[KR233] Keiser Report: Spiral of debt towards the paranormal

In this episode, we discuss Brits using payday loans to pay off interest only mortgages while Greeks bury their cash for fear of being Gaddafi’d by the banksters. In the second half of the show, Max talks to David Morgan of Silver-Investor.com about silver, Sprott and bonds.

308 comments on “[KR233] Keiser Report: Spiral of debt towards the paranormal
  1. Mini US says:

    Rickards Twitter

    According to @FT @camerondirect ready to lend to #IMF. Know that every lender to IMF is shorting its own currency. They sell local, buy #SDR

  2. microhousehold says:


    Cheers for the link

  3. Gumby says:

    Time to wake up and go to sleep.

    Wake-up music

  4. Holly says:

    Nice to see you and hope you’re doing well too. 🙂
    Things are.. most interesting, let’s say. lol
    So worst case scenario, I guess we can always shred those bills and put them on pancakes & waffles. 🙂

  5. twixtandtween says:

    @apocalypto re: N.A. and religion. Palestinians were driven from their ancestral homes. The Jews had no homeland. Both use the comparison to NA’s and they are both wrong. I think Israeli’s may use this comparison as a reverse psychology tactic. Native Americans did not believe that you could own land and neither do I. It is very rare in America for a family to maintain ownership of land beyond 3 generations. What was tragic for NA’s is that their way of life was destroyed because with the huge influx of people flooding across the continent the ability for the NA’s to feed themselves was lost. It takes a great deal of land to provide enough game to feed a tribe and almost all of the NA’s were hunter/gatherers. They were forced into agriculture which they found abhorent and the settlers had no concept of the balance of nature. How many groups of people have been driven off their land on every continent during the past centuries and it is still happening all over the world. It is a clash of values. Land is a commodity and that is why it is always in high demand.
    On religon…it is just not evangelicals that look to Israel as a place that is Holy. In many sects of Christianity the reference to Israel as the holy land is cited in scriptures and part of the hymns that are sung every week. The Christian’s prophets, their savior’s birth and death, their heroes and their villians will always hold that part of the world to be sacred. That the Israeli’s use this to their advantage is not news to me.

  6. davem says:

    “Last month City of London police sent a letter to the banks titled “Terrorism/extremism update for the City of London business community”. It warned of the following “substantial” terrorist threats: Farc in Columbia, al-Qaida in Pakistan, and Occupy London. It advised the banks to “remain vigilant” as “suspected activists” from the Occupy movement were engaging in “hostile reconnaissance” – the sort of language that might have been used to report German spies in the second world war. ” george monbiot

  7. Al Kyder says:

    @twixtandtween RE; | December 28, 2011 at 10:26 pm |
    @Al Kyder on anti-science

  8. What-me-worry? says:

    “After days of saying he wouldn’t, the chairman of the Swiss National Bank resigned abruptly on Monday. Philipp Hildebrand was brought low by a swirling controversy over foreign exchange transactions that made tens of thousands of dollars for him and his wife.” lol


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