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  1. Daidalos says:

    Looks like the Lions are finally rousing!

    Better late than never I suppose.

  2. ronron says:

    great guy. says fuck more than i do. πŸ™‚

  3. MirrorMirror says:

    LOL .. he nearly crashed my Browser !

    He should aim higher … start with the politicians , otherwise the law will never be applied !

  4. MirrorMirror says:

    @start with the politicians

    AHA … just got to the end …. well done mate !

    Can’t we somehow use COMMON LAW to arrest all these politicians ?

  5. Warp says:

    ‘ere, wha’ ‘e said!

  6. flicks says:

    I know a lot of people like that in the UK and its getting more and more. Every opportunity I tell them about FRB and CDO, CDS, naked shorting – they are well ready to listen now ! And that is the difference ! They are now ready !

  7. ronron says:

    jackie fucked off and mom locked him back in the attic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJkmTyO5N-o&feature=player_embedded#!

  8. if only Brits had the same passion for justice and the GIABO as they do for football.

    every banker would be loooooooooooong taken care of.

    but hey….you peabrain UK monarchists believe that the elites are ordained by “god” … so complain all you want as you live on your knees and have your children hand flowers to the queen.

  9. filthy lucre says:

    That’s naughty potty mouth mark mcgowan, former Camberwell College of Arts and then Goldsmith student and after that channel 4 artist in residence, up to his usual – though he does believe passionately in the subjects of his performances.
    Go fer it Mr McG

  10. MrJones says:

    That’s a fucking goooooooood rant!

  11. Al Kyder says:

    @ filthy lucre

    So no mobs turning up at banks demanding money then. Sad I would like to see how he handles that.

    @ General Rasta SLA
    “if only Brits had the same passion for justice and the GIABO as they do for football. ”

    GIABO ? Dont you Mean Empire, Gloriana & all that stuff

  12. Frans says:

    This is an uhmmmm fucking good vid! πŸ™‚

  13. Titus says:

    Love Chunkymarks work, been trying to talk him in to being in my sitcom , the same sitcom in which Max Keiser plays Genji, an intergalactic spiritual guide that smokes cigars. But chunkymarks not replying on Youtube. Still, I love his work he is a great guy and very funny.

  14. Lord Wellington says:

    General Rasta,
    The preoccupation with sport, xyz factors and soap operas is not unrelated.
    It is necessary.
    If the people willingly keeps themselves ignorant the greedy can do as they wish.

  15. jischinger says:

    I love the Artist Taxi Driver! He should run for office.

    but just for a moment I’d like to stray off topic a bit… I love coming here, I love the free speech awarded and that many conversations can not only be uplifting, but challenging. I would like to spend even more time partaking, but I just can’t stand this format.

    So I’m purposing people chip in and find Max and Stacy a better format where participants can participate better and build a coherent community – any ideas? thoughts? suggestions?

    There’s no where else to go and connect with thinking people.

    Huffington is the Monsanto of the blogosphere and all the other sites are riddled with a majority of nut jobs.

    So what say you or anyone out there willing to put forth a proposal and with the consent and blessing of Max and Stacy help put together something more user friendly?

  16. snoop diddy says:

    Alleleuia brother!

  17. Silverstreamist says:

    Mark is superb. He should go for Prime Minister.


    Keep on rockin’, Mark!!

  18. L T P says:

    This piggy appreciates the incoherentness of these offerings. It’s EXACTLY like the market itself when you consider the manipulation of it all. The taxi driver is absolutely spot-on, but he misses one significant point in all of this: The bank$ter$ have bought out the politicians in the YooKay, The USSA, and many other places. Until enough sheeple realize this and are willing to speak out, pushing and demanding real change as Iceland did – most of the world will be so…. fucked!
    This swine also insists that you’ve seen so little yet. It ain’t gettin’ no better, even if Obamabrain tries to sweeten the pot going into the elections. Libuhruls reading this need to wake the fuck up, and the neocons on the right, especially the Santorum supporters, should do the same with equal dispatch. If he’s elected, the 99% may well be sent to the Sanitorium of FEMA camps as the MENA will heat up further.
    Ron Paul has the solutions, but even he can’t do it alone. I’m worried and so should other Americans in regard to the elections coming up. OINK!!

    L T P – aka – Major Bacon – Silver Liberation Army
    keep stacking the Ag and follow this swine on Twitter: @lickthepig

  19. evolutis says:

    From the “How to Handle Stress Department”

  20. SilverPorno says:


    Just give up.

    Game over.

    Brilliant post!

  21. Badsey says:

    I used to get mad –> but now I stack silver and am thankful I am 99% out of terrorist fiat. Stacking physical is the best way to claw back your money from these financial terrorists. UK and the City of London are bad but America is far worse and the mainstream media has almost total control of the financial propaganda here.

    When people finally realize their money has been stolen -it will be riots in the streets just like Greece or Egypt. I don’t want to see that and it is very unproductive forcing a tyranny to enact. By stacking physical now and turning our backs to fiat we can actually avert this disaster and bring sound monetary policy back forcing the politicians to take action over the corrupt fiat debt terrorist banks. Oz by Oz we are forcing this monetary change. We are the SLA -SLA4L-

  22. OlympiaLogger says:

    Hell MAX…

    …if you won’t repatriate and help us crush the Federal Reserve, AT LEAST send THIS guy to the States !!!!!!!!!!

  23. Jim says:

    My exact sentiments.

    Madame Guillotine and her sisters are needed desperately.

    Hitler, come back, we need you now to clean the stables.

  24. TeZ says:


  25. BB Rebozo says:

    Good rant. Now, stop fucking working and supporting these assholes. Thats right, strike! I know the Brits and Irish know how to strike. You can stop these fuckers by not working. Thats right not working. I can assure you they can’t work.

  26. Harry says:

    He’s right.

    Can you top that, Max? πŸ˜‰

  27. Alf says:


    David Cameron…Fuck’n listen to this guy because he speaks
    for 60million ordinary pissed-off Brit’s.

    A…Chunkymark…Keep saying it as it is…
    “A working class hero is something to be.”

  28. febo says:

    We been shit on far too loooooong

  29. Canuckistan says:

    This guy is fantastic! I laughed so hard I had tears coming out!

    And everything he says is absolutely right.

  30. Jimbo says:

    People like this are allowed to vote.

  31. Oz's says:

    A pissed off Cockney…
    For once I am delighted with my kin…his grand parents, the stalwarts of the blitz would be proud of him.

    Need the massed east Londeners to pick up the cudgel, run Osbourne run to your Rothschild masters. Sadly, it won’t happen.

  32. Nigel Watson says:

    Could you get him on the Keiser Report? But could you stop him from swearing. I’d like to link more of his stuff to my twitter account for my students to read, but he uses the F word too often – no need either, he’s articulate and perceptive

  33. Becky says:

    Am a little deafened. Funny! Still it will take more than a good rant.

    @ Flicks

    I don’t think people are ready here in the UK. I think they are still in Denial….There is this nice retirement “Dream”.

    @ L T P
    I so like! You mention Ron Paul. Does he ever “Walk on Water”. He is coming out with nothing short of the Spectacular now!! He reealllly goes there. Why Americans aren’t just pilgramaging outside his place of residence now beats me. HE IS THE ONE. How dumb are they?

  34. proxyoflove says:

    Fuckin’ bang-on! Love him. We’re told hate is a bad thing but it’s still the most powerful way to express how much we care. Fuck poncey calm debate, we’re a long way from calm debate making a difference now.

  35. Blah blah says:

    Clearly modelled on Frank Doberman.

    RBS and Lloyds need to sack their investment banking arms and repopulate them with school leavers, it isn’t like they can do a worse job and it would help fix the youth unemployment figures a treat. The annual bonus would take the form of a discount card for Greggs and a Β£20 gift voucher for Top Shop, everyone is happy.

  36. El_Puerco says:

    Oh! man this video goes into my collection, ….
    Que linda maΓ±ana del domingo, tener este video…Gracias..

  37. Lynne says:

    Could you ask him to do another one without the ‘F’ word!! I don’t mind personally, but I would like to send this to my colleagues who didn’t go on strike because ‘somebody has to pay for all the debt’ and because they fell for the government lie that teachers’ pensions would not be affected for all those teachers 10 years from retirement. I have tried explaining to my colleagues what inflation is going to do to teachers’ pensions now that we are linked to CPI, not RPI ) [and even RPI itself stands for the Rip Off Price Index.] Lots of my colleagues get it and those that do are in despair, but some are hopeless cases, trusting of government. A rant like this might wake them up from their long slumber though!!

  38. Alf says:


    Sorry…no it won’t.

  39. noone says:

    Reminds me of when the esteemed US Senators Levin and Coleman asked George Galloway to appear before them for some “grilling” on alleged charges of misusing the Iraqi “Food for Oil” program…and he demonstrated why two schmuck Zionists shouldn’t challenge an Englishman in his native tongue. Levin couldn’t close the hearing and get away soon enough…and Coleman sat licking his wounds…verbal of course.

    Once upon a time, the US had Statesmen equal to the task. These days, a brain-addled B-actor reading a script written by others receives that label from the corporate-controlled media…..and the masses accept it as gospel.

    A smiling Chicago BiSexual Used Car Salesman (BSUCS as POTUS) can string three words together without mumbling and looks brilliant and “presidential” compared to his predecessor. Slick packaging, that.

    Lots of righteous anger there on this video…articulated so anyone can understand… don’t you agree, masses?

    Professor Max can do a pretty good version himself…..when he lets the anger build slowly while being specific and direct. Thanks for posting the video…will be sending it around to counter the msm garbage infecting hearts and minds of otherwise decent folks.

  40. austin says:


  41. Peter Jennings says:

    I Couldn’t have fackin said it any better meself.

    People of the UK, get ready for a fackin great party. The entertainment? Freshly arrested fat fackin bald-headed bankers and their minnions and freshly arrested war criminals. The minnions will be the warm-up act.

    See you there.
    Cheers me dears

  42. I Precariat says:

    Wouldn’t be chunky Mark without a few good old Anglo Saxon expletives! …..prissy prudes please get over yourselves!

  43. feral says:

    Swearing is a fantastic way of articulating emotions, as well as an expansion of vocabulary available to use to further accurately describe an issue or topic, this is the way people talk from my background, so why would we be in the business of self censorship?

  44. I Precariat says:

    ….wish I’d put it quite as fucking eloquently feral!…..

  45. Ben says:

    Nice video and a man that speaks with heart and passion. The monies lent to RBS and LLoyds Tsb, may never or may be paid back. The point being is that it does not make a difference which event happens. The crux of the matter is the banks can not and will not be allowed to fail. If the money is recovered, it will be directed back into the system and utilised within ‘ the re- jigging’ of the system, which has now become a myth within itself .
    An invisible tax imposed on us is VAT ( value added tax ) . When things are bad this is very high, as we all can see. The extra money raised can be used to bail out the banks if need be, via the system’s controlled infrastructure. Its all a sick system with no fairness, due dilligence or due process.
    What life is based on is job creation and competition , these two issues are in serious problems on a global scale, I assure you all. As for the overall global debt combined on a worldwide issue versus the worlds GDP, its at a critical level and something will give in the near future. Be prepared for the worst.

  46. gman says:

    This guy has only seen a handful of Keiser Reports, if he keeps that up a burst blood vessel is next.

  47. Micky says:

    They won’t stop until they have everything.


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