False flag cyber attack happening right now

Stacy Summary: Yeah right, so the day after activists and citizens around the world stopped SOPA legislation from happening; today we have ‘Anonymous’ attacking Dept of Justice, RIAA, Hadopi.fr, etc. with denial of service attacks? Big whoop. So the site is down for a few minutes.  This is happening right now.  And no doubt Fox News is already telling the sheeple that this proves Rupert Murdoch was right to push so hard to protect you from these ‘nasty’ people with SOPA/PIPA’s internet tyranny.  While conveniently ignoring all the latest news out of the UK today about Rupert Murdoch’s true hacking horror story. Or that a judge has today ordered Murdoch’s criminal enterprise to turn over three computers, including that of a senior executive, on the suspicion that the computers contain evidence of orders to delete emails relevant to the course of justice.

17 comments on “False flag cyber attack happening right now
  1. Apocalypto says:

    The Internet is about to get a lobotomy. For those of you familiar with One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest you’ll know what I’m saying.

    The shit’s about to hit the fan, then the water cooler will hit the window.

  2. bit chin says:

    Well spotted.

    All the actors seem to be in place…

    Will Anonymous publicly announce they were not responsible? Will the public be fooled by this crass act of sabotage?

    The plot thickens

  3. Mary Genoud says:

    Everyone forgets Murdoch’s biography published in the early 90s that included when Murdoch faced bankruptcy and hat in hand went to financiers for help. Ummmmmm, who were the financiers, any private equity in?????????
    Murdoch is the puppet of who?

  4. ronron says:

    ya right. @Tracy. your probably right. but, the idea has been planted by the perpetrators. watch for 10 year olds.

  5. Al Kyder says:

    Muah Ha HA !!! 🙂

    Now to permanently shame every single US politician that supported this.

    If the US people dont follow this up by making these scum unelectable, then we should shift the focus to abandoning America instead of trying to help.

    While were on the Subject of Fox News , News coming out of Tashkent and Nth Korea looks ominous.

    Lukoil expanding projects in Uzbekistan
    Hamid Sultanov, UT
    Russia’s petroleum giant Lukoil has acquired a stake of Malaysia’s Petronas Carigali Overseas in the Aral project in Uzbekistan.
    Currently, the share of Lukoil in the project has reached 26.6%. The production sharing agreement on the Aral project with a validity of 35 years was signed in August 2006 and came into force in January 2007. The project is implemented by a consortium of investors consisting of the National Holding Company Uzbekneftegaz, Lukoil (Russia), CNPC International (China) and KNOC Aral (South Korea). The company is headquartered in Tashkent.
    The Aral License Block is located in north-western Uzbekistan and includes the Uzbek part of the Aral Sea and the adjacent land and the transit zone.
    Vietnamese company to accelerate exploration
    Ravshan Rustamov, UT
    Petrovietnam in the coming months plans to begin exploratory drilling at Kossor investment block in Ustiurt.

    Management of the National Holding Company Uzbekneftegaz received a delegation of Petrovietnam headed by Phung Dinh Thuc, chairman of the board. The two companies exchanged views on the joint work in the territory of Uzbekistan.
    Uzbek Who Threatened to Kill Obama to Plead Guilty

    Ulugbek Kodirov earlier denied the accusation, as well as a related charge of possession of illegal firearms, However, he will formally change the plea during a February 10 hearing, the report said.
    Kodirov, who is on trial in Alabama, was arrested last July, soon after he purchased an M15 rifle from undercover agents of the Department of Homeland Security.
    He told the agents at their previous meetings that he would be prepared to kill Obama, even if it meant sacrificing his own life.

    Then there was this little Gem after Baronette Hilary went to Uzbekistan.

    At an October 22 briefing designed to tout the enhanced relationship between the United States and Uzbekistan ahead of the first visit to the Central Asian country by a U.S. secretary of state in seven years, a senior State Department official was asked whether this strategic partner was still boiling people alive. The fact that this question needed to be asked is a worrisome sign for U.S. moral authority.
    The Uzbek regime’s use of boiling and other torture techniques has been well documented, and it is hardly a “thing of the past,” as the State Department official asserted at the briefing.

    Yes Hilary supports Children Picking cotton for Victoria Secret in Uzbekistan, and making transmission parts for General Motors by children is OK by GM

    Hillary Clinton, Hamid Karzai Joke About Herman Cain (VIDEO)

    KABUL, Afghanistan — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Afghan President Hamid Karzai shared some laughs Thursday over GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain’s recent dismissive remarks about Uzbekistan.

    In Korea this FOX News article from last year has almost started a new Korean War. It is still in critical circulation in Nth Korean press.

    PYONGYANG – North Korea warned South Korea on Sunday of “unexpected consequences” if Seoul displays Christmas lights near the tense border, and vowed to retaliate for what it called “psychological warfare.”

    The South’s defense ministry said earlier it was considering a request by a Seoul church group to put up Christmas lights on a steel tower shaped like a tree atop a military-controlled hill near the border.

    The North’s official website, Uriminzokkiri, called the plan “a mean attempt for psychological warfare” against the communist state and threatened to retaliate immediately if the lights are switched on.

    The 511-feet hill in the South, about two miles from the border, is within range of North Korean gunfire.

    The tree-shaped, 98-feet high steel structure is illuminated by thousands of small light bulbs and can be seen from the North’s major city of Kaesong just north of the border, according to media reports.

    “The enemy warmongers … should be aware that they should be held responsible entirely for any unexpected consequences that may be caused by their scheme,” Uriminzokkiri said. “This issue … is not something to be ignored quietly.”

    Well they are not ignoring it. they claim that this is propaganda in preparation for another attack by the imperialist aggressors.

    The consensus in NK seems to be they should strike first in a surprise attack, catching the US off guard and re-unifying Korea for their brothers and sisters in the Sth.

  6. Mary Genoud says:

    Murdoch is the front-man for who, what; who has a piece?

  7. Nat says:

    @ Al Kyder

    err… could you stop spamming the comment pages? I know it’s stuff you’re interested in but copy and pasting so much is no better than just spamming the place.. I mean, really who’s going to trawl through and actually read it?

  8. Nat says:


    Unfortunately you’ve jumped the gun with this one…. as you probably know by now (if not in bed) it WAS a DOS attack in response to a takedown of MegaUPLOAD.

    This takedown of the whole of the worlds biggest file depository (file-sharing for some reason always is associated with piracy so I’ll call it something else) is pretty major news!

    The collateral damage from this must be HUGE, but they’ll take it all down at once rather than make legal take-down requests for individual copyright violations..

    I think this will bring forward the P2P web quite a bit, no more DNS…

  9. Apocalypto says:


    Have you seen the PB’s press release in regard to SOPA?

    If not, and for all those who missed it, enjoy.


    Over a century ago Thomas Edison got the patent for a device which would “do for the eye what the phonograph does for the ear”. He called it the Kinetoscope. He was not only amongst the first to record video, he was also the first person to own the copyright to a motion picture.

    Because of Edisons patents for the motion pictures it was close to financially impossible to create motion pictures in the North american east coast. The movie studios therefor relocated to California, and founded what we today call Hollywood. The reason was mostly because there was no patent. There was also no copyright to speak of, so the studios could copy old stories and make movies out of them – like Fantasia, one of Disneys biggest hits ever.

    So, the whole basis of this industry, that today is screaming about losing control over immaterial rights, is that they circumvented immaterial rights. They copied (or put in their terminology: “stole”) other peoples creative works, without paying for it. They did it in order to make a huge profit. Today, they’re all successful and most of the studios are on the Fortune 500 list of the richest companies in the world. Congratulations – it’s all based on being able to re-use other peoples creative works. And today they hold the rights to what other people create. If you want to get something released, you have to abide to their rules. The ones they created after circumventing other peoples rules.

    The reason they are always complainting about “pirates” today is simple. We’ve done what they did. We circumvented the rules they created and created our own. We crushed their monopoly by giving people something more efficient. We allow people to have direct communication between eachother, circumventing the profitable middle man, that in some cases take over 107% of the profits (yes, you pay to work for them). It’s all based on the fact that we’re competition. We’ve proven that their existance in their current form is no longer needed. We’re just better than they are.

    And the funny part is that our rules are very similar to the founding ideas of the USA. We fight for freedom of speech. We see all people as equal. We believe that the public, not the elite, should rule the nation. We believe that laws should be created to serve the public, not the rich corporations.

    The Pirate Bay is truly an international community. The team is spread all over the globe – but we’ve stayed out of the USA. We have Swedish roots and a swedish friend said this: The word SOPA means “trash” in Swedish. The word PIPA means “a pipe” in Swedish. This is of course not a coincidence. They want to make the internet inte a one way pipe, with them at the top, shoving trash through the pipe down to the rest of us obedient consumers. The public opinion on this matter is clear. Ask anyone on the street and you’ll learn that noone wants to be fed with trash. Why the US government want the american people to be fed with trash is beyond our imagination but we hope that you will stop them, before we all drown.

    SOPA can’t do anything to stop TPB. Worst case we’ll change top level domain from our current .org to one of the hundreds of other names that we already also use. In countries where TPB is blocked, China and Saudi Arabia springs to mind, they block hundreds of our domain names. And did it work? Not really. To fix the “problem of piracy” one should go to the source of the problem. The entertainment industry say they’re creating “culture” but what they really do is stuff like selling overpriced plushy dolls and making 11 year old girls become anorexic. Either from working in the factories that creates the dolls for basically no salary or by watching movies and tv shows that make them think that they’re fat.

    In the great Sid Meiers computer game Civilization you can build Wonders of the world. One of the most powerful ones is Hollywood. With that you control all culture and media in the world. Rupert Murdoch was happy with MySpace and had no problems with their own piracy until it failed. Now he’s complainting that Google is the biggest source of piracy in the world – because he’s jealous. He wants to retain his mind control over people and clearly you’d get a more honest view of things on Wikipedia and Google than on Fox News.

    Some facts (years, dates) are probably wrong in this press release. The reason is that we can’t access this information when Wikipedia is blacked out. Because of pressure from our failing competitors. We’re sorry for that.

    THE PIRATE BAY, (K)2012

  10. Nat says:


    Thanks for that – a good read

    @Al Kyder

    Apologies for the double standard of enjoying that long post from Apocalypto but at least it was about one thing.

  11. Nat says:

    I’m feeling a little low…

    My favourite blog ForTheDishwasher.blogspot.com has been taken down too, plus they hosted everything on MegaUPLOAD.

    They would post up interesting articles about obscure, 60’s Czech films for example and have a download link ready for you.

    All that rich content and life enhancing culture just taken away from me.. how am I going to discover it now?

    I’d even upgraded my broadband in order to begin regularly downloading stuff but got too busy over xmas to start.

    The frustratingly stupid thing is that I would have bought MORE media legitimately after having been exposed to it from a megaupload download! Now all that will reach me is the latest Hollywood shit and lady gaga.

  12. Apocalypto says:


    No problem on the post.

    I read your comment to Kyder and I agree, but for a slightly different reason. Long posts don’t bother me if they’re both directly related to the thread topic, and highly relevant. Since the topic of this thread is “cyber attack” and I had just read the PB memo, it was highly relevant, since what the boys over at PB think is extremely important to this issue. They’ve had many an attack on their systems over the years, as we’re all aware.

    Long posts that contain multiple topics are highly annoying, and I’m pretty sure M&S wonder sometimes wtf people are doing when they post things like that. Some people need to just make their own blog and develop their own traffic.

    I particularly don’t like it when people use this technique:

    To artificially make their posts larger on the screen and garner even more d-damned attention…. it’s very annoying.

    I guess all one can do is lol at it all 😀

  13. Samuel-12 says:

    look at the date this megauplaod frenzy happened!!!!

    01/ 19 /2012.. it’s right there in your face
    911 /2012

  14. Cheify says:


    Are you kidding me?

    If it is a joke then hates off for getting the crazy ‘number’ people worked out to a T

  15. 623-3 says:

    No Stacy, don’t go the Alex Jones way. It wasn’t a false flag, but a retaliation because of what they did with Megaupload.

  16. Kevin Eshbach says:

    If only Rupert Murdoch and his spawned DNA would take a pleasure cruise and disappear into the Bermuda Triangle.

  17. Al Kyder says:

    @ Nat if you are reading this.

    The purpose of Caching those lines somewhere relevant is the reason.

    Links dont work, they get taken down, they get modified.

    When you post a link, it may have an update time.

    So the story might say, 8 hours old, last updated 1.20 mins ago.

    Its almost always that first burst of news that is important, before they get a chance to modify it.

    The topic about the Cetro-Asian ring is highly relevant to this, as for comparison to how the news is being used for misdirection.

    This is one of the reason WHY SOPA sux. They want to have a monopoly on this information. They want to say that caching an article like the ones listed is a breach of copyright.

    Its Orwellian straight from Mini-Truth.

    America is being attacked economically by these countries right now. America is sending a Military response to this economic attack.

    These same said haxors have already taken a drone down.

    Haxin the FBI is childs play for them.

    To quote @ stacyherbert “today we have ‘Anonymous’ attacking Dept of Justice, RIAA, Hadopi.fr, etc. with denial of service attacks? Big whoop.

    Exactly Big Whoop @ Nat.

    What I have just outlined is a system of Bilateral trade between these countries. the end of the Petrodollar.

    Thats why I am covering this, because no one else is.

    As for creating a Blog. How long do you think that would last in the USA reporting such things ?? Would I be labeled a terrorist? sent to gitmo?

    Right Now this is the biggest unreported news Item of the week. maybe of the millennium.

    Oil will feature prominently in the News Over the next two months. Those articles will tell you why. Did you see the jump in the Oil price ?? Up 20 % on that news 😉

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