Naked Russian protest women (without the nipples blocked out, thank you Germans)

10 comments on “Naked Russian protest women (without the nipples blocked out, thank you Germans)
  1. women should be topless protesting 24/7 … we need this kind of effective activism. lol

  2. Paddy says:

    any genuine anti-Putin protests lose credibility when you get the neocon think-tanks, the ‘exiles’ and the likes of the NED interfering in domestic Russian politics. They just can’t help themselves. Thus any MSM story on the elections will focus on ‘fraud’, ‘ballot stuffing’, etc….all the usual soundbites.

  3. Becky says:

    So I guess Max is a “Breast” Man ;^D

  4. gold bullet says:

    I’m sure Putin was scared shitless that some Soros-funded shills protested against him with their breasts out. 😆

  5. Stacy Lust says:

    Ah, my favorite insects: Boo Bees!

    Das nipples.

  6. swell says:

    Do FEMEN protesters ever not get man-handled?

  7. mezo says:

    I love nipples, but those femen protesters are phoney. When more money is spent by the elietes to stage fake protests than they are willing to share with suffering people or a dying planet I sure am glad I don’t have children. Say Yes to alien invasion.

  8. Marc Authier says:

    FEMEN should try the same stuff in United Slaves of America. They would be arrested and gang raped by the TSA retards and thugs. Well most probably by seing how these monkeys proceed with old ladies in wheel chairs and pregnant women at the airport.

  9. Danny Cunnington says:

    These allegations of vote fraud are really a bit lame. As you can see, you have an 100% paper ballot entered into a clear plastic ballot box. They also have 180,000 web cams monitoring all of these ballot boxes. There’s five candidates with very clear differences between them.

    Now, compare that level of transparency and political choice with the UK and US. Ironically, it’s Russia that setting the example of a democratic process.Think about an election in the US where the choice is Mitt Romney or Barry Obama. Then only vote with electronic Diebold voting machines long known to produce flawed counts.

    Putin’s support base is also strong in the provinces. It’s much harder to rig votes in the provinces than it is in the cities. NGOs only operate in cities. You only see these staged protests in cities. As soon as the regime change crews have an incumbent who has broad provincial support their efforts tend to fail. This was true in Iran (Green revolution) and also Moldova where the communists got in because of the rural vote.

    The claims when they lose are always the same. The vote must be rigged but how do you rig the votes of farmers? Basically it’s the NGOs that are committing fraud and subversion so they just accuse their opponents what they are doing themselves.

    In Moldova, after the communist got in, rampaging mobs violently attacked the parliament building alleging voter fraud. The thing was…… most of the rampaging mobs were from Romanian Moldova. This was Russian Moldova! They also all seemed to have very expensive smart phones of the same type and these are people for who a phone like this would cost them at least 2 months wages.

    I think what is happening now is that these colour revolutions just don’t work anymore. Countries were you have had this foreign financed subversion are: Serbia where it worked. Georgia where it worked Ukraine where it worked but has now failed. Myanmar were it failed. Tibet where it failed Iran where it failed. Russian Moldova where it failed and now Russia where it failed.

    It also failed in Egypt where the plan was to install globalist puppet El Bareidi. Several NGOs were arrested and have only just been released from their travel bans. (They immediately fled the country). They were only released because the US threatened to cut military aid if they weren’t. They have fallen back on the Muslim brotherhood who are basically an M16 asset and a terrorist group. This is the same Muslim brotherhood who tried to terrorise Syria into regime change back in 1982. They were finally defeated when they were routed in the city of Homs. Interestingly, the so-called Free Syrian army have just been routed from Homs in the last few days.

  10. Kevin Eshbach says:

    @Danny Cunnington

    You forgot to mention how the voting machines are easily hacked. Security expert Bruce Schneier has been trying to get the word out on this for years now.

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