A SWIFT Kick To The Pistachios: CBS and Jim Sinclair cover what happens when SWIFT cuts off Iran

Jim Sinclair talks about why cutting Iran off SWIFT represents a huge escalation in the ‘currency wars’ (that have replaced ground and air invasions as the primary way countries go to war). In preparation, more countries are engaged in currency swaps and are now bartering with gold. As a result, Gold is getting nearer to the center of the global banking system (contradicting the recent Bernanke rhetoric). America’s cutting off Iran from SWIFT (deleting their country code, due to take effect next month), will send a powerful signal globally that the banking system is not only unstable but prone to unilateral reconfigurations by the US to serve it’s foreign policy.

26 comments on “A SWIFT Kick To The Pistachios: CBS and Jim Sinclair cover what happens when SWIFT cuts off Iran
  1. Mother Earth says:

    Swift blockade is not a confiscation, it is actually a gift to Iran and a necessary precaution to avoid inflation as the oil supply is no longer in balance with liquidity. See how those terms are related? Not a coincidence..

  2. MirrorMirror says:

    Maybe they should introduce a new Freight Term .

    Instead of COD … GOD ! 😆

    ( Cash on Delivery / Gold on Delivery )

  3. flicks says:

    Yes that’s one of the better interviews. The problem with KWN speakers comes when they predict a move to the upside – mostly it serves as a signal to manipulate down like Ron Paul waving his silver in front of Ben Bernanke – dont give amo to your opponent.

  4. bleep says:

    Agree with flicks; mean interview!

  5. AG Hoarder says:

    I would post this elsewhere but kingworldnews reputation is mud, the horrible website design doesn’t help either, nor his speaking style and voice.

  6. trooper dave says:

    All that goes on in the world shows that it is not that sophisticated. It is run by different groups of bullies who spit and kick at each other for topdog in the playground. (a union forces a backdown by a government and years later a government smashes that union out of spite). In all our time as sentient dominant species on this planet our only superiority is thumbs and co-operation. These power hungry elite so easily put a knife in the back of co-operation, they should cut off their thumbs so they wear a mark of selfish destruction.

  7. Keehotee says:

    Someday all economies will be hyper-local, based upon giving – friendship will be the ultimate currency. Psychos will be easily identified and will be isolated in soul healing institutions.

  8. Bonn says:

    I dunno why they so obsessed with Starting this War
    Numbnuts !!!!

  9. SilverPorno says:


    “First-class stamp prices will increase from 46p to 60p and second class from 36p to 50p from April 30, Royal Mail says.”

    That’s a 39% and 30% rise!


  10. MirrorMirror says:

    GERMANY / SWIFT : Dirk Müller makes a very good point :

    Dirk Müller zum ESM, EFSF und SWIFT 27.03.2012 cashkurs.com Tagesausblick – die Bananenrepublik


    Apart from saying that Politicians are lying about the ESM ( and is more than furious about it ) , he mentions SWIFT. He says of course , that the US now having complete access to all European SWIFT payments means it is very easy for them to see what companies are paying … such as their pricing on goods moving across international borders.
    i.e. making industrial espionage much easier … for them.


  11. WatchOut says:

    It’s all in the common good…. until they do it to you! How can anyone trust electronic money? If you don’t hold it you don’t own it.

  12. scandi says:

    one simple solution for Iran would be making its transfers in Bitcoin =) thus giving the banksters the digital middle finger

  13. Nak says:

    CBS, Iran will be forced to pay cash for their purchases. More like if you need Iranian oil then you will need to meet Iran’s term. The West has just cut off their noses to spite their faces.

  14. Bruce says:

    This segggggmunntttt is sponsoooooored byyyy Tanzaaaaniaaaan Rooooohhhhyaltyyyyy Explorrrrationnnnnnnnnn.

    It really does sound like the WW3 ingredients are being made. More and more I feel it, which means we all will be affected if we aren’t already.

    They want us dead.

  15. Dementia 5 says:

    This SWIFT action now shows the world that the bankers are the new dictators.

    One very compelling argument for BUYING MORE SILVER.

  16. Dementia 5 says:

    I got a letter from from TD Canada Trust yesterday telling me that I am no longer allowed to send money to Iran, Syria, etc. I got the letter because I have a small chequing account with them.

    The dictat is all printed in uppercase letters.

  17. Jon Matonis says:

    Great Sinclair interview. I also covered this on a Forbes post this morning:
    The Payments Network As Economic Weapon

  18. DaveLight says:

    @Bruce – “they want us dead”. I empathise with your feeling and have felt that myself at times. But what is the logic of that? If the PTB/Bankers want us dead, who will make their toast in the morning, or park their car – or in fact make their cars and jets and fine wine? So I question the “dead” theory. Can you explain? I think if we were all dead, they would miss us. But in truth, the SWIFT move wasn’t too “swift”, unless you are a corrupt politician or banker that is hell bent on destroying the US which just doesn’t make sense. But then again, not much that these guys do makes sense! Bastards, all of them. IMHO.
    Peace and Light!

  19. Palantír says:

    But how can America delete Iran from having banking transactions with nations that do not agree to the sanctions, that do want to stay neutral in this US/Iran battle?
    Aren’t America in effect blocking those nations as well? (preventing trade with Iran directly from and to neutral or friendly nations)

  20. Eric says:

    Someday all economies will be hyper-local, based upon giving – friendship will be the ultimate currency. Psychos will be easily identified and will be isolated in soul healing institutions.

    You mean go back to the days when a man’s word is his bond, a deal is sealed with a handshake, gold was currency. Sociopaths get strung up on the nearest tree, tossed into bottomless pits or quietly buried in the end-zone. That was normal, what we have now is not normal.

  21. Danny Cunnington says:

    @Jon Matonis, Nice article. IMHO: “What on earth were they thinking? If you close a system of transfer on such a basis you only invite alternative systems to set up. It’s much easier these days to do this then it was when SWIFT started.

    I see you write for Forbes. You surely must of heard of Ben Fulford?

  22. What-me-worry? says:

    Like the Persians (and all other dissenters) can’t mimic $wift, lol

  23. alan says:

    This sends a message to the rest of the world. Develope your own diverse systems for international trade. The USA is the godfather who’s time has come.

  24. Jayme says:

    “Too stupid to be stupid.”

  25. Marc says:

    High time for bitcoin or something similar !!

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