On the Edge with Chris Martenson

Stacy Summary: This is a definite must watch. Great interview with Chris Martenson:

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  1. Nat says:

    Great show!


  2. Becky says:

    So the plot thickens… As an econdummy understood what I could, but do understand that we seem to be better without any nuclear energy at all, as if Japan couldn’t and still can’t control the “fall out” what on earth will happen elsewhere, in much less disciplined places?
    Also, if their Economy is set for more of a nose-dive (did expect this after the disaster last year, yet Max & Chris have explained much more re:yen & debt) then that may -vely affect manufacturing elsewhere, in Companies that are reliant on parts etc. So it could end up mucking up the jobs market (manufacturing) too! But could this mean that the latest 3D flat screen TV’s will now be cheaper :^)

  3. Nak says:

    Let me get this straight, Central Bankers are private and sovereign from governments. They are taken debts and putting it on their balance sheets. So do they now own those debts or are they just stewards of those bad debts for governments?

  4. death to the NWO says:

    One problem that Japan is facing has not been touched by the interview .
    The radiactivity of the environment and the contamination might force at least a partial evacuation of Japan . Where would million of Japanese go ? Who would welcome them ?



  5. Quote:- “…First of all, I am not an economist. I am trained as a scientist, having completed both a PhD and a post-doctoral program at Duke University, where I specialized in neurotoxicology. I tell you this because my extensive training as a scientist informs and guides how I think. I gather data, I develop hypotheses, and I continually seek to accept or reject my hypotheses based on the evidence at hand. I let the data tell me the story….”

    Japan is a world leader in Micro-CHP (Microgeneration Combined Heat & Power) The current Honda systems are 85% C.O.P. and 90% is expected soon. Dr. Chris writes that he “lets the data tell him the story”.

    There are countless new technologies emerging, but those all have lead in times and time is a luxury in circumstances like these. A factory can gear up production quite rapidly. as evidenced by war-production in WW 2. The benefit of Micro CHP systems, is that products like a gas powered sterling engine/water heater put the low grade energy into the home as heat, and the high grade energy, electricity, can contribute to the base line grid network. A gas power station, essentially giant gas turbine engines coupled to generators, is only 45% C.O.P. and that is degraded by transmission losses, and other factors. Less than a third of the calorific heat of the fuel reches the customer in most cases.

    The classic Keynsean “Multiplyer” factor, where a million Yen investment in production plant, feeds back say with a multiplyer of say 5 times as consuption in a virtuous feedback loop, with the added benefit of also promoting investment (80% consumption & 20% household savings model) leading to a regeneration of the original million Yen, is an optimum solution for Japan, invest strongly in existing Micro-CHP, and follow the virtuous feedback loop cycle.

    Playing musical chairs with balance sheet entries, creating mirage profits from property bubbles…etc. is a certain recipe for catastrophe. That is my opinion.

  6. kdt says:

    so they plan to run 70% of there generators at ……..what?150%+ of there intended service ratings? YIKES!!!!!! that won’t hold long. i would love to hear what an honest enginer who has had his hands on the swiches in question has to say about this plan!chaos will have its due, is all i can say

  7. What-me-worry? says:

    Tokyo and other Japanese cities could reduce their electricity consumption by 25 – 50% and no-one would notice much change IMHO.

  8. Mother Earth says:

    Jezus! Cut the crap! Japan, was hijacked by the carbon credit system. They believed their ‘debt’, that they could ‘work it off’. That’s not the fucking point of debt, it is intended to be permanent which is dead easy if you burn what you buy. The US said “Take these nuclear facilities and work you ugly ass off!!”. Mitshubishi and Mazda and other companies had slaves, they copied the German War economy remember. Guess who’s idea that was? That is what happened, Debt controlled Japan, it stil controls it until the gas gets shut down and the country is finally destroyed. It’s mainstream carbon credit compliance to talk about debts..

  9. Helter Skelter says:

    But ..but ..I thought Asia was the future
    Oh no…that’s just China…Japan are f***ed like the rest of us. Yeah because you see China has a Marxist totalitarian system that can utilize slave labour
    Oh.. I see

  10. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    @alastair carnegie, and I was given to understand that coal fired power stations are about 30%. Got a friend who has a stirling engine in his house, it produces 1 kilowatt of electricity while simultanously heating the house with the other 25 kW of heat produced by the gas burning – think it cost about £7000. An interesting electrical backup if the mains power supply fails. He’s also got PV solar on the roof, the 24 square metres of the 3.5kW package produces no more than about 2kW on a sunny day here in the UK. He also backs it all up with big lead acid batteries coupled with an inverter in case of a power cut.
    @death to the NWO, fukasima is a terrible thing for Japan, have been hearing more and more about mutated rabbits,stillborn calves etc, now its the birds is it, I guess radiation damage occurs first in shorter living animals because the cell division and generational length is shorter. does this kind of thing show up on people fairly late in the game, don’t our cells make copies of themselves roughly every 5 years, hence the mutated split single stranded DNA will take 10 or 15 years to truly show it’s dreadful hand of cancer and other more rare diseases.

  11. Bill says:

    ‎”[I]s the existence of a developmental ceiling created by technological advances flowing into the perceptual manipulation industry till it gobbles up through diversion and wealth destruction all economic growth.”. Julian Assange

  12. Bill says:

    “What really seems to separate blue-collar work from the professions is that the latter involves manipulation of human perception. The result being that long term success is more about how well you relate to other people than how well you can perform technically. There’s no simple performance metric for doctors, lawyers, academics or businessmen; these are professions of perception control and not only the first two prey on inducing hopes and fears.”. Julian Assange

  13. Disillusioned says:

    Very interesting interview Max. It seems to me that Japan has been saved from the abyss for more than 20 years because (even now) the lion’s share of its debt is held domestically, is denominated in Yen the amount of which is issued is solely under Japan’s control.

    This is completely different to Greece and all Eurozone members for which all debts are denominated in a foreign currency, the Euro.

    The paradox, which Chris alluded to, is that despite a vast array of problems, Japan is fighting a rising Yen, not a falling one. I agree with Chris that this may change at some point based on the (real) external rising cost of energy imports but I think Japan has one (perhaps socially unpalatable) option if this did occur with a vengeance; they can restart their Nuclear power plants, they are mothballed, not destroyed (well, except for one).

    The other point is that a falling Yen (relative to other currencies, not just commodities) would provide a massive Yen denominated income boost to Japan’s (huge) domestic economy, ameliorating the impact of rising external energy costs.

    So while I think Chris is right to note that Japan should be watched closely I’l not sure it’s the home of the next black swan – for that there’s a much more obvious source – the Eurozone which combined is the world’s largest economic unit.

  14. trooper dave says:

    It looks like, with the advance to endgame, it is uncertain that the first domino to fall will be small or huge. Japan collapse, huge domino, will take the world fiat systems down very quickly with it. Greece; or Portugal; or Ireland, small dominoes, any of these falling will very quickly take down the Euro zone(huge domino) which will lead to a follow on of the Japan collapse scenario.
    Dominoes!! or change the game to……. RISK…. ah, that great get out default to world war to achieve world domination. Now where are the dice!

  15. trooper dave says:

    The self destructive nature of systems is coming home to kill the chickens in their own hen house.
    The EU imposing oil sanctions on Iran which will do little if anything to Iran(not that Iran has done anything to warrant any such actions) but will probably cripple Italy, Spain and Greece. Governments saving zombie banks but this results in extinguishing any real production which ultimately makes banking superfluous. GM is pushed as the saviour of mankind but causes more starvation than plague up plague of locus. The whole world seems to have gone stupid mad as everything marries up with the concept “give your right arm to be ambidextrous, now”

  16. Tritone says:

    There is not going to be any Black Swan event anywhere anytime ever!
    If Japan or any other ( not axis of evil or third world) country
    needs any energy the military industrial complex will just shoot a rocket up your ass
    and help themselves to as much energy as the need, get it!

  17. Solipsist says:

    How much yen are saved by taking so much nuclear power (NP) off the grid? No one seems to be talking about the costs of NP?

  18. snoop diddy says:

    It is very concerning for those countries that cannot feed and power themselves.
    Self sufficiency is going to become a necessity.

    Here is a ZH with YT clip of Martenson interviewing Marc Faber.
    Good to see On The Edge sharing the limelight at the top of the webpage with KR too 🙂


  19. Bonn says:

    So Japan is in Trouble ?????
    Man its so very Confusing
    Steve Keen says Australya Housing Bubble
    Catharine and Celente says USA has a Housing Buble
    Now this Bloke Says Japan is in Trouble….
    there seems to be an Expert on every Country that says that Country is in the poo poo

    Hic 😉

  20. larry says:

    Max,Chris or anybody,
    Maybe someone can answer this question for me.
    What about the US treasury bonds that Japan owns?
    Can they cash those bonds to help their present situation?

  21. larry says:

    I’m having difficulty understanding that if you already know that a certain debt load can’t be paid, and is unsustainable and you have a bonds to sell, why wouldn’t you pursue this direction instead of the present policy of printing money.

  22. tsuki says:

    What effect will the legislation that just passed that requires utilities to buy renewables at above market rates? They are targeting solar to produce 28 gigawatts by 2020, and have included wind and thermal in legislation package.

  23. HongrySheep says:

    As Japan sells their holdings of u.s. treasury bonds, this will make the yen go up (stronger), which will make their exports more expensive FOR other countries to buy…thus very few sales…UNLESS Japan has unique items that others want REGARDLESS of price INCREASES…..wait for it……..
    Sex dolls robots??? Sunamabitch!!!! PHUCK!

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