Media: Ron Paul? Never heard of him

26 comments on “Media: Ron Paul? Never heard of him
  1. gold bullet says:

    @Max & Stacy & all

    Did you all know that in South Carolina more people would vote for Stephen Colbert than for Jon Huntsman?!

    Check out this clip @ around the 01:20 mark:—colbert-super-pac—coordination-problem

  2. Palantír says:

    yep, the media do not want to consider Ron Paul.
    funny view on this:
    Jon Stewart Exposes Ron Paul Media Bias After New Hampshire Primary

  3. Vonda Bra says:

    Please, Meet May Palmer … 🙂

    “Greetings fellow Ron Paul Supporters!
    My name is Bob Palmer from Washington State. Check out my wife, May Palmer, The Queen of Ivory Soul. She is a much beloved Singer/Entertainer here at home and she wrote this awesome song, singing the praises of Dr. Ron Paul. The name of her song is: ‘We Want Ron Paul!” She is simply aMAYzing!!”


    PS: Thank you M + S !!! 🙂

  4. gold bullet says:

    ”Victory for Internet Freedom: US Congress Shelves SOPA Bill”

    Fuck SOPA!

  5. Brandon Sanks says:

    Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have flipped and are backing Romney and the GOP this year. This says everything! However the Evangelical-Wall Street alliance could come under strain with the Mormon Romney. My guess is those evangelicals will suck it up and vote for him. However Romney doesn’t discuss religion so he could appeal to more secular voters. Look at New Hampshire he doesn’t scare them with that Evangelical stuff.

  6. gold bullet says:

    If Romney wins not just the nomination but the election all together and becomes the next US president, it will be because of Israel’s support:

    ”Israel and GOP join forces to oust Obama”

  7. oneguy says:

    Ron Paul!!!! Whoop Obama with the constitution. Whoop him, Whoop him, Whoop him

  8. Brandon Sanks says:

    The unholy Evangelical Religious Right-Big Business alliance has been so destructive for America. We went from a New Deal-Great Society country to a Neoliberal one and look at the results! The decline of labor created Clinton-Rubin-Summers Dems on top of that. The party totally betrayed it’s working class base. See NAFTA, killing Glass-Steagall, PNTR for China and the Commodity Futures Exchange Act all occurred under Clinton. Wall Street’s coup was complete!

  9. Brandon Sanks says:

    @Gold Bullet,
    Great point look at how Zionist every GOP candidate except Ron Paul is and they are extreme about it. In America the Evangelical are more Zionist than most Jews. They scare they shit out of me. These so called Christians love Israel more than America it seems.

  10. Vonda Bra says:

    Repost from HUH? | January 16, 2012 at 2:40 pm |

    How to (illegally) support Ron Paul:!

  11. POLITICO is a joke says:

    On Politico’s New Hampshire Primary 2012 webpage there was NO mention of Ron Paul – who is polling second in New Hampshire – on the very day of the primary. On their homepage, they had only have one article on Paul (“Ron Paul’s 1,000 Points of Darkness”) out of dozens, and zero photos. They had more than one photo of every other candidate. Their lead story on that day was somehow about Mitt vs. Obama. They mention every other candidate several times. Do they consider themselves journalists? Every day they only have a token article on Ron Paul on their homepage. Though today they have another: “Santorum Accuses Mitt, Paul of Lying”. These people at Politico are bought and paid for.

  12. JonnyJames says:

    No mention of Colbert? No mention of Ron Paul. I’m shocked. Just like 4 years ago. Remember that Kucinich and Paul had to sue CNN so the Zionist in Chief (Wolf Shitzer) had to accept them in the debate. However Shitzer ignored both Kucinich and Paul and the camera never showed them. Talked about a blatantly rigged game.

    And they call it “democracy”. What BS. This is inverted totalitarianism, kleptocratic oligarchy, neo-Feudalism, neo-Fascsism. Call it what you will, but it definitely aint democracy – even by the loosest of definitions.

  13. evolutis says:

    @Vonda Bra … thanks for da link @Bob May Palmer … nice … I’m far outside, even RPs corporate, yard fence but none the less … good job.

  14. Nak says:

    Cool Episode 237 on Tuesday, maybe we will get see Stacy naked in the bathtub.

  15. Vonda Bra says:

    Look what’s waiting for Dr. Paul in Florida

  16. Vonda Bra says:

    Ron Paul’s Texas Straight Talk 1/16/12: Outrageous Overreach of the EPA

  17. Vonda Bra says:

    Tonight! South Carolina Debate – 8pm ET – Fox News

    “It’s crunch time in South Carolina. Five Republican presidential candidates will face off in a Palmetto State debate on Monday night, just five days before the first-in-the-South primary. South Carolina’s primary is critical — the Palmetto State’s winner has been the eventual GOP nominee in every contested race since 1980. Fox News’ Bret Baier will co-moderate the debate in Myrtle Beach.”

    Fox News Live Stream from TVPC:

  18. Flopot says:

    Disgusting. Yup, the US Media is dead…to the truth. One of the signs that democracy is also dead in the US.

  19. gold bullet says:


    ”No mention of Colbert?”

    I’ve mentioned Colbert! 😉

  20. Wizefool says:

    Senator Tom Davis From South Carolina Endorses Ron Paul

  21. evolutis says:

    talk about lack of the overly, unmentioned … just in case Vonda missed it …. fox fucktard news …think i’ll stick to watching radio.

  22. RealBrother says:

    It’s really amazing what’s going on I saw one media clip where they changed Ron Pauls audience from a chearing crowd noise to a booing crowd noise.

  23. gold bullet says:

    ”Rupert Murdoch Lashes Out Bizarrely Against The White House For Asking Congress Not To Break The Internet”

  24. gold bullet says:

    ”SOPA/PIPA Supporters Pretend White House Statement Means We Can Rush Through SOPA/PIPA”

    As some of us here have said, do not trust the Troll-in-Chief Obama.

  25. patman says:

    Mitt rhymes with tit.
    Should be able to work with that.

    Of course, Ron rhymes with lawn.
    Maybe we shouldn’t go there after all.

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