Cameron’s own goal flop: gas prices in Britain have never been higher! ($8.11 per gallon)

26 comments on “Cameron’s own goal flop: gas prices in Britain have never been higher! ($8.11 per gallon)
  1. Phil says:

    Yes, our “leaders” are truly morons. I’d laugh but I’ve got to go fill up my car in a minute.

  2. Freemarkets says:

    i wonder how long it will take before the british media reflect that the sanctions taken by the so called international community to put iran under seige are actually going to harm the british and other euro people! The sanctions of the elite by the elite for the elite and against all normal people. I expect the fuel prices are going to sky rocket as they did in the seventies. Engineered! it is stupiditiy that only foolish dicjkhead politicians could be hoodwinked and suckered into voting for, on the say of spurious un researched information. Remember the weapons of mass destruction in iraq( the us and briton armed sadam to try and destablise Iran!, but iraq failed and so sadam was attacked). wakey wakey peeps

  3. Alf says:

    That’s the problem with Cameron he keeps scoring one own goal after
    another. I don’t think he understands in what goal he’s suppose to score.

    Actually, it’s a good analogy…I wonder what team he plays for?
    The City of London or ordinary UK families?

    He likes to be seen wearing the strip of ordinary UK families, but he
    scores far too many goals for the City of London.

  4. SilverPorno says:

    It’s more than that Max.

    Petrol in the UK is 6.50 a gallon, that’s just over 10 dollars – 25% higher than your figure.

  5. P.W. Walker says:

    But! But! BP said they didn’t buy Iranian oil! 😉

  6. Danny Cunnington says:

    The oil price scam is caused by the west. They want to ruin the economies of the western developed nations by forcing highly inflated prices for energy. It was the major talking point at the last bilderberger meeting in Switzerland. The other talking point was using copyright as a form of internet censorship.

    Of course the sanctions damage both the EU and the US with the Iranians actually profiting for the higher oil price. As a result of the sanctions global Dollar use has dramatically declined.

    Meanwhile the claim that Iran is just about to develop a nuclear bomb has been repeatedly used since at least 1984 with changing time lines. The NPT inspectors have made more inspections of Iran then the whole rest of the world’s countries combined. Just like the weapons inspectors who fruitlessly searched for 8 years for non existent WMD in Iraq they have not found a single shred of evidence to support any of the claims of politicians.

    The other gaping hole in their propaganda is that nobody can make a nuclear bomb unless they have the ability to produce HEU or weapons grade Uranium. If you look at the countries who have nukes and can make HEU it fairly clear that their abilities are a product of collaboration. So one of them would have to collaborate with Iran for them to gain the technology which is obviously not going to happen.

    What the Iranians do have is something totally different which is some sort of plasma energy generator. You should be able to buy a small generator that generates 3-4 KWh 24/7 for a year without needing refuelling. They should be ready for delivery before the end of 2012 and cost €5,000 each. You also have to sign a load of stuff because of the patents and you can only use it at one pre-agreed address. (It has a GPS tracker in it).

    There’s two Iranian scientists running the project based in Belgium and also Geleen in Holland. They are called the Keche foundation.

  7. Blow_In says:

    Make yourself an electric car.

    If you have a mechanical aptitude and an understanding of basic electrical principles, it can be done. All you need is some money and a garage to work in.

  8. Diogo says:

    well… in “rich” Portugal… gasoline is at 1.70€ ($2.25) per litre… thats 6.44€ / gallon ($8.51)… remember that the minimum wage is 565.00€/month!!! (485 when receiving 14 months).

  9. bit chin says:

    @Danny Cunnington – astounding intel. Many thanks!

  10. Danny Cunnington says:

    I’m of the opinion that pretty soon the age of oil and gas will be coming to a long overdue end. The Koreans and the Japanese have both developed water powered cars with Japan having developed all sorts of applications (Farm vehicles boat engines, Etc). Rossi from Italy had a working fusion generator already in production and there’s an Iranian plasma generator close to completion in Belgium.

    If you have a water/hydrogen fuel cell that can make an internal combustion engine run on cracked water then there’s a huge consequence for the natural and LPG markets all over the world. It means that you can crack hydrogen at several times unity. This means that you can take a KW of electricity and create 5KW of thermal potential in Hydrogen gas with a by product of pure oxygen. It also means that a water fuel cell vehicle could also be a mobile generator that could power a house whilst parked.

    With just a few changes of valves, some pressures and some modifications to cookers, heating units and other appliances you could convert all the current national gas pipelines and supply all LPG at a fraction of the cost of propane and butane gases. Also, if you have things like plasma generators in every house hold you could connect them all to the national grids, modify the relay switching and simply eliminate the power stations! The infrastructure is already here.

    Of course this has never been allowed because the key to control over populations has always been controlling food and energy. The thing is that it’s looking like they can’t really stop it anymore. New ultra low cost or free energy available to everyone is the end of the NWO elite. As soon as these devices become widely seen and available you will have a second industrial revolution. After that, it would be pretty much impossible to cause a recession, control access to water and food or manipulate any of these things from a centralised power position.

  11. What-me-worry? says:

    About 45% of the cost of each litre is a UK gubment tax. High fuel costs = more tax revenue.

  12. What-me-worry? says:

    Until peeps stop buying fuel.

  13. Diogo says:

    it should go higher… it should go to the real cost of fuel!… considering pollution, wars, inocent killing…

  14. Alf says:

    @danny cunnington
    I don’t understand…if the technology is here, who’s keeping the door
    slammed shut on it? …or need I ask.

  15. Diogo says:

    I still don’t understand why my first comment was deleted!… was it because it gave the idea that the gallon price wasn’t that high, when comparing to Portugal?… what a shame!

  16. flicks says:

    “About 45% of the cost of each litre is a UK gubment tax. High fuel costs = more tax revenue.”
    More like 90%
    suck it up

  17. Hawkeye says:


    What’s your sources?

    I don’t think that the physics or the chemistry stacks up.

    This chap is a pretty solid physicist and here’s his take on fusion and our energy predicament:

  18. BankingThief says:

    UK average is about £1.35 a liter which is about $8 a US gallon and is around 60% tax.

  19. Danny Cunnington says:

    @Alf, It’s more than just oil companies it’s the holders of power. Ultimately central control is food and energy. The nature of the devices mean that once they became widespread no one person or group can dictate conditions. The units are non consumable but they produce a consumable product which currently people have to constantly buy at a high price. This is the money pump of the whole system.

    No one can hold power if they have no control. A nation of people who have abundant free or nearly free energy cannot be coerced or threatened by rent seeking parasites. The only way to hold power is to do so with the consent of the governed. No one government can ban it because it would be economic suicide as they would be hopelessly uncompetitive against nations that allowed it. It’s pretty tough to build a case for war or regime change citing the evils of clean non polluting abundance and universal freedom.

    Free or alternative energy has been suppressed for a century. In 1900 engineers found that they could increase power on aero engines by mixing in water and overcome the problems of a lack of oxygen at high altitudes. It simply wasn’t allowed. Tesla developed wireless free energy 1920. Magnet perpetual motors in several different form came out in the 1930s along with engines running on purer water. The Hindenburg Zeppelin disaster was a staged event to demonise hydrogen before people could figure how it could be used.

    All establishment scientists claim it’s impossible but that’s because of the education they received which has long been controlled. None of the designers are actually mainstream scientists but various inventors. Thus the scientists are gatekeepers because they would lose all credibility and be fired when one of these developments gets out.

    The Japanese have had their water car for about 20 years. The South Koreans developed theirs in the last few years. The world’s biggest death squad NATO are at hand and the elite also have nuclear weapons and cyber viruses that can cause nuclear power stations to go into meltdown and cause a disaster. (Stuxnet).

    That’s why nobody can do this publicly. The situation is a massive problem for the NWO elite. Once this gets out they are finished because you can’t base your power on an artificial scarcity of energy for a century in the face of a virtual limitless supply of abundant free energy that everybody knows about and individuals can produce this independently.

    In the past they murdered inventors, stole their stuff or drove them into hiding. They got away with this because of their media control. They have now lost much of that control. The copyright regime they are trying to implement is their attempt to regain it but there’s too much opposition to it.

    The people who have these technologies know that their safety is the rapid way information can be widely spread via the internet. When one breaks into public perception all the other jump out straight after. There’s going to be at least four different systems.

  20. Michel78 says:

    outstanding posts Danny. thanks.

  21. Alf says:

    @danny cunnington

    Thanks Danny…You’re always an interesting read and very much appreciated.

  22. Danny Cunnington says:

    @Hawkeye, No establishment physicist can ever acknowledge any of this. As regards fusion, a guy called Rossi has been showing a fusion reactor running on Zinc and compressed hydrogen for nearly a year. He’s doing it right out of a major Italian university (Bologna).
    The Keche foundation have a plasma device.

    A small Japanese water car has been up on U tube for about two years. These are actually objective realities. physicists are arguing subjective realities that are clearly wrong in the face of actual evidence.

    There’s an isolated village community in Switzerland that are running a magnet motor for over 30 years. They get away with it because they are a religious group and they won’t release it on the grounds that mankind has not yet become responsible enough to properly use “a gift from God”.

    All these people who have this stuff understand the dangers of bringing this stuff out and they are understandably very careful. The South Africans have a solid state system (A battery that never needs charging). This could be used in laptops and mobile phones.
    They are shit scared of being ripped off. Just trying to get a US world patent is a way to get ripped off by the patent office itself!

  23. SilverPorno says:


    London average is £1.39 a litre x 4.54 = £6.31 a gallon = 10 dollars, not 8.

  24. Danny Cunnington says:

    According to some economist, when gasoline goes over $7.00 a gallon in the US, you will get a depression with food & fuel suffering double digit inflation and other stuff like houses deflating. This is the tipping point. After this, a growing number of people will be spending most of their income on basic necessities, a large part of which is food and fuel which is also the commodities which are spiralling higher in price.

    The only way to get gasoline up to that level is to start a war with Iran but even with all the hysterical warmongering going on, I’m not sure it will happen. It’s a case of a very loud bark from a very old dog. Of course the rest of the oil and gas producers including Saudi Arabia know full well that a regime change in Tehran would turn them into slaves of the US. If the US controlled by proxy the Straits of Hormuz.

    It would be “Meet the new boss…..” Far worse then the Persian boss who leaves the straits open for transit and has done for decades.

  25. Danny Cunnington says:

    @Silver Porno, A UK Gallon is 4.54 litres. A US Gallon is 4.00 liters although that’s approx. (I think). UK/US imperial weights & measures are sometimes different.

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