Ireland quitely dying

Dear Max,

i was talking to my neighbour who is a farmer here in Ireland and he said that there is a terrible problem at the moment with livestock rustling and also stealing of heating oil and farm diesel from storage tanks.Here is the only headline i could find about it.

Also the piece below had convictions, from famine Ireland. A lost of animal stealing.

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  1. streetsounds says:

    I have a farm on the Fermanagh/Cavan Border. As well as the theft of turf I have noticed bogs that have been untouched for years are now being dug again.

  2. streetsounds says:

    I have a farm on the Fermanagh/Cavan Border. As well as the theft of turf I have noticed bogs that have been untouched for years are now being dug again.

  3. K says:

    This is pretty shocking. Theft of livestock is also on the increase here in NZ (and we are nowhere near the economic issues faced by Ireland).

    It’s hard for me to imagine why anyone would want to steal turf (???) or buy it off the back of a truck (?). I mean no offense, it’s just really weird….selling turf on council estates….is that because council estates are surrounded by dirt??

  4. neweveryday says:


    Turf is peat, when cut from the peat-bog and dried it is burned a fuel. I suppose that many who read this site might be mystified by ‘turf’ as they call it in Ireland. Hope this informs the mystified.

    Grateful or not, you should be thankful that I don’t attempt to give financial or political advice. I stick to what I know.


  5. neweveryday says:

    Here is something I just googled. I thought years ago that peat-turf incense would be a great hit among Irish and Scottish ex-pats. A well-known, familiar aroma is such a powerful reminder and can transport the individual back to the past so powerfully. It looks as if someone else had this idea and is running with it.

    I have no stake in this, it is a just a good idea worth sharing.

  6. smc says:

    the knackers robbed a 5 gallon plastic container of oil I had out the back of the house last week, 3rd time something has been stolen from me in the last 6 months.

    bastards stole my 46″ panasonic plasma tv, then busted the back door open a month later and took 50 euro now the 5 gallon drum of oil…there’s nothing left to steal now….

    just getting a half fill of oil in the main tank now so they don’t get away with too much at once.

    cost 460 euro for 500 litres, hopefully will last until the spring at least.

  7. neweveryday says:


    …you call them ‘the knackers’, in other places they have other names. They sell mutton in council estates, contraband and they traffic and exploit helpless people. It doesn’t matter where they come from, they come from all over the place, what matters is that they are among us everywhere and represent the ‘new’ economy. By that, I mean the ‘old’ economy, before the rule of law.

    The rule of law is retreating.

  8. F. Beard says:


    When I was a Roman Catholic, theft under $20 was a venial sin. What’s the new limit I wonder?

  9. neweveryday says:

    The ‘rule of law’ now concentrates upon extracting fines from those who can afford to pay fines for breaking pettifogging rules and is ever less concerned with those who can’t, won’t, the ‘here today gone tomorrow, opportunistic, disappearing class and decent folk are held to ransom upon both sides of the law. The rule of law is ruled by extraction of revenue, not by the imposition of even-handed justice. It is skewed and we all experience and witness that every day. The greatest failure of the 21st Century is in the rule of law. Crime is crime, yet, at the grand and at the petty level, the abstraction of revenue distorts the execution of law. While grand crime goes uninvestigated, petty crime flourishes, it is a cultural failure.

  10. neweveryday says:

    @ F. Beard

    It depends upon who commits the crime, in the club, beyond the pale, that’s ok. Able to pay the fine, that’s bad.

  11. neweveryday says:

    ps. Max, your headliner spellings needs a proofreader. Just ax, ok?

  12. Wolferl says:

    Peat worth some hundred Euro is stolen? Some cows, some sheep vanish? 20 litre of diesel/heating oil are taken by some moron? And that´s the reason why Irland is dying? Sounds like just the normal, ordinary life to me.

  13. neweveryday says:


    It is, at one and the same time, ordinary life and a sign of the times. It is where and when certain things happen that indicate change. There are places where such things never happened before. The point of the thread is to indicate the signs of the times.

  14. Wolferl says:

    @ neweveryday

    Or it´s the other way round. Since everyone seems to tell the Irish that they are doomed they now want to see every ordinary event as a sign of the coming apocalypse. I can tell you that i lost several tons of firewood from my woodland by theft over the last 7 years too. This was very unusual before in Germany. But the reason is not that Germany is doomed. The reason simply is that energy prices went up 2 or 3 times during that time, so it´s worth stealing energy now. It´s probably the same in Ireland and not a sign that Ireland is dying.

  15. seosamhogallunai says:

    Actually im the person who wrote the post originally. My neighbour had 1000 euros worth of oil stolen. We are taking a lot of cattle. Maybe half a small herd.

    1000 euros may not be much to some people but to most people in Ireland it’s an awful lot of money to have stolen from you.

  16. seosamhogallunai says:

    Also people never had to lock their oil tanks before. NEVER!
    Fuel prices are higher but still as world rankings go we pay one of the smallest amounts in relation to income on fuel.

    Grinding austerity, the ordinary people facing huge negative equity, rising prices, huge mortgages just for a roof over your head, rocketing health insurance, removal of services fro disabled people, wage cuts, welfare cuts all to to pay for german, french and american bank bond holders of bust banks. The puppet government officials who dont want to face their populations and ask them to pay for their own bust banks may have something to do with this NEW phenomenon.
    Yeah kick the paddys, their used to oppression!

  17. seosamhogallunai says:

    Quietly dying is right. Here are the figures.
    ‘suicide in ireland – a 747 crash each year every year.
    If a fully laden 747 crashed into the wicklow mountains killing all on board once a year, every year some serious questions would rightly asked about flight safety in this country, the quality of aircraft manufacture, pilot training etc etc etc.

    537 people are thought to have died by suicide in 2009, this is the equivalent of a fully laden 747 in a standard two class configuration and then some. This is the highest figure in the history of the state and shows no sign of decreasing.

    What will it take for all of our political parties whether in government or opposition to take serious action on suicide?’

    I guess austerity financial terrorism has nothing to do with it.NOT!

  18. Eric says:

    ‘suicide in ireland – a 747 crash each year every year.

    What will it take for all of our political parties whether in government or opposition to take serious action on suicide?’

    Asking government for “serious action” is your weakness … you are asking a wolf to quit eating brainwashed sheep. Quit thinking like a king’s serf for pete’s sake.

  19. Wolferl says:

    @ seosamhogallunai

    Don´t be so pessimistic. There are over 10.000 people dying because of suicide every year in Germany, sad to say but this is a “usual” rate in all western countries. What we see allover Europe is that the average standard of life is falling, because of the fact that the times of cheap energy are over. We are just in the middle of a process of getting used to that fact. This is hard, because we just know rising standards of living over the past 6 decades.

  20. anybody says:

    The most painful for me was that you have to complain to Max Keiser. Max and Stacy are doing a great job in transpiring and educating people. Regret is that they are a couple of educators. In this big world there is nobody in position of power to appeal to. If you sometimes watch the Euronews, the megaphone of EU/NATO suppressors, you see every week, everyday, well dressed, well paid, well fed, chubby people gather in expensive conference places. Their wrist watches cost each 10000 euros, their suits each 3000 euros, their cars each each two hundred euros (I am a poor person and might estimate lower than real prices). Costs of the security of each meeting millions euros. I follow their meetings for the last three four years. What is the result of their decisions? Do they talk about anything serious, you believe? They have reduced the prices of countries with everything inside them, farms, factories, slave human resources to few thousands or few million euros to buy them in dozens. Who is going to buy Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, and count?

  21. seosamhogallunai says:

    IMO There is a huge raft of alternative energy possibilites and technologies that are supressed by big oil companies and their banker buddies, who dont care for the environmennt and only their pockets, in order to create a false sense of crisis, lower living standards and make people desperate. There is a huge fracking and offshore oil drillling programme proposed in Ireland that will create little or no sustainable jobs and very little revenue for Irish people due to the agreement entered into by politicians and big oil years ago.
    People disbelieved my research but now just at the point where people are depserate they’ll welcome the destruction of our pristine environment with open arms. However any and all promises are as hollow as the Lisbon Treaty posters which said ‘VOTE YES FOR JOBS’. More like the loss of jobs as the real economy buckles under the corporate welfare we are paying for Deutche Bank and Credit Agricole and their ilk Yes we had a deficit problem due to the building crash but the original hole was closed last year. The compounding interest on the socialised bank debt we are carrying is turning us into literally debt slaves.

  22. seosamhogallunai says:

    More proof of the cost of socialising bank debt. I believe she should default on private bank debt and take the icelandic route. I personally cannot even afford to go to the dentist which has been cut from our health cover and service.

    It’s time for the ordinary people of europe to see the ride they are being taken on by these scoundrels. To stop buying into the MSM crap that divides and conquers us as we fight on behalf of the elites in all our countries.

  23. Sandra says:

    Jim Corr : Message to the people of Ireland

  24. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    ” In August, a valuable calf was stolen from Virginia Show in Co Cavan. The 10-month-old heifer was valued at over €11,500 but, as its DNA was registered by owner Ivan Robinson from Ballygowan, Co Down, he said it was useless to anyone who took it. ”

    ‘less’n he who took-ed it, cooked it.

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