The Orifice of Omaha

A disgusted Barry @Ritholtz: “I may have to sell my BRK stock today: Buffett: Banks Victimized by Excesses of Ousted Homeowners”

5 comments on “The Orifice of Omaha
  1. giles says:

    Buffett said in October 2010 that Wall Street helps society through finance, while its bets may do harm, “like a church that’s running raffles on the weekend.”

    holy shit


  2. gold bullet says:

    So in fact the banks are the victims and not the defrauded homeowners who have lost homes due to fraud committed by the banks?!

    HOLY SHIT does this guy have no shame!

  3. Sleep Well Silver says:

    Fair play sucks Warren and how do you like it. They are the same people that your company was glad to give no dock loans to right?

  4. Norm Herbert says:

    Yeah Barry you MAY have to!

  5. SAO says:

    Stuff it Buffett.

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