Bank Blitz: Help (yourself to) Greece!

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  1. F. Beard says:

    “We’ve come to help you!” Germany

    “Physician, heal thyself!” Greece

    Usury is NOT a helpful, friendly money solution. It is FORBIDDEN between fellow countrymen in Deuteronomy 23:19-20. So if the Eurozone is meant to lead to a United States of Europe then why is usury allowed?

  2. MirrorMirror says:

    Nice title.

  3. MirrorMirror says:

    Anybody been listening to the Bernanke Testimony ?

    What a joke … like a self.congratulations Club .

    Sickening to listen to .

    I wish George Carlin was still with us.


  4. Wolferl says:

    Nice, Max´n´Stacy now promoting more tax fraud by the Greek elite. What´s next, maybe they promote more bankster fraud on a global scale?

    Btw, i don´t think this is good idea. Kick the Greeks out if the Eurozone and the EU and let them live their third world country life on their own.

  5. Poote says:

    @ M&M
    Barnie frank is a suck up.
    Y Aint he gone yet?

  6. gold bullet says:

    Yeah, I remember the western countries talking about how in fact they were ”helping” us Serbs get rid of Milosevic in 1999. during the illegal NATO bombing of Serbia. And how they were ”helping” us with brutal sanctions during the 90’s that hurt the people most but not those in power that were introduced against.

    So from experience I can safely say that whenever an outsider offers to ”help” you even if you haven’t asked for any help is the time to say ”No, thanks!”

  7. evolutis says:

    We find a map, lipstick on a glass, they must have left in the middle of the night …

    we find the taxman, missionaries, derivatives, credit default swaps, and a prostrated, victim of our insidious belief; they must have left in the middle of the night.

    … and we all know, how its going to end, yes we do indeed! Yes, in a world wherein money is “EVERYTHING” we can check the historical, records and pretend we are going to think about things that are actually related to life.

  8. Micky says:

    This has been done by design.

  9. david says:

    Germans sending in financial experts

    Strangely Boris Johnson did a program on the tv where he described how the romans took over an area in southern france – they exported their culture. The locals got used to it until the point where the troops went in. No one complained because what was the difference.

    It may not be quite on track and slightly off topic but it just made me think of that program.

  10. gold bullet says:

    ”Feds Continue Crackdown On Poker… By Seizing The Wrong Bodog Domain”


  11. gold bullet says:

    ”Record Labels Threaten the Open Internet, isoHunt Tells Court”


  12. Helter Skelter says:

    Of course the Yanks are even worse

  13. Kevin Eshbach says:

    At least Greece’s children will be safe or do bankers love small children as much as Catholic priests? I guess we will have to wait a few decades to find out.

  14. El_Puerco says:

    Bring back the drach!
    So, Greece: Just default on your “sovereign debt”! Just revert to the drachma! Just say “No, thanks!” to the German bankers and the Troika Vultures.
    Please, Greece: just say “No!” to your Trilateral Commission president!
    You will be setting a strong precedent for your European neighbours. Like Spain, which is hurting so badly right now for similar reasons. Like Italy, with its Trilateral Commission Prime Minister Mario Monti (also Trilateral’s European Chairman!).
    Greece, the Cradle of Democracy, can teach the world a lesson in True Democracy by kicking these parasites out of their country, which will hopefully trigger kicking them out of Europe and one day, kicking them out of the global economy.
    Because what Greece and Argentina and Italy and Spain suffer today is not True Democracy, but rather a distorted bastard imitation that systematically yields control to the Global Power Masters at the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg and Mega-Banking Overworld. They run the whole “democracy show”, whereby all countries end up having “the best democracy that money can buy”… which is no democracy at all…
    The Money Power juggernaut is steaming full speed towards us all. If Greece falls, who’ll be next? Spain? Italy? Portugal? Argentina (yet again!!!)?
    So what if Greece’s reverting to the drachma marks the beginning of the end for the euro? Let Italy revert to the lira, Spain to the peseta, Portugal to the escudo…! A National Currency is a key National Sovereignty factor.
    All governments should understand that you either govern for the people and against the bankers; or you govern for the bankers and against the people.

  15. Mattdog says:

    “Help” can be such a four letter word! Loved the emphasis. 😉

  16. Al Kyder says:

    Oh come on @ stacyherbert

    This is the best attempt to unify Europe since Napoleon, that is, if you don’t count Hitler.

  17. Al Kyder says:

    @ Wolferl
    “Stacy now promoting more tax fraud by the Greek elite. ”

    Perhaps the German government thinks that a tax is the best form of defence.

  18. Helter Skelter says:

    Oh ! right…You mean “help”….like this :

  19. JonnyJames says:

    You don’t mind that public funds are backstopping banks’ bad bets? You don’t mind that Greece is being picked over like a vultures on a carcass by parasites?

    The Greek elites, the Banks, fraud, corruption (both institutional and illegal) and the “blind eye” of the ECB are all factors in this.

  20. MirrorMirror says:

    @Al Kyder … Wolferl
    He obviously still hasn’t read the book “Das System” by Prof. von Arnim … 😆
    … who has been recently in the German MSM a lot recently.

  21. gold bullet says:

    Why doesn’t Greece just tell the Troika to GTFO, leave the EU and the euro and introduce a Gold-based Drachma?!

    Of course, for this to happen, the people of Greece have to overthrow the traitorous Government Sachs led by former Goldman Sachs bankster Lucas Papademos, that was appointed by the bEUrocrats from Berlin, pardon Brussels. And just in case hang Papademos, so that the other corrupt politicians in Greece get the message.

    To quote MK for the time when he did The Oracle: ”RISE UP!!!”. And then Greece wouldn’t need Germany’s ”help”. I just hope that the people in Spain and Portugal will learn from the mistakes of the people of Greece and that they won’t allow EU bankstercrats to take over and to completely abolish democracy and national sovereignty like they have done in Greece.

  22. JonnyJames says:

    I forgot: schadenfruede aint cool dude- so 20th century you know.

  23. flicks says:

    Remember tomorrow ISDA (banksters) decide on the default . The Fed fed the ECB and now the ECB feeds zombie banks and we have the PM smash down = those fuckers are panicking – headless chickens spewing blood and guts all over the show .

  24. JonnyJames says:

    @gold bullet
    Yes, I think that the people of just about every country should rise up and demand substantive, paridigmatic radical changes in the political/legal/financial/economics systems in which people have a say and an influence in policy outcomes. What we have here is managed, inverted totalitarian (form of neo-fascism). We have the amalgamation of state and corporate power and that power is not loyal nor accountable to the people it rules over.

    As material conditions continue to worsen for the vast majority of people, the elites will no longer be able to keep the lid on the “pressure cooker”. I hope the violence will be minimal.

  25. Vonda Bra says:

    Rats Leaving the Ship: Banking Families Are Disappearing

    “At the 52 minute mark in this February 8, 2012 interview from Project Camelot of Jay Weidner, Kerry Cassidy states, “One thing, which is we got word, is that the contractors in the Boston area are exchanging among themselves that houses are starting to be emptied, and what are in essence banking families are just disappearing, altogether, they’re just abandoning their houses…”

  26. MirrorMirror says:

    @JJ .. I hope that if there is violence, the it is directed at the right people …. this time … instead of meaningless wars.

  27. Apocalypto says:


    Therein lies the problem. TPTB tell the Sheeple who the evil people are, and who they are planning to attack and kill, and the Sheeple go right along with it every time.

  28. gold bullet says:

    @JonnyJames @MirrorMirror

    Great posts from both of you and I couldn’t agree more. I too hope that the violence will be minimal and targeted at those who are responsible for the whole mess, the banksters, the politicians, the unelected bEUrocrats.

  29. Wolferl says:

    @ Jonny James

    Of course i don´t like big cooperations being bailed out by public money. But sometimes this has to be done for the better of all. I just want to make sure this doesn´t happens again. The German government still seems to think Greece can be saved. But Greece is a lost case. Greece is a failed state, a third world country, and several hundreds billion Euro in payments by the EU over the last 30 years didn´t change that at all. That´s why my point is this. Every effort, every aditional euro for Greece by the EU and her member states is waisted. Let them go, kick them out of EU and the Euro and let them do whatever they want. Since the Greeks think they are the smartest people not only on earth their live will be great, of course.

  30. Wolferl says:

    @ JonnyJames

    Schadenfreude? Nope, i feel pity for the Greeks. Most of them are desperate and paralysed right now. But as allways, weak people let their stupid pride stand in their way. So Greece goes down the drain.

  31. MirrorMirror says:

    @Wolferl ….The German government still seems to think Greece can be saved. But Greece is a lost case. Greece is a failed state, a third world country

    You still don’t understand , do you !

    You simply ignore cultural differences .. just like the EU does.

    The Greeks never wanted to be “like the Germans”.

    They would have been happy to continue life in their country using the Drachma … except the greedy Greek and EU Politicians saw the BIGGER DollarSigns by becoming part of a BIGGER political burocracy.
    So what if they live (in your view) less materially , as long as they are happy with their lives.

    They say .. a few years in Brussels (as an MEP) and you’re a millionaire!

    There are so many well known sayings regarding the differences in European cultures ..
    “The Germans Live to Work”
    “The French Work to Live”
    etc. etc.

    … And you know the old saying …. “the hardest horse is whipped the most”.
    Strange that Napoleon said , when he talks to his horse, he speaks German; French to his wife and English to his ministers.

    So … maybe the Greeks ( the people ) were very happy with “their life style” “before” the Euro came.

    BTW .. this is NOT just a Greek problem … look around , at Ireland , Portugal, Spain .. and Italy…. it’s a EUro problem, which Germany is likely to pay for in the end ( thanks to witless politicians that don’t listen to their own German intellectuals or advisers ) unfortunately.

    If the Greeks had wanted to, they could also build Mercedes and BMWs, but they are obviously not interested in doing such things … seems they just like to live and enjoy life , as most do.

  32. gold bullet says:

    ”UK Trying To Censor Parody Video About The 2012 Olympics”

    Clearly the UK has forgot little things such as free speech and parody.

  33. gold bullet says:

    ”Art Cashin And Europe’s Clashin’ Culture”

  34. Wolferl says:

    @ Mirror

    You are absolutly right. It´s no use having a a third world country in a union of first world countries. Leting Greece join the EC/EU and the Euro was a big mistake. And if you realize a mistake you better correct the mistake, even if it costs a few bucks.

  35. gold bullet says:

    ”Ben Bernanke: “The ECB Is Well Capitalized””

    No comment…

  36. Mattdog says:

    Not sure if this was posted here yet, Judge Napolitano talking about Timmy G’s mischievousness;

  37. flicks says:

    This guy posted a list of companies he says are 100% behind the UK slave labour schemes:

  38. Wolferl says:

    @ gold bugs

    Gold is still over 1700 $. Oh no, Wolferl is lying. 😉

  39. MirrorMirror says:

    UK attorney general thinks Christopher Tappin extradition fair (28Feb12)

    3 mins.


  40. MirrorMirror says:

    Was expecting this : $1696

    Gold Tumbles More Than $100 As $1700 Stops Triggered

    …as we have been saying since the summer of 2011, Bernanke needs a tumble in stocks to get a green light for more easing, and he obviously won’t get that with the S&P where it is, nor with WTI still sticking to $107….

    ZH is right …. $1700 stops on the paper trades.

    Funny that mine hasn’t lost any weight !

  41. Alf says:


    Its nice to see you’re trying to be a human being tonight…you’re almost
    showing empathy with the people of Greece…”I feel pity for the Greeks,”
    impressive Wolferl. But do you really mean it? Why do you describe
    them as weak. Their corrupt government sold them out by siding with
    the banks, similar to a few other governments in Europe and as mirror
    said why can’t the Greek people just be allowed to be themselves?

  42. gold bullet says:

    ”Big Bank CEO Who Makes $23 Million Says Press Should Stop Focusing On Bank Compensation… Because Reporters Are Overpaid?”

    ”JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who made approximately $23 million last year, apparently doesn’t like the press picking on the salaries at big banks like his. So, he’s telling them that they’re the ones who are overpaid. …”

    Oh Jamie, STFU!

  43. Wolferl says:

    Ron Paul is to blame. He didn´t push Heli Ben hard enough today to say “gold is money”. Or “easing” at least. 😉

  44. What-me-worry? says:

    Ron Paul was on a roll today – listing the travesty of the MIC to Cunton, who blah blahs her way round the stark nature of US foreign policy (blood for oil and strategic advantage):

    2:20 RP astonishment & 3:30 Cunton subterfuge.

  45. What-me-worry? says:

    Leave the dog alone….

    Labour on Wednesday admitted it had “lost the trust” of business and vowed to rebuild relations in the wake of concerns raised by Tony Blair and David Miliband over the party’s crusade against “predatory capitalism”.

  46. Vonda Bra says:

    @ What-me-worry? | February 29, 2012 at 11:16 pm |
    thanks for the link!
    but strange somehow ? … Hitlery Cunton recently to me looks like a Wallmart cashier out of job and on food stamps … somehow bedraggled … ?

  47. MirrorMirror says:


    Did you watch the Testimonial … or at least 1 hr. ?
    What a farce IMO .. all those “honorable gentlemen” congratulating each other.
    What’s there to congratulate about … for starters.

  48. Vonda Bra says:

    @ all

    great article about Ron Paul ….

    Ron Paul Will Win In The End
Jay Weidner

    btw, at all a great website!

  49. MirrorMirror says:

    @Vonda Bra … got the gist of the article …. I just pray he lives long enough to see that day ! .. after all , he’s well over 70 now.

  50. MirrorMirror says:


    Sean Stone: We are in a state of martial law
    ( Son of Oliver Stone .. has converted to Islam)

    13 mins


  51. ronron says:

    hello Vonda. 🙂 you show a lot of class.

  52. H.Lang says:

    >Why doesn’t Greece just tell the Troika to GTFO, leave the EU and the euro and introduce
    >a Gold-based Drachma?!

    Well because in order to sustain that, they’d also have to have a competitive export-industry and/or a balanced budget, otherwise their Gold-Drachma would be insanely overvalued and render their Feta-Cheese and Greek-Olives uncompetitive (Too expensive.)

    When Churchill (as Finace Minister) insisted on reintruducing the English Pound as a gold currency in 1925 with its pre World War 1 exchange-rate towards the US $, this immediately ruined Englands export-markets.

  53. Al Kyder says:

    @ Wolfrel

    “Leting Greece join the EC/EU and the Euro was a big mistake. And if you realize a mistake you better correct the mistake, even if it costs a few bucks.”

    “Ron Paul is to blame. He didn´t push Heli Ben hard enough”

    Well the Eu leaders should have known better, they have surly heard of the Tojan Horse.
    Letting Greece into the EU may have been a mistake, but it was a brilliantly executed mistake, trapping Greece in the Euro Zone.

    Be real, there is no way out of the € for Greece. I think those Tax collectors will need some reinforcements.

    Their is an entire Battalion of German Armoured Mobile Infantry at Rammstien waiting to go to Afghanistan to die for nothing.

    Why not send them t Greece on a goodwill mission. Maybe they can help fix some of the pot holes in the roads whilst there.

    If it becomes too much for the GErmans, perhaps FGrance could provide logistical support, and Air cover.

    Italy could also petition the UN to open a Humanitarian corridor into Greece which will allow better access to Tax collectors and Bankers to the wealth of the country.

    ObiRon Paul is a disaster. There is no way Portugal can be allowed to default so long as he has any chance of winning @ WOLFERL

    This is very important Wolferl. Other wise Europe will be divided into Our NWO in the East, and under Brazil in the West. The UK will achieve its Orwellian prophecy of being Air Strip 1.

    If I was Dilma, or Lula and Ron Paul did actually put his words into action, I would start a low level war with the US immediately on US soil, to keep them occupied in the America’s while I consolidate my Imperialist striving in Europe.

  54. Al Kyder says:

    @ H. Lang

    Beware of Greeks baring Olive Oil surpluses.

  55. Daidalos says:

    As an alcoholic, this just looks to me like an LBO of Greece (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland Etc) by Germany. Are the Germans nuts? I know the Greeks are, which is why I love it there. I just can’t understand their Teutonic long-view. I know it’s all to prevent the CDS’s becoming valid Etc, but surely the CDS costs can’t be as high as this? Yet?

    Where’s my beer?

  56. ronron says:

    @Dadsalois. LOL. 🙂

  57. What-me-worry? says:

    @MM – watched the bernank for a while, would have worked better as a cartoon ‘Sycophantic Sesame Street’ with special guest Congenital Liar Ben. My faves were integrity of ECB, US inflation data and FED mandated by congress i.e. none of the shit that’s going down has anything whatsoever to do with me, I’m just the piano player.
    Nothing will improve until the composers are decomposing.

  58. ronron says:

    the survival of the euro depends on creating the united states of europe. Max is holding euros. Greeks will have Florida wages. many will die.

  59. TJ says:

    @ Wolferl

    Although my responses are contrary to your opinions, I always enjoy your comments. Your viewpoints on Greece are hilariously twisted.

    I still do business there so it mystifies me when you advocate that Greeks should become more German. My lawyer in Athens told me yesterday that bookies are taking bets on how long it will be before those 160 German tax inspectors go native, start going around in flip flops and sporting beach shirts with sunglasses, having far too many coffees and smoking in bars where they’re not supposed to due to EU health and safety edict.

    It’s that or blood. The Greeks are not up for any more bullshit. It’s the ‘armed to the teeth’ silent ones not protesting in the street the would-be asset claimants are really worried about.

    When push comes to shove, you Wolferl know the Greeks will cut their enemies to pieces in a fight as long as it takes. The fear oozes out of every smarmy ‘Third World’ comment you’ve made. It can be a very dangerous world, read your history books again and perhaps reassess whether Germany should really be trifling with these guys.

    They ‘know’ it’s all a banker confidence trick, the spell is broken. Only an arms merchant would want to drag out this default spectacle any further 😉

  60. gold bullet says:

    @TJ | March 1, 2012 at 10:04 am |

    Nicely said.

  61. H.Lang says:

    >The fear oozes out of every smarmy ‘Third World’ comment you’ve made. It can be a very
    >dangerous world, read your history books again and perhaps reassess whether Germany
    >should really be trifling with these guys.

    Is the RAF gonna bomb Hamburg again?

  62. Wolferl says:

    @ TJ

    I know this kind of dream world of some Greeks are stilling living in of the “great resistance”. But reality is Greeks are cowards, if you put a little pressure on them they run for the hills or duck and cover. They are good for some ambushes but not for an organized resistance and if you fight back the same way they turn into little crybabys and the little baby boy Greek wants his mothers.

    I agree with you, Greeks are corrupt by nature so they will try to bribe everyone who goes to Greece. That´s why i think Greece is a lost cause, every effort to keep them in the EU and Euroland is a waist of time and resources. We should kick them out, take some losses and move on without Greece.

  63. Alf says:

    OK…I was wrong, it wasn’t empathy it was contempt.

  64. TJ says:

    @Wolferl… yet another gem?

    “I agree with you, Greeks are corrupt by nature so they will try to bribe everyone who goes to Greece. ”

    I never said Greeks were corrupt. Germans will come to their senses when they arrive in Aegean paradise.

    The Greeks have already kicked YOU out, one day you’ll accept it 😉

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