Colbert: Limbaugh slips pills to women to have sex


15 comments on “Colbert: Limbaugh slips pills to women to have sex
  1. peejoBOODLY says:

    Jesus, what a fucking piece of shit Rush is.

  2. tsuki says:

    At least she doesn’t have to travel to the Dominican Republic with her doctor’s viagra to have sex. I wonder who paid for that bottle of viagra?

  3. F. Beard says:

    Has Limbaugh ever taken on the bankers? I don’t know cause I quit listening years ago.

  4. Nak says:

    Just another Bread and Circus topic to keep the people’s attention away from the real issues and I really try hard to avoid all these nonsense topics. Rush is a first class jerk, but when people disclose their private escapades of their lives public they deserve what the get.

  5. Jesse says:

    It is fairly obvious that Limbaugh is a crass pig.

    That in and of itself is not big news. Radio personality shock jocks are paid for that.

    What is shocking is that some people consider him an intellectual, and follow his infantile thoughts. And that is truly pathetic.


    Classic addiction rant!

  7. James says:

    For those whom Viacom(?) deem unworthy of watching this clip because of your location, if you use firefox you can install this:

    How to here

    The plugin worked for me on FF 11.0 which the page says it doesn’t support


  8. JonnyJames says:

    Why could anybody ever listen to that bloviating fat fuck? In plain English, the dude is a first class asshole. He is paid millions to spew hate, support his oligarch paymasters and misinform. He is likely the most well-paid propaganda artist in the world. Like I said yesterday, let loose the rope on this asshole.

  9. daddy warbucks says:

    Rush’s audience has been steadily growing for a good reason and will continue to grow, for the same reason that The New York Times and CNN are failing. This is obvioulsy a coordinated, high level/big bucks left wing attack, (again) it won’t work (again). There are plenty (actually a growing conservative) list of companies that would love to replace the wimps.

  10. daddy warbucks says:

    The majority of Rush bashers are text book ‘follow the crowd’ group repeaters that Marx types and Mao types routinely used (useful idiots) and have never even listened to the program for more than five minutes. I have heard time after time from liberals that rolled up their windows, afraid somebody walking by would hear, in shopping center parking lots to finally listen for themselves as to what this guy is all about only to discover a profound truth about themselves.

  11. Happy Dick says:

    Very good … Look up **”Dick with Ears”** and you will find the picture of Limbaugh.

    What a fukcin bemused media whore!!

  12. TomJones says:


    “The majority of Rush bashers are text book ‘follow the crowd’ group repeaters.”

    This coming from a self avowed ditto head. Stop projecting…especially your own misogyny onto others.

  13. JonnyJames says:

    Why are you hang around here if you are a fan of Limbaugh’s? Limbaugh has nothing to do with so-called left/right or conservative/liberal politics. (those terms are anacrhonistic and innacurate). He represents the interests of the bankster/corporate oligarchy status quo. He is a globalist authoritarian chickenhawk coward enemy of liberty. If you want to listen to a ranting radio host, Alex Jones is far better. (although he gets on my nerves)

  14. JonnyJames says:

    Why are the biggest warmongers the most cowardly, bedwetting mama’s boys? Fat fucks like Limbaugh would piss their pants and cry if they were ever confronted with physical threats and violence. My old dad would kick his ass up and down the street, and he is older than Limbaugh.

    It seems to compensate for their physical and intellectual shortcomings they have to become a wannabe “tough guy” from the safety of their recliner in front of the TV.

  15. Eric says:

    What ??? Rush is way wrong. Fluke is engaged in the profession that predates the oldest profession – ripping-off other people for a free ride, a.k.a. theft-politics-lobying.
    Next to her, prostitution is way more honorable, at least you get something in exchange.

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