The Headlines According to Stacy: 31 January 2012

  • Tourism May Add $850B With New Visas  SH: Americans apparently don’t want of the wealth they sent to BRICs coming back into the deflating economy? I love the argument from the anti-immigrant group who fear the now middle class Chinese and Brazilian tourists may overstay their visa . . . and what? Take the non-existent US jobs?

QUOTE: The whole LTRO scheme increases “debt cross-holdings and systemic risk”, and ultimately lowers recovery rates for creditors. Mr Gallo thinks the next spasm of the crisis may hit as Italy redeems €97bn in February and March, and Spain redeems €30bn, with Portugal sliding into ever deeper debt as the economy contracts violently.

8 comments on “The Headlines According to Stacy: 31 January 2012
  1. Wolferl says:

    Go all in European banks. (Not Greece)

  2. JonnyJames says:

    Obamney/OBubba/Oblah-blah/ the puppet Emperor is pimping out the US for tourism from BRICS. Yet another sign the US is now a “third-world” country.

    Murdoch is a freakin zombie that should have had a stake driven through his soul-less chest cavity along time ago. He is scarier than any Halloween mask I have ever seen. I don’t judge folks by their looks, but in this case it is very appropriate. (same goes for Greenspan)
    Draghi is a freakin financial terrorist and criminal enabler.

    These f-ers should watch Keiser Report and learn from y’all and your guests.

  3. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    RE: ProPublica’s Off Base Charges About Freddie Mac’s Mortgage “Bets”

    “ProPublica is not necessarily wrong to say that Freddie has a conflict of interest… It is fair to question whether it (Freddie) is balancing… interests correctly… it is true that … means that you (Freddie) are happier when mortgages don’t prepay.”

    Thanks for clearing that up, Yves Saint Lafucktard.

  4. Daniel S says:

    Immigrants are just a fairly easy group of reasonably vulnerable people to pick out and pick on. I’ll make up some stuff, lets see.

    They didn’t rock the boat where they were so they’ll be political dead weight here. (Obviously a gross over-generalization and we’re not throwing out the locals who keep their heads low.)

    If they were good citizens they’d stay where they are and make things better there. (Again, you don’t get thrown out if you’re a natural citizen who only makes things worse here. We pay to feed and shelter you instead. Also, why should the borders of a state one was born in, be a boundary on where they can live for their entire life?)

    And they’ll compete unfairly with local businesses because as a condition of their stay they need to keep a business open for a few years. (A policy problem if at all, not an immigrant problem)

    In the end it is just people fighting hard to make their lives better, being picked on by another group who’d do better to do the same. The requirements of immigration are so harsh that the net effect is investment, job creation, a healthier tax base, a more deeply and diversely skilled work-force, etc. Perhaps the ethnocentric and racist bums opposed to immigration are just jealous because they’re largely failures following opportunist “leaders”.

    Also, we’ll always have significant immigration. It provides a much needed vent on slave farms. Without it there would be far more unrest. Which is what will happen if the world becomes so homogeneous that immigration becomes pointless.

  5. Daniel S says:

    Hollywood is a 50 year old hooker who failing to know when to quit, ends up mugging people with the threat of a dirty needle.

  6. Al Kyder says:

    on Tourism May Add $850B With New Visas SH:…….

    Its becoming more and more absurd every day. The money that these kind of tourist bring in does not go to the 99%.

    The market for this is also extremely fragile. For example, an air line strike or even volcanic eruption could ground flights for days or weeks.

    Tourists who have limited time will go elsewhere, and are likely to return to elsewhere next time.

    America has a very bad reputation in regards to tourists since 9/11. Not just airport security, but it is well known that the average american does not know the difference between a Tourist and a Terrorist.

  7. kdt says:

    the greeks baised there econimy on that brand of toilet paper look how that played out al kider has that nailed look at the ski industry this year in the us lol not such a good year for snow in the lower 48 places like park city will be short funds this summer even with the sundance puke fest meanwile california keeps taking water from farmers and giving it to cities even tho farms produce jobs and the food needed to feed said cities and cities them selves produce unemployment , wellfair , crime , and have never in human history been able to feed them selves or pay there own way, always forcing the surounding comunities to suport them thru either overt slavery or wage type take your pick.

  8. Al Kyder says:

    @ kdt

    When you kill off production (Rust Belt) then there is nothing else left but the tourist begging bowl.

    Look at Australia. We even made films like Crocodile Dundee to get people to places they has never heard of before.

    That was a failure in the log term, then the never ending housing bubb;e was tried. Lucky we have a history of over inflated house prices so our government kind of knows how to prick those bubbles.

    So far so good, only the top of he market is in trouble, to use an Oz expression, “Fuck the Tall Poppies”

    Now it is plain to see that, from an Oz perspective, the on;y thing that really makes money is production. Since there is little chance of high end stuff like electronics returning, we are left to dig more holes and ship the dirt to China.

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