Gloria Allred sent a letter to the Palm Beach County Attorney’s Office saying an obscure defamation statute should be used against Rush Limbaugh.

12 comments on “Gloria Allred sent a letter to the Palm Beach County Attorney’s Office saying an obscure defamation statute should be used against Rush Limbaugh.
  1. Carlos says:

    WOW! Goodbye freedom of speech. Who will have the burden of proof in this? Will Jabba have to prove that she is indeed a slut? How does one define a slut legally??

  2. swell says:

    I reported to two prominent men’s magazine publishers, some years back, that Jimmy Swaggart had preached to his flock, “The Devil is a living flesh-and-blood human being, you must kill the Devil!”

    The following Sunday, Swaggart then named the two mens magazine publishers, by name, and told his followers that they were the Devil. If a viewer had missed either weekends exhortations, they would not be aware of Swaggart’s two-part combined stochastic terror directive.

    If Rush Limbaugh is to be faulted for calling a women a slut, it should probably be remembered that Alex Jones regularly characterized women as sluts and whores, as a veritable mainstay, for many years.

  3. swell says:

    Santorum, (in the Counterpunch essay), identifies sex as our most basic primal instinct. Freud identified sexual repression as the seat of mankind’s many deeply-rooted problems. Nietzsche identified sex, (morals), as the fundamental manipulation device, by would-be controllers of society. Robert Ardrey threw a wild card into the mix, in the late 20th Century, when he posited that perhaps territory, might in fact itself, be even a baser instinct than sex. Jury’s still out on that.

  4. Mark says:

    I agree with Gloria,

    There was no reason for Rush Limbaugh to do what he did. What is he doing? Running out of things to report on? Just when you think you can begin listening to that bleeding mouthed idiot and pill popping bozo, he turns around and kicks himself in the ass.

    Rush pushed his limits a little too far, this time. I have to wonder whether he is out sleeping with other women, or something. ?? How can he make the determination that that woman was a “Slut” or a “Prostitute”? It’s very simple, he can’t make that determination and if he believes that some of the sponsors of that radio syndicate can’t make a financial impact on his radio show, he is absolutely wrong. It depends on how he gets paid, of course. I know one thing right now ~ I don’t care how popular that guy is he should have been terminated. If he believes he’s that bright than perhaps he can prove it through viable writing and education.

    Good for Gloria to challenge that prick, and good for the rock group, “Rush” for warning him (the fake RUSH) to take their music off of his reporting show due to their stance that they don’t want to be involved with political interests.

    Perhaps Limbaugh might want to have a panel of some sort that he runs his rhetoric by before he spews crap like he said about that gal from Georgetown over the airwaves. After all, Rush Limbaugh’s marriage record isn’t that impressive. Nor is his intellect.

    Time to move on. . .


  5. Mary Genoud says:

    Laws against maliciousness and slander to reputation are on the books of every country including Switzerland.

  6. WiseCaveOwl says:

    How about: college grad with a degree in “gender studies” (read: campus lesbian network) who thinks society should pay for her sex toys. As for neo-con Limbaugh and Bolshevik lawyer Allred, they deserve each other.

  7. tsuki says:

    This is Florida, folks, the ZERO-Tolerance state. You can get thrown in jail for any and all drug related issues, except if you are Rush Limbaugh with hundreds of pills in your possession. Then, the law defaults to IOKIYAR.

  8. BankThief says:

    Rush should incorporate his compnay in Israel or convert to Judaesim and then use the US Anti-Boycott law to have all this detractors put in prison/fined.

  9. Chris kraft says:

    This is what amounts to simple name calling . If Rush is trouble for calling somebody names , then the rediculous litigious country of America is plumbing new lows . This is basically outlawing being a jerk , something we are all guilty of at times . No wonder America is choking on its own lawsuit happy crowd

  10. Apocalypto says:

    Hey Mark, should Allred also go after Bil Maher for calling Palin a cunt?

    Why don’t Americans just litigate the shit out of each other until there’s no one left in that country but lawyers and the rest of the population is doing time?

    Be careful. Something you post on the Internet may get YOU in Allred’s sights one day.

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