too. Everything in moderation is a good maxim but in a sales pitch overly propagandized world, our facts are simply the soundbites that advertisers push on us. It’s mostly snake oil. Forks Over Knives is a good documentary with some good counter-propaganda.

    Forks Over Knives – Official Trailer

    I haven’t watched this one yet but it looks to be more along the same lines of health:

    Hungry for Change – Official Trailer

  3. MirrorMirror says:

    ECB wants to disempower the German Bundesbank

    ( EZB will Bundestag entmachten )

    LOL … gotta love the Google “translation” :

    ECB wants to deprive the Bundestag

    The Early American Central Bank (ECB) called for the Bundestag ……………
    The beginning of the end of democracy in the EU?


  4. JonnyJames says:

    Wow that Zimmerman dude’s dad is a judge, no wonder he aint goin to jail. In ‘merka they let well-connected murderers, mass murderers, financial terrorists, treasonous assholes go free and even reward them with peace prizes, gifts, bailouts, handout, tax breaks, subsidies and no bid contracts with built-in quadruple-digit margins.

    If that black kid had killed Zimmerman he would have been convicted and put on death row real quick. If your dad is a well-connected (jewish) judge in Florida, you aint going to be indicted, let alone imprisoned.

  5. ronron says:

    so, taking you children to mcdonalds is child abuse.

  6. Mother Earth says:

    This same guy I believe got his epiphany when he saw the color of blood aftersomeone ate a cheeseburger..simply a fatty goo..This actually restricts the oxygen to the brain and makes people stupid..

    I think it’s horrible that black kid stalked Zimmerman and just killed him for no reason..You’d expect that from some white supremacist, but a regular back kid? No wonder everyone is outraged over this decent white guy, another victim of the black brotherhood..

  7. Frans says:

    I get rightaway depressed when eating fast food cause it tastes so bad.
    First (and last) time I went to Mc Donalds and ordered a macburger I returned it because I thought there was something wrong, way over date or so.
    After I got a new one, I found out it ought to taste like that..
    Hmmmm……. 🙁

  8. Aaron Richoux says:

    “Although the study only showed an association and not a cause and effect tie between fast food and depression, findings led scientists to raise an alarm for fast food eaters. ”

    So don’t you think its more likely that people who are depressed eat more junk food?

  9. Wahrheit says:

    I believe Robert Lustig is quite right that sugar, but more specifically fructose, is quite toxic without accompanying fiber.

  10. evolutis says:
    So, last Friday I think my doctor fired me. I came in for a routine checkup of my cholesterol levels because about six months ago I stopped taking the 40 milligrams of Crestor Dr. X prescribed … Fast food is just another manifestation of the matrix … ramp up, broaden your your investigation, see what there is to find and think seriously about.

  11. Thank you, Max & Stacy!

  12. Noodles123 says:

    Damn it…I’m 0-3 with this 3 articles:

    1. I love Big Macs with a lil honey mustard with those greasy fries

    2. I like powdered sugar donuts with my coffee…Stevia and honey wear you out and don’t get me started on Surcose, nutrasweet or Aspertame etc.

    3. I do believe that “No limit Nigga Trevon” you know the 17 year old, 6 foot 3inch, suspended drug dealing, tatted up, bus driver assaulting, gold grill wearing, gang sign throwing kid may have been a thug killed by a douche BBBUUUT I find it kinda odd that they use a 4-5 year old picture of him before he became as he lovingly called himself “A real nigga” and that the media keeps calling Zimmerman white when he’s Hispanic…Hmmmmm interesting.

  13. Skiddypants says:

    Cancer feeds ( ferments ) on sugar, and it causes the body to become acidic.
    Increase the bodies ph to slightly alkaline by stopping all sugar and eating the right foods, and you will be healthy.


  14. Bimmy says:

    Black on White hate crimes are FAR more prevalent than the other way around. As World Net Daily reported the “tally of the forgotten Caucasian casualties of black hate crimes, during the months of February and March of this year. As Bradley observes, in most of these attacks “there were clear and obvious signs of racial motivation.” And, “Almost all of the black-on-white attacks involved multiple black attackers against white children, the elderly or the handicapped”:

    In Kansas City, a 13-year-old white boy named Allen Coon was doused with gasoline and set on fire by two older blacks saying, “This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.”
    Haley Pettersen, a 15-year-old white girl in a leg cast in O’Fallon, Ill., was out walking her dog when she was attacked by two black girls who said, “This is our territory white girl.” One girl grabbed Haley by the hair, and the other one started hitting her in the face. The perpetrators ran off only when some neighbors came out, but the attack left Haley with a swollen left eye.
    In Kansas City, an unnamed 50-year-old white man was left with a fractured hip and other injuries after being beaten by a group of blacks shouting racial epithets.
    Gary Allder, a white man in San Antonio, came home to find that his house had been burglarized, ransacked and tagged with racial slurs such as “Die Whitey.”
    Travis Eugene Winemiller, 16, a white Polk County, Fla., inmate, was beaten, choked and strangled until he was unconscious by three black inmates. They then hogtied Winemiller and said, “This is how you slave a real cracker,” and threatened to kill him.
    Jacob Appel, a 15-year-old autistic white boy, was attacked by three blacks at his bus stop in Palm Bay, Fla. The blacks taunted, used racial slurs and chased the victim into the street where he was nearly struck by a car. The only reason the offenders were caught is that one of the attackers posted the video on his Facebook page.”

    So, for all of you who believe this bullshit that all Whitey is out to get Blackie, I suggest you STFU and look at the data which suggests otherwise (and, in fact, just the opposite).

  15. Mattdog says:

    @Bimmy, It really is too bad that the seed of racism still exists today. The brutality, hatred, and ignorance that it spawns and spreads from makes my heart very sad. Why can’t we integrate and fit together nicely, like a box of Oreo’s? Whoops, lousy artificial sugar reference. I mean, like a Zebra’s stripes?

  16. martin says:

    Sugar is not bad for you perse, refined sugar is bad for you. You want Demerara “raw sugar cane” not the crap which masquerades as such. Glycemic index of refined sugar is 64, raw cane sugar has GI of 30-40. Sugar cane sugar does not feed cancer and contains vitamins and minerals which are good for you and possibly antioxidants and polyphenols also. It has a variety of applications for your health and well-being according to this text I have here in front of me from an alternative health hospital. Good for your teeth too apparently, the mind boggles.

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