On the Edge with Dmitry Orlov

Max interviews Dmitry Orlov.

18 comments on “On the Edge with Dmitry Orlov
  1. MirrorMirror says:

    Great interview & guest … Thx

  2. bleep says:

    Orlov is a quality dude. Interesting that he differs from other peak oil thinkers in that he believes the descent will not be gradual, but rather a step function (i.e. off a cliff) as society is making scant preperation for the future, and things will keep working, until they don’t.

    His latest blog post on fortune is brilliant, imo.


  3. flicks says:

    Trading pork belly politicians’
    ‘The quality of the food people eat’

  4. Juan Moment says:

    Intelligent interview, thanx Max & Dimitry.

  5. snoop diddy says:

    I wish these On The Edge interviews got more exposure, even on your site Max, they seem to slip under the radar sometimes as the Keiser Report gets top billing.
    Thanks for the great interview with Dmitri, always worth a listen to.

  6. matt says:

    VERY GOOD INTERVIEW!!! One of the best I have seen. He doesn’t mince words! Have him on again.

  7. Frans says:

    I agree with all other reactions: SUPER DUPER intererview and ditto guest!!!
    One of the few times I saw a glimpse of Max clearly impressed at a moment, and generally enjoying the conversation a lot!
    Have him on soon again!!

  8. sam says:

    Dmitry is nothing short of brilliant. No other blog applies more to the day to day lives of everyday people. For all the political and economic blogs telling us how ‘this’ and ‘that’ need to be done to make our lives better or fix problems Dmitry’s blog tells you the truth. That nothing is going to be done until it is too late but don’t worry, it will be ok if you have the right mind-set.

    I’ve been reading/watching his blogs and videos for a couple of years, if anything it keeps you sane while everyone around you is going mad with stress at losing their money.

  9. tellitlikeitis says:

    I had to laugh when Max asked Dmitri about Massachusetts and in particular, Cambridge. Most people in Mass are so busy trying to make ends meet that they barely have time to grasp the dire nature of the country’s economy. Many people do grasp it, but they have lived in the “suck up” state for so long they cannot imagine Mass falling completely. As for Cambridge, home of that “esteemed” institution… On the surface, that city sings the song of communist principles, which are apparent every where and most especially in the schools. The city is teeming with pond scum in every sector of local government and when the music stops, it is the last place anyone would want to be. The social classes in Cambridge range from throngs of homeless to elite wealth and I am certain that this disparity will fuel a good deal of rage, especially when or if social assistance dries up.

  10. daddy warbucks says:

    LOL >Massachusetts fail

  11. daddy warbucks says:

    Massachusetts – home of BARNEY FRANKS AND JOHN KERRY???
    TAXachusetts???? as it’s well known across the USA
    WORST (behind NYC) for denying their citizens their Constitutional right to own a gun and protect themselves from ILLEGAL gun owners
    Liberal/progressive politicians hurtling the state into poverty, manufacturing fleeing, wealthy fleeing???

  12. It appears that my last comment was just too close to “The Edge”….It was I think, constructive and courteous, but also dynamite information!

  13. learning2 says:

    from: http://www.sott.net/articles/show/241478-Officer-Accuses-U-S-Military-of-Vast-Afghan-Deception

    “As I will explain in the following pages I have personally observed or physically participated in programs for at least the last 15 years in which the Army’s senior leaders have either “stretched the truth” or knowingly deceived the US Congress and American public,” Davis explains in his introduction.

    “What I witnessed in my most recently concluded 12 month deployment to Afghanistan has seen that deception reach an intolerable low. I will provide a very brief summary of the open source information that would allow any American citizen to verify these claims. But if the public had access to these classified reports they would see the dramatic gulf between what is often said in public by our senior leaders and what is actually true behind the scenes. It would be illegal for me to discuss, use, or cite classified material in an open venue and thus I will not do so; I am no WikiLeaks guy Part II.”

    PDF file here: http://www1.rollingstone.com/extras/RS_REPORT.pdf

    Just more for the ‘connecting the dots’…waaaaakkkkkkkeeeeee uuuuuuupppppp U.S.!

  14. Van says:

    I’m a “Masshole” (according to our friendly New Hampshire neighbors up North)…but Orloff is right…economically not too bad, but still down a little. Houses are selling, maybe 20% value loss than the height..but still selling in the Metro Boston area. But people are struggling, I see a lot more homeless and hear loss of jobs story. And they are putting up cameras at street lights in some suburbs…how much it costs, I only wonder.

  15. Van says:

    oops I’m sorry it “Orlov”, (not “Orloff”, silly me)–ha ha

  16. Helter Skelter says:

    Yes..realy enjoyed this show…impressive guest..I’m going to check out his website

  17. srelf says:

    Use Facebook to organize Occupy protests!
    Make it work for us!

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