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Stacy Summary: We DEFINITELY need a behind the scenes Keiser Report update in which I try to explain the latest to Max. Now how exactly will I introduce this video . . .

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  1. JonnyJames says:

    Is he a Mormon? He has that empty “brainwashed” look in his eyes and the 1950s haircut that many Mormons have. He wants to have nine more children?

    “Brown said Russell was acting very strange.” Not to sound like the grammar police, but “strangely” would be the proper adverbial form. Journalists don’t learn basic English grammar in school in ‘merka anymore it seems.

  2. Geek Boy says:

    It’s all very Patrick Swayze in Donnie Darko if you ask me.

  3. HUH? says:

    Wacky (no pun intended), pulling (again, no pun intended) a PeeWee Herman.

  4. Mark Lytle says:

    Wow. The Kony thing just gets wierder and wierder.

    Here is another oddball video, with lifted footage from Max Keiser that I’m pretty sure Max didn’t authorize…


    Filed under ‘wishful thinking’ department.

  5. Nak says:

    Jason Russell should have been invisible. Isn’t that consider murder by the Christian right?
    At least Pee Wee Herman had that decency to do it in an adult theater.

  6. gold bullet says:

    May God bless the little blond-haired, blue-eyed Christian jerk off that is calling for a military invasion of Uganda, probably in the name of God almighty, all the while conning the people who donate to his fraudulent ”humanitarian” organization.


  7. Nak says:

    Let him who is not rubbed one out cast the first stone.

  8. stacyherbert says:

    @JonnyJames – no, he’s hardcore Christian evangelical; mates with all the leaders of that pack

  9. Mother Earth says:

    Did Kony strike him with a curse?

  10. Mother Earth says:

    He must have been so disgusted with himself that this would not make much of a difference..

    He said “It’as all a scam, we’re selling t-shirts while Kony, made of flesh and blood, can continue his actions without any obstruction.”, so we took him to the hospital..

    If you want to get rich, sell bravery to cowards..

  11. Carlos says:

    Wow! So this is what an Obama pump and dump looks like? Can’t wait to see what hellish drug they will slip to those douchebags Jolie and Clooney when it comes time to cut them loose…

  12. JonnyJames says:

    Christian evangelical, makes sense. Funny you said this story was the “creepiest” a few days ago, now it is even more creepy.

  13. blindman says:

    virtual general butt naked .

  14. F. Beard says:

    no, he’s hardcore Christian evangelical; Stacy HERBERT

    Probably a Biblically ignorant one. I’ve been to just about every type of Christian Church but it was all wondering in the wilderness till I started to read the Bible seriously.

    So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:31-32 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

  15. Apocalypto says:


  16. Tamir says:

    Hello Stacy,

    Is it possible that you decided to adopt the “…update” from “American Insanity Update” and its variants…?
    I’m pround 🙂

  17. Tamir says:

    Hello Stacy,

    Is it possible that you decided to adopt the “…update” from “American Insanity Update” and its variants…?
    I’m flattered 🙂

  18. HUH? says:

    The video says it all: Fantastic drugs in San Diego.

  19. Alf says:

    I think this is the sickest of all the sick scams I’ve witness…Reminds me
    of some kind of corrupt corporate religion. They purposely targeted and deceived
    peoples basic humanity for each other to gain a selfish result for their paymasters.
    And these guys call themselves Christians, Satan would be proud of this one…
    but its sort of symptomatic of what’s happening in the U.S at the moment…just
    casual use and abuse of peoples lives without conscience or consequence.

  20. blindman says:

    so, did the guy lose his shit or find his shit?
    that is the thing about america; it is very difficult
    to be sure one way or the other. here is the other thing
    about this guy, he looks like different people everytime
    the camera captures his image. he may have multiple
    doppelgangers or be a multiganger? though his son always looks
    like the same kid, that is a good thing. i don’t know how this
    story could become more sensational, maybe angelina will adopt
    the kid? i have faith they will find a way.

  21. Al Kyder says:

    @ Tamir
    Nice catch 🙂

    @Mother Earth
    Did Kony strike him with a curse?
    Ha ! That would mean he will have to go to Africa and get a witch doctor to sacrifice a chicken for him and smear the blood all over him. He’ll burn for that.

    Mean while *********

    The Luck of the Irish: an Oil Boom for the Emerald Isle?

    Tears of Joy
    “The licenses we picked up off the west coast of Ireland, there was no competition,”…..
    …..Favorable Fiscal Regime
    O’Reilly explained that Ireland now has infrastructure in place, in terms of installed pipelines, that can take gas to the UK, while technology that is being deployed today is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was in the 1970s and 1980s.

    “So suddenly something in 300 meters (984 feet) of water, 175 kilometers (109 miles) off the west coast of Ireland that would maybe have been seen as a challenging operating environment is now sort of a doddle relatively speaking.”

  22. Robert Mockan says:

    Why is this news?

  23. blindman says:

    Police: Lack of 7-Eleven sausages sends Bridgeton woman into frenzy
    Published: Friday, March 16, 2012, 2:40 PM Updated: Friday, March 16, 2012, 6:21 PM
    BRIDGETON — A woman who was angry that 7-Eleven did not have any fully-heated sausages for her started attacking an employee and ultimately had to be pepper-sprayed, police said Friday.

  24. KaylaF says:

    See what happens when you give a crackhead a “Donation”? LOL but seriously this guy is
    FLYING!!!!! He is the highest person I have seen in at least 27 min. What is he on PCP?
    I know GOD is pretty good but damn Ill take some of that instead. Maybe he laced his Bible with PCP and smoked it? I want to twitch with him and double hand smack the sidewalk too. New dance move. Naked sidewalk smack.

  25. Bruce says:

    Robert Tilton would be proud.

  26. stacyherbert says:

    @Robert Mockan – why is this news??? This is the guy responsible for convincing tens of millions of Americans (including yourself) to contribute to a resource and imperial war; and the very day their evangelical poster boy was running around San Diego, here is the result of Jason Russell’s propaganda war, this tweet from the US Marine Corp:

    Joseph #Kony has met his match: Ugandan forces receive training from #Marines http://1.usa.gov/Ao1Skw

    The Ugandan army is accused of all sorts of human rights abuses, including rape and child soldiers; Museveni was ‘re-elected’ in a fraudulent election in February of last year and has resulted in the largest uprising of sub-Saharan Africa, the people of Uganda want to be free of his 26 year rule but that will be harder because thanks to the naked man masturbating in San Diego the American people have plead with their dear leader that military might and weapons should be sent to the tyrant Museveni.

    Russell is obviously deeply mentally disturbed with some sort of messianic complex mixed with a serious case of sexual repression of some sort or other; but these sorts often are the best salesmen. Tony Blair is another I can think of. You got duped and now Ugandans will pay.

  27. Kevin Eshbach says:

    TMZ has finally done something news worthy.

  28. Kevin Eshbach says:

    BTW Max and Stacy do you watch South Park? The latest episode totally goofed on the TSA.


  29. Blah blah says:

    That is some seriously wacked out footage, I just hope he isn’t demonstrating a new TSA self service cavity search.

  30. donk says:

    I’ve done some crazy stuff on acid, like crawling on the pavement because it was too wobbly to walk on. And gave up on drinking my pint of beer because it took about half an hour to chew through a quarter of it (I thought it turned into toffee). But most of the time I would end up looking like these chaps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-rWnQphPdQ

    But knocking one out in your birthday suit in public is like what Stacy says, some serious repressed emotion getting thrown out.

  31. Robert Mockan says:

    > Stacyherbert

    Russel was the lead editor of THIS You Tube video:
    in which he explains that social media if properly applied can change the rules about how society evolves, and how people no longer need by subservient to governments that do not have the best interests and well being of people in mind, but rather serve themselves at the expense of people. My question of “why is this news” was not just rhetorical, but was intended to focus on what I perceive to be a misunderstanding about Russel and what he talks about. This is what I posted at another web site about Russel the naked man incident.
    “When higher cognitive functions are internally or externally disrupted, behavior reverts to primal instincts. Chemically induced psychosis can be externally afflicted, can be temporary, and can leave one attempting to rationalize their unusual behavior as a result of stress. Medical evaluation should include the possibility that the individual was actually assaulted in that way.”

    Something is very wrong about this incident, in my opinion. I would hope there is an investigation about why it happened.

  32. blindman says:

    isn’t what we see in this video what we all,
    deep down, would like to do on any particular
    friday afternoon, seriously. exhaustion and dehydration
    can bring out the best as well as the most disturbing
    behaviour in people.
    yea, america’s new war strategy is to start war on all
    fronts, all at once, even at home and in dimensions
    only steven hawking can imagine. one might pay off,
    you never know, maybe in a soon to be discovered dimension?

  33. Robert Mockan says:

    > Stacyherbert
    By the way, you are in error to say that “..responsible for convincing tens of millions of Americans (including yourself) to contribute to a resource and imperial war..”

    No one has ever convinced me to make such a contribution to such.

    My perspective on such matters should be crystal clear when I comment, as I have often done…
    to say…


  34. blindman says:

    the guy is a cia multistage multiganger. the entire story is
    a version of a false flag mass mind control meme
    implant, like those clacks from the 70″s that made that
    sound and would explode after a while, or the hoola hoop.
    except this meme associates war profiteering and saving children
    from war in a ambiguous presentation that combines truth and
    lies, as in a dream, and ends in a sensational and masturbatory
    friday afternoon farce leaving the audience with empathetic exhaustion
    and concern for the children all over the world who may be terrorized
    by naked men pounding the curb and other things with their fists.
    obviously something must be done but i’ll be damned if even einstein
    could figure out what that something could possibly be. there, there
    is nothing to do but let the authorities handle this mess.
    just a guess.

  35. GW says:

    Did he Squirt?? – ha ha

  36. Robert Mockan says:

    > blindman

    Indeed! If self induced possibly the best or worse, but definitely the minds way of coping with an irrational world. It can be healthy to return to primal instincts for oneself, although not always for others who might be about. I’ve hiked in mountains and deserts, and when certain I would not affend others sometimes remove all my belongings and apparel, and securing my gear and clothes in a ravine or brush, will begin running in the desert in midday during the summer, until I’m miles away. I have carried just a canteen, slept alone on flat plains in windy dust storms, and the catherisis of returning to …sanity.. in a way, can help me endure more time in society. Perhaps Russel just had enough of the insanity, and for a short time wanted in his mind to be free of the trappings of our so called …civilization.

  37. Vonda Bra says:

    here is AJ, 1 hour ago …

    KONY 2012 Masturbation Meltdown

    it was an issue during his radio show today too ….
    he had a ugandan girl speak out ..

    related maybe ?

  38. donk says:


    Maybe some of the radioactive crap released from the recently shut down San Onofre Nuclear Generator Station got to his head. It’s only a few miles away. A new projoect for him perhaps, SONGS2012.

  39. Doug G. says:

    Very interesting times. This world is completely mad.

  40. blindman says:

    right. and from the report the police were very professional
    by not arresting him, they should always be so professional.
    but something seems weird about this story; not something but
    everything actually is weird about this story including the timing.
    all the world is a festival of stages and we just consumers and actors
    wondering where the writers and directors get their kool aide and if
    the stuff they serve to the rest at intermission is laced with cyanide.
    one thing to get naked out under the sky in solitude or among friends
    i guess but something else in the suburbs by the bus stop in the afternoon,
    pounding the curb for the camera after producing the most viewed video
    in the history of video viewing which just happens to call for military
    expansion into the african continent rich in resources coveted by a collapsing
    financial ponzi system. the story has the human elements but they all
    seem to be on steroids?
    M.I.A. Paper Planes. NWO wants to War and take your Money. 10th 9/11

  41. blindman says:

    @Doug G.
    “Very interesting times. This world is completely mad.”
    we of any time were not programmed to have infinite information
    assaulting us from infinite perspectives and infinitely modified.
    as you say it is completely mad. i blame al gore for attempting to
    take credit for it. but what can you do about it? where the sane option?

  42. kwazimota says:

    Alex is so texas dam.He knows these southern fifedoms were set up not unlike what our washington peckerheads want to do to the world .

  43. tsuki says:


    I found this today. It is a good synopsis. http://occupythe99percent.com/2012/03/the-kony-2012-scam-funded-by-chase-bank-big-oil/ This would interest Max. From the article:

    “JP Morgan Chase Bank
    Chase Bank contributed $1 million to Invisible Children to help them produce the KONY 2012 campaign, among other programs. AND JP Morgan Chase is also a major investmest banker of Tullow Oil.. That’s right, the oil company that needs US military help to pump oil out of Uganda.”

  44. WhatsItAllAboutAlphie says:

    They’re coming to take me away…Ho Ho Hee Hee Hahaa to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time.

  45. mishopshno says:

    @Doug G

    A Los Angeles woman killed herself with a chainsaw, police said Thursday.

  46. @Stacy,

    DON’T LAUGH …. that will be ME when silver hits $500

  47. Femto says:

    This SELF-SABOTAGE act, at the time where the Kony campaign momentum is maximum is more than perplexing.

    Perhaps he received some very convincing advice from the Powers that Be to act in that way, to discredite himself and the campaign.

    Its not so much that Kony may act in the interests of those powers, but I suspect strongly that THEY DON’T LIKE UNSCHEDULED POPULAR GLOBAL EVENTS like this one.

    Normally, such type of campaign are decided in the secrets of Bilderberg, CFR meetings for example.

    So my guess is the following. They told him : ” If you don’t ruin your image, we’ll be after you for the rest of your life”

  48. Al Kyder says:

    @ Robert Mochan
    My forst thought was his dealer was black and knew about all this, so sliped him some acid or something.

    Stacy’s su,ary of sexual repression is also evident. We have all been duped Robert Mochan how much of your precious time has now been wasted just commenting on the activities of these Bampots.

  49. AG Hoarder says:

    >So my guess is the following. They told him : ” If you don’t ruin your image, we’ll be after you for the rest of your life”

    Whatever the circumstance, coming off as mentally unstable is a way to get off the liability hook, like the insanity defense in court.

  50. JMD says:

    I think he must have snorted to much ‘Brown Brown’ when he was in Africa researching his movie.

  51. stacyherbert says:

    @General Rasta, SLA – LOL!

  52. aaah says:

    Now there is a yogurt karmakazee if there ever was one.
    (Or yoghurt kamikazee -both spellings are acceptable.)

  53. p'tite jaune says:

    @Mockan/ Y’all. If wanking is the mind’s preferred strategy for dealing with an ‘irrational world’, there’ll be very little cock left shortly! Maybe not such a bad thing in the end. I would be more worried about the three aircraft carriers sitting in the straits of Hormuz. As a metaphor for a ‘quick one off the wrist’ that pretty much takes the biscuit!!

  54. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    How’s this , Stace?
    Phony baloney Kony crony: ‘Invisible Child’ goes visibly wild.
    I’ll take my response off-air….

  55. What-me-worry? says:

    Sun’s activity – so who is next? My choices: Tony Blair wanking like a baboon inside a body scanner at Heathrow airport whilst speaking in tongues and George Dubbya Boosh eating himself with a sharp spoon in a Texas ChuckECheese. It’s all good.

  56. Becky says:

    Well, it’s all a bit sad – but I didn’t trust his “Campaign”. It is a pity how Africa can “sell itself out”. Please watch:-
    It is 18 minutes long… and I think one of the ladies is related to some people I know!!
    On a serious note – I guess it depends on who people donate to should they chose to do so.

  57. Becky says:

    So sorry, try:-


    It is CAFWA. Community Action Fund for Women in Africa.

  58. Wahrheit says:

    The guy’s probably another banker that went crazy.

  59. What-me-worry? says:

    “Best Piece of Propaganda We’ve Ever Made”.


  60. John Russell says:

    Looks like absinthe and mushrooms to me.

  61. H.Lang says:

    @ donk

    No, dear you’ve fallen into a trap of the UK Secret Service. They put out the lie that the servicemen are British Soldiers on LSD to camouflage, that those soldiers just heard the funniest joke in the world (lethal), without dying of laughter, having been fed a secret (British) antidote beforehand. That was before the UN Human Rights Council voted to outlaw the cruel Joke-Warfare.
    See here for details:

  62. H.Lang says:

    @ Stacy Herbert

    >why is this news??? This is the guy responsible for convincing tens of millions of
    >Americans (including yourself) to contribute to a resource and imperial war;

    Why don’t you call him what he is?

    A CIA-Asset.
    Or rather a CIA-Asset gone bonkers.

  63. donk says:

    @ H.Lang I always wondered what the uncontrolable laughter was all about………damn.

  64. Al Kyder says:

    @ H.Lang

    Why don’t you call him what he is?

    A CIA-Asset.
    Or rather a CIA-Asset gone bonkers.

    Because dipping ones toe into the waters of nut job CIA conspiracy theories always carries more weight when a poster like yourself takes the opportunity to blur the lines between fantasy and reality H.Lang

  65. blindman says:

    after some consideration i think this video was designed
    and intended for the international audience, specifically the
    african audience. the american audience wasn’t supposed to
    see this but there is no way to stop it so it went global. also,
    the american audience could care less about anything so it makes
    no difference what they may or may not see in the media on the level
    of communication of this message . now, back to your regular programming..

  66. blindman says:

    did someone say” nut job cia conspiracy theories”?
    that is funny but not in a ha-ha funny way.
    “We Are This Far From A Turnkey Totalitarian State” – Big Brother Goes Live September 2013
    if you’re ever in the area just keep driving, nothing to see here.

  67. Robert Mockan says:

    Everything I have studied about Russell and the other people who started Invisible Children indicate they had good intentions, but their efforts were co-opted and they were all conned by the insane oligarchs psy-ops program to justify invading Africa. Russell may have had a breaksown, but I’d bet bottom dollar he was slipped a micky of something that resulted in his behavior. Why? So that he would be unable to ever mount an exposure of the people who destroyed the original reason Invisible Children was formed. That reason, years ago, was to actually help them. All the policy makers who looked him in the eye and agreed to help him… he knows now they lied to him face to face. The celebrities who promote the Invisible Children organization may still think they are doing good, instead of also being used, but sooner now they should realize their error.
    AJ said this is all so sick. Too true. But this is the sort of thing the insane oligarchs do.

  68. Robert Mockan says:

    If Russell is the kind of person he has portrayed himself to be over the years, he should be on suicide watch. Because the betrayel against him by the insane oligarch followers is almost beyond belief. If he is only not going through the full realization of how his credibility, and the promises he made to his friends in Africa, was destroyed to serve the interests of the insane, the emotional pain must be enormous.

  69. Chris says:

    ‘BONY 2012’

    ok, I copied that from DrudgeReport.com but it is still funny.

  70. steveosilver says:

    Remember see everything believe nothing.

    Here is the so called full length video, lol.
    please mute the music, i will not subject you to that.


    IT has not rained in a month until today, and i do not see cali plates on those vehicles.
    Those look like foreign cars, this is cali?
    most cars here are yotas even in this so called barrio.

    And Robert you need to get out more, even not spock needs his fung shwey rubbed out once a week, unless you need dem boner pills, jk.

    love and gratitude

  71. Robert Mockan says:

    > steveosilver

    What can one say? Advice noted, but
    at my age I walk where I used to run, and the skirts keep getting away.

  72. H.Lang says:

    @ Al Kyder

    >Because dipping ones toe into the waters of nut job CIA conspiracy theories always
    >carries more weight when a poster like yourself takes the opportunity to blur the lines
    >between fantasy and reality
    The more I read it, the less this sentence makes sense…

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