Banker-buster bomb: Irish light the fuse!

31 comments on “Banker-buster bomb: Irish light the fuse!
  1. MirrorMirror says:

    Just BTW …

    Seems like Goldman Sachs has now 5% of Commerzbank :

    Seems they are looking for “voting rights”

    @Wolferl …. I guess you just love that ! 😆

  2. H.Lang says:

    Oh Stacy, you’ll make no headway, if you caption this Irish movement with a (subconscious?) allusion to England’s WW2 “Dam-Buster-Bombs”. The Irish
    don’t go for that. They had too much of British “liberation”.
    If you want to appear as warmhearted progressive spearheads of a movement
    that lead the downtrodden nations to a radiating future you have to use metaphors
    pertinent to the respective, in this case Irish, history like

    Irish deny Trevelyan their corn.
    Second Irish Easter Rising on the way.

    Get the gist?

    My pleasure!

  3. flicks says:

    Turkish people don’t give a gram of gold to your govt ! Irish people use your money to buy silver and/or gold, then tax your govt for fucking up big time. In fact every human in the western world should make out an invoice for fucking us over by failing to go after the criminal banksters. Fine your fuck-over governments.

  4. A Gardener says:

    I hope they refuse to pay this so called “tax”
    Tell the Irish to use this tax money to go out and buy physical silver.

  5. @Max,

    we’ve already got BANKER buster bombs ….. they’re called GOLD and SILVER

    light the fuse ….RISE UP !!

  6. F. Beard says:

    we’ve already got BANKER buster bombs ….. they’re called GOLD and SILVER General Pasta, SLA

    Gold is a previous tool for enslavement by bankers. Silver could likewise be used as one.

    Liberty in private money creation is the true banker buster bomb, not scarce, easily cornered metals.

  7. Doing ronron's job says:

    Nice shirt, Stacy. Like the horizontal stripes. Hair very nice too.

    Max, you have a lot of white spots on your tie.

  8. flicks says:

    Sun’s out and warm; had a great day painting F Beard doing ronron’s job – a Beadsley drawing for you which is how gold was today – ‘big and up’ :

  9. meander says:

    It is well known in Ireland that within a year or two this 100 Euro tax will be hiked up to 1500 Euro, none of it will be spent on public services, this 100 euro intro deal is just to establish a database so our corrupt mediocracy of a goverment ( see the ongoing Dirty bertygate) will know who to rob. They are trying to get all the turkeys to form a nice orderly que to vote for christmas

  10. Doing ronron's job says:

    I never found genitalia attractive; they should be covered with hair.

    Oh wait! They are!

  11. Flopot says:


    Aye, Trevelyan was a right bastard. He basically said “let the Irish die” and methinks he received an award from the British government for his “work” during the Irish famine. Mindboggling. A bit like the Queen pinning medals on the Paratroopers who murdered the civilians on Bloody Sunday.

  12. Wolferl says:

    @ Mirror

    Well, guess i´m gonna sell all my Coba shares to Goldman when they are up 100 %. 🙂

  13. Doing ronron's job says:


    In a border dispute between Ireland and Finland which side would you be on?

  14. stacyherbert says:

    @Doing ronron’s job -I grew up a Finn but became an Irishwoman; don’t tell the Finns though. They’ll be real pissed off with me (though, to tell you the truth, you won’t be able to tell whether they’re angry, happy or just depressed).

  15. What-me-worry? says:

    Greece will take care of Ireland – trojan horse dooms Germany:

    Never forget…………………..

  16. ronron says:

    @Beardo. i’ve seen those shirts a hundred times, plus Tracy lay,d me off of that job.

  17. Wolferl says:

    But, but, Stacy, these guys are definitely happy, don´t you think? 😉

  18. H.L says:

    @ What-me-worry?
    “This is a plot that the Greeks have had for 60 years to fight the Germans and their Chinese allies”

    “We saved the world from the German nazi snow monkey schnitzelface.”

    “We are going to fight with this, this time, the superior Greek brain. We use reverse psychology with the genius Greek brain.” “We are going to save Europe from the German empire trying to rise again. Genius, genius. How we are going to do that? Bankrupt them.
    LOL! Exact historical description

  19. H.Lang says:

    @ What-me-worry?
    Thanks, this guy is hilarious.


  20. gussy says:

    I wouldn’t count on us Paddy’s doin’ anything too soon, the Mahon tribunal which was set up to look at corrupt payments to politicians have just returned their report which spanned 14yrs and took 250 million quid. Their findings, SYSTEMIC CORRUPTION top to bottom, inside and out. The publics response… nuffink, nada, null, nil, zero, zilch, sweet f.a.
    One of the things that struck me most about the report was how these highly paid politicians (our politicians are some of the highest paid inthe world, I kid ye not) sold out for mere buttons, utterly shameful.
    Another thought was if indeed our political structure is systemically corrupt, then surely our blanket quarantee for the banks beocmes null and void, this I’m afraid is being overlooked by our mainstream media who appear more interested in the celebrity/scandal aspect of the story.

  21. Geek Boy says:

    I’ll be in the Emmental in 3 weeks for a couple weeks – if you’re in the area…
    PS. Don’t turn out to be a psycho 😀

  22. HRH Gearoid says:

    CuntyBollix sums this up perfectly, Gussy. As I have said here before, the Irish are are cowardly bunch, gutless fuckers in fact, cannot be trusted, we would cut your throat for the coat on your back, and btw SILVER delivered from outside Ireland is subject to VAT at 23%, ffs dont buy silver in Ireland,Get one of your relatives to buy it for you in the USA (THEY WILL PROBABLY ROB IT OFF YOU THO, being the thieving corrupt cunts we are) Gold is VAT FREE. oh btw, Im Irish, the Irish are a crowd of subservient cunts, always were, they love a lord! Fucking adore Lords. Finally that household charge? it will be paid by the majority, wait and see. I wont be paying it, but the cuntplebs will

  23. Al Kyder says:

    Quis panee stacyherbertti

    Minä tykätä LOLZ CNN Soumi 😉

    Hyvää viikonloppua!

  24. Danny Cunnington says:

    @HRH Geariod, Irish people can buy silver coins in any other EU country and pay the sales tax there. Ireland cannot claim taxes because of an EU, secondary taxation agreement. I think the lowest sales taxes are in Germany at 7% unless that has changed. It used to be Holland at 6% but they stealthily changed it to 19% on new years day 2011.

    The 23% tax isn’t actually legal. It’s a result of the Irish government refusing to clarify it’s tax rates to Irish coin dealers. This in turn forces the dealers to charge the higher rate by default because the government may claim 23%. (The tax rate for collectable silver coins is a government secret). This is the sort of things that happen when a potato people fail to recognise the traitors in charge are stooges of a neo-imperial agenda.

  25. Blow_In says:


    So the Mahon tribunal tribunal found out what everybody already knows. It’s darn hard to rail against corruption when your cousin, brother in law, friend or yourself is corrupt. Almost everybody knew and knows what was and still is going on.

    But that’s the way it is. A tax revolt is a way of harnessing the people’s power to do nothing.

  26. Wolferl says:

    @ Geek boy

    Most likely i´ll be in Bern in late April for a few days. If you like we can have a coffee at Cafe Federal at the Bundesplatz, where the Swiss gold is living in the ground. 😉

  27. Paddy says:

    totally agree with the above posters. 85% havent paid yet but thats not really cos everyone is “fighting the man” (although many are angry, its true)…but it’s mostly cos we’re too lazy & feckless to do so right up till the last minute. If you go to any big sporting event in this country, the stadium will be half empty close to kick-off cos everyones finishing up at the pub and ‘shur theres no rush’.

    sorry for sounding like a self-loathing Irishman but that’s only because I’m dismayed at the general lack of backbone amongst my fellow countrymen/women.

  28. HRH Gearoid says:

    Danny, if you buy In Holland and pay the tax in Holland, say 6%, the silver will be delivered with a charge of approx 17% extra from Irish revenue. You would have to be insane to buy Silver in Ireland. I have silver, Like I said, get one of your relatives in USA to send a mix of approx 10 coins, Lakota, Canadian Maple, American Eagle etc put it in a little framed photo. mark as “coins of the Americas” and Happy 5th Birthday card for wee Paddy.

    Did ye see that? what did I tell ye? we are totally corrupt! Ireland is an Island of Corrupt anarchists, The Germans call the Brits “Insellaffe” (Island Monkeys) they refer to us as the same but we are deemed to be a less violent , corrupt Island Monkeys

    And those very same quite Monkeys are lining up to pay the Household charge

  29. H.Lang says:

    @ HRH Gearoid
    Irish inselaffen? That’s a new one to me, never ever heard it.
    But congrats, you coined it.
    Even the “English inselaffen” was a last minute contingency surrogate
    for a slur that came up in the 80ies when people realised they didn’t
    have a pejorative for British. Hardly anybody uses it and its not
    considered funny.

  30. Geek Boy says:

    Sounds good man – I can’t promise anything right now as I’ll be working and don’t know specific hours – but if you can drop me an email address or phone number somehow, I’ll let you know. Alles gute.

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