Mafia Outmafia’d by Wall Street

11 comments on “Mafia Outmafia’d by Wall Street
  1. Uptick says:

    will jamie dimon sleep with fishes

  2. Dementia 5 says:

    Another lawywer!?

    Rick Santorum is another lawyer in politics.

    Why are there so many lawyers in politics you ask?

    Because, like lawyers, politicians are there to represent the interest of their clients. Their very wealthy clients.

  3. Dementia 5 says:

    In this episode, Stacy has a big hearth. 😉

  4. thepeacehappiness says:

    Apparently a Hedge Fund manager is going to JAIL for 11 years for INSIDER DEALING AND CONNECTIONS with GOLDMAN SACKS !!!

  5. Dementia 5 says:

    Just like the Roman Catholic church really. Give us your gold if you want to be saved and reserve your seat next to Jesus in the heavens.

    The church and the banks are all about the same techniques. Give us your goods and you’ll be saved.

    This is also the MO of EngLande’s highwaymen, also the MO of Hell’s Angels.

    It’s the criminal mindset, is what it is…

  6. Dementia 5 says:

    @thepeacehappiness: Thet made him scapegoat of the year because he’s hindu! lol

  7. thepeacehappiness says:

    @Dementia 5

    now its all making sense, there is a couple of of junior investment bankers that worked for that lived in my neighborhood, i read in the local people that they were recently convicted for insider dealing and were given 5 years jail – guess what they are Chinese.

  8. Alf says:

    “This is also the MO of EngLande’s highwaymen,”…
    I agree… but at least with Dick Turpin (notorious English highwayman)
    a person understood the fact they were being robbed because Dick had
    the decency to ware a mask, unlike the RCC and the bankers.

  9. BankThief says:

    Pirates Morgan v Cosa Nostra. Interesting battle.

  10. thepeacehappiness says:

    MUST SEE ! – President of Ireland calls some US right winder a WANKER WHIPPING UP FEAR !

  11. Dylan says:

    Cosa Nostra is simply the Sicilian faction of one global phenomenon – organised crime. J.P Morgan et al are the financial wing of the international mafia`s numbers racket.
    This is not merely some amusing analogy but the literal truth.
    They are and have always been one, virtually seamless, entity from top to bottom, from Quantitive easers to Counterfeiters, from King Makers to Finger Breakers.
    The history of the Sicilian mafia is a microcsom of the modus operandi of this global octopus.

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