On March 20, 2012 at 13:22:33, the quote rate in the ETF symbol SLV sustained a rate exceeding 75,000/sec

Nasdaq quotes even lagged their own trades — a condition we have jokingly referred to as fantaseconds.” Translation: so desperate was the desire to crush silver at precisely 13:22;33, that the Nasdaq order flow directive ended up moving faster than light.

18 comments on “On March 20, 2012 at 13:22:33, the quote rate in the ETF symbol SLV sustained a rate exceeding 75,000/sec
  1. Marc Authier says:

    It was never “free” market. One of the trillion of frauds these mass murderers commit. What’s fascinating about this is that nobody producing the silver, the miners and the countries depending on silver and gold, don’t denounce these bastards and sue them. The price has nothing to do with the real price in sum. It’s to think of it is a robbery. They are stealing the producers and the physical owners of the metal. These bankers should be arrested and exexuted for killing a vital industry like mining.

  2. Mini US says:

    Er, er ,er, Gary, er er, Gensl, er, er.

    Wh er e, a re, you???

  3. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    ”According to Rodriguez, “the number of Canadian Maple Leaf silver ounces and U.S. Silver Eagles exceeds the production of both Canada and the U.S. That’s just the retail market. There’s not enough silver to supply the demand even for the small investors who buy just two or three troy ounces of silver. Can you imagine what’s going on with the actual large investor base that’s investing in exchange-traded funds?” ”

    ”Over the long term gold cannot be managed or controlled. It’s the last investment standing when push comes to shove and silver is its lesser sidekick.”

  4. Astraea says:


    About Cheminade and the need to be rid of “The Empire of Finance.”

    Stacy and Max, thought you might like this, though perhaps you know about it all already.
    There is a lot of riveting stuff on Larouche website – and The Schiller Institute – VERY useful and important.

  5. bit chin says:

    I just wanted to say – Thanks Mr Bernanke, for ZIRP and QE; Thanks to those manipulators at the COMEX (Morgue and others) for giving us newbies great opportunities to buy silver at a low price adjusted for inflation.

    Hedge funds in the city are going to be changing their portfolio’s to match the falling price of PM’s. The price will go lower as the big corps dump the metals (they were only ETF’s in the first place and never actually existed – paper contracts) Pump and dump.


  6. Max Power says:

    Electronic trading should be rate limited to 10hz.

    During the 1929 US sharemarket crash, the stock tickers worked at 5hz.

    Trading faster than one can think has not worked well, and doing it faster just makes the GIGO problem worse.

    Note that 10hz is an IRIG standardized rate, and many NTP and related time devices can provide a 10pps service (from 1pps to 10000pps, per IRIG time transmission spec).

  7. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    I love a good Turd in the morning:)
    ”Remember that, post-MFG, much of the speculative buying has been forced out of the Comex. So, for rallies to develop, we need some combination of these three things to happen:
    1. Cartel short-covering.
    2. Cartel new long establishment.
    3. Large spec (hedgie algo WOPR) buying. ”

  8. Father Ice says:

    “Let them eat Algos!”

  9. John Robb says:

    Nice MORGAN dollar at 1min 30sec. My only old coins are two Morgans from the Carson City mint. Both are 1881 in honor of Billy the kid…

    I prefer the scene from the Pekinpah film where the Kristofferson Billy shoots Bob the deputy from a shotgun filled with silver dimes, but hey I’ve already posted that scene to this blog way too many times [oh, and I couldn’t find it just now].

    Morgan rocks! The hokey Matrix thang is silly but all too real. Anyone who’s given his children their first silver coins knows that the scene plays out just like that. Yup, then you watch Braveheart or Scott’s Robin Hood or…

    Stop Folding! Buy Silver!

  10. Marc Authie says:

    Kings used to burn from time to time bankers. It’s a shame that this tradition has been abandoned.

  11. trooper dave says:

    Great presentation.

    The PM market is run by crooks and policed by the same crooks, or friends of those crooks.
    The price is manipulated with algorithmic contracts on non-existent amounts of metal. These manipulated paper contracts are infinite in creation. As the contract becomes due the crooks can paper over the manipulation with paper fiat money, again this fiat is infinite in creation. As this process continues the crooks hope to shake out the physical holders of metal, and any physical metal will be held by the crooks until they corner the physical market. Then, hyperinflation! The PMs will rocket in value as the paper world is allowed to collapse.
    The ONLY way to protect your self is to own physical as the more physical removed from the crooks increases the instability of the fiat system papering over the corruption, faud and theft of the crooks. This instability will cause the crooks to destroy their own fraud fiat system in efforts to try to save it by rolling-it-over, print more, re-hypothicate, etc. Like a snow ball rolling down a hill, the system will require so much new re-covering of paper that it will collapse under its own crooked weight.

    Buy and hold
    DO NOT
    die and fold


  12. Steven Rowlandson says:

    Marc is onto something. The so called market as we know it is not free and the price of bullion should be but is not the exchange rate of total fiat divided by total unconsummed silver or gold bullion and coin. As it stands now the exact quantity and existance of bullion is an unknown as is the total fiat supply. This allowes the people behind the market to play games with the price and do as they please with the price as well as shutting out producers and owners from the price discovery process.
    Clearly this works to the disadvantage of producers and owners alike.

  13. Jackie O says:

    Clearly we live in the era of the psychopath as shown by the “serial killer” expression on
    Bernake’s face…….where were the fava beans Ron Paul?

  14. Uptick says:

    I love that Dr Paul pulled a silver round out his pocket ! Its one of those moments that I wont forget.

  15. Lochinvar says:

    Some nice Celtic tunes on this video. Appropriate for names like Morgan and Maloney. All we need now is for people to forget that the Bank of England was founded by a Scotsman….oops!

  16. Lochinvar says:

    They may take our wives, but they’ll never take ….our Silverrrrrrrrr!!!!

  17. Badsey says:

    Pretty good dip today and Friday maybe better. With the better data resolution you can see the truth more easily. –> SEC and CFTC may try to outlaw this high resolution trade data.

    Still stacking and seeing the corruption of fiat silver get worse does not surprise me. SLA has stayed true since day 1 and is stacking phyz.

  18. Dementia 5 says:

    The vampire sees the silver stake before him…..

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