Don Obama: US mafia’s spaghetti-monster-in-chief?

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  1. gold bullet says:

    LMAO!!! 😀

    Great teaser, Max & Stacy, can’t wait for the show tomorrow!

    Though I think that the main Don is actually Lloyd Blankfein, Obummer is just a Goldman Sachs puppet.

  2. Übergrinch says:

    Max, I politely request that you smooth out your rants and not have so many gaps between the words where you’re trying to come up with something to say. Maybe you can find some kind of ranting coach to perfect your delivery. I’ve heard people in France are pretty good at ranting after they get over their ennui.

  3. @Max & Sherbert, you should try plaing the ‘Game With A Pupose’ called “FOLDIT” where humans can help computers save billions of years of processing time, folding real proteins….They do look a lot like a fork full of spaghetti with a few meatballs attached. His Divine Noodleness The Supreme Spaghetti Monster may soon deploy the latest D.Wave 84 Qubit Quantum Computer, now used by Google Immage Search, or perhaps their 128 Qubit version now under test. Professor Nick Bostrom, Future of Humanity Chair, Oxford explains on his page about advanced civilizations running “Ancestor Simulations”…it is highly probable we exist within one of these ‘Simulations’.

    A cubic meter of beach sand 2000 x 2000, x 2000 grains, is close to the current world population, there are said now to be over 100 billion Goldilocks planets in our Galaxy, The Supreme Spaghetti Monster promised Abraham that his progeny would outnumber the stars. So if indeed we do live in a Simulated Universe? quite a few billion of your future relatives will be reading your thoughts, as you read this post. The odds that we are NOT living in a Simulation are so vanishingly small as to effectively be zero!…Think about that please!

  4. @Max,

    Centralization and consolidation of POWER …. hallmarks of every DICTATOR: Obama seeks merger of U.S. trade, commerce agencies.

  5. don middleton says:

    See! Mafia and dollar is how it is. Water off a duck’s back. Shit through a goose.
    Go ahead and try to incite a gold or silver corner.
    Wonder how a serf corner on firewood might be? Seems the castles still stand; where are all the huts?
    You gotta know that i love all your “esse” but hey, it’s not reality and not likely to be so for at least a little while……keep chipping away at those brick walls 🙂

  6. Planets outnumber stars! so His Divine Noodleness, The Supreme Spaghetti Monster, corrected his promise, after Abraham looked a little worried that his future relatives would only outnumber the stars, and told Abraham….”Oops! I meant “Outnumber the sand on the sea shore”…(about 8 billion per cubic meter)

  7. gold bullet says:

    Very interesting article, please check it out:

    ”10 Modern Methods Of Mind Control”

  8. don middleton says:

    Can you take your belief system out of “the present”. All that is required is an acceptance of things as they are….as in, to be is to be. Sure, being is magical and many hunt for succour, but for the present we will be.
    Now sovereign persons live in the present, recognize that being is magical (endorse scientific study of beingness) and think toward the future. Sovereign persons do not fall for hegelian and other bullshit. (expected not to, but temptation is powerful to aquisitive persons).

    So accepting all foibles of persons to be “behind me, satan” we are left with persons of free will who think clearly and congregate together to make “laws” under which, since all persons agree to the making will surely agree to the enforcement.

  9. Happy Dick says:

    The power of the system which runs the planet is wickedly unyielding. Trying to tear it down … its a fukcin pipe dream.

  10. gold bullet says:

    ”Eurozone thrown into new crisis as France loses AAA credit rating”

    ”S&P action leads to fall in euro and share prices while European Central Bank forced to buy Italian bonds”

    The eurozone countries should, in retaliation to this hostile move by the US private ratings agency S&P, form its own ratings agency and downgrade the US credit rating to junk status, which it is in reality.

  11. Jamie Demon says:

    Alastair Carnegie
    Is that a “real” quantum computer they are using or a molecular grapene imposter?

  12. don middleton says:

    When will the paranoia stop? Oh yeah, when dumbass people aren’t fooled anymore!
    No end to dumbasses or spaghetti monsters……yeeha!

  13. Apocalypto says:

    A little pepper here, a little peepee there, and you’ve got a nice recipe for tyranny.

    Pepper Sprayed To Death In Jail

  14. gold bullet says:

    And in more ”Displays of US Marines insanity” news:

    US Marines Clobber Sheep to Death to Amuse **Warning Cruelty**

  15. gold bullet says:

    A funny meme for y’all:

    Troll level: President

  16. Palantír says:

    Housing/bank question

    “When DNB last week took up a five-year bond at 2 billion euros backed by Norwegian mortgage, the interest rate was set at 1.19 per cent of the Norwegian money market rates, which has recently hovered around 2.7 percent. Thus, the borrowing cost of just under 4 percent of the safest loans from Norway’s largest bank.”
    (DNB – Norway’s largest financial service group)

    If a bank takes loan backed by mortgages, does not that bank pledge for our loans? And what if the bank can not meet its obligations, must the mortgage holders then fulfil the banks obligations? What if the loan were demanded to be liquidated? I guess that could mean forced house sales of those that do have mortgages however good a payer that person were, a bit like the crisis in the US… or?

    And why are a bank allowed to take a third party security in a mortgage without the first party borrowers consent? A mortgage is between the borrower and the lender, not a third part, I do not think it is right for the lender to use that mortgage security to back another deal which the borrower has no saying in.

  17. gold bullet says:

    ”Israeli agents posed as CIA to recruit terrorists”

    These ‘people’ are really out of their freaking minds!

  18. steveosilver says:

    On top of spaghetti,
    All covered with cheese,
    I lost my poor meatball,
    When somebody sneezed.

    It rolled off the table,
    And on to the floor,
    And then my poor meatball,
    Rolled out of the door.

    It rolled in the garden,
    And under a bush,
    And then my poor meatball,
    Was nothing but mush.

    The mush was as tasty
    As tasty could be,
    And then the next summer,
    It grew into a tree.

    The tree was all covered,
    All covered with moss,
    And on it grew meatballs,
    And tomato sauce.

    So if you eat spaghetti,
    All covered with cheese,
    Hold on to your meatball,
    Whenever you sneeze.

    Love and gratitude

  19. Wolferl says:

    @ Palantir

    It´s common in Europe that you can sell a right to a third party without consent or even knowledge of the borrower. This is no problem, because the borrower has to meet his obligations to the third party in same way he was was obliged to his/her initial counterparty. This means if you have a 30 year mortage you are not forced to pay it back before the date, you just have to make sure you pay the monthly interest rates.

  20. gold bullet says:

    ”Tool Time: Wolf Blitzer’s ‘Salute’ to Politicians”

    Wolf Blitzer – Head tool of Cunt News Network

  21. gold bullet says:


    ”It´s common in Europe that you can sell a right to a third party without consent or even knowledge of the borrower.”

    One slight mistake, at least according to Serbian Obligation Law: The borrower must be informed if the right is sold to a third party. The borrower doesn’t have to consent to it, but he must be informed so that the transfer of the sold right is valid.

  22. don middleton says:

    You peeps got it all wrong.
    debt is a figment…it can and will be entombed. The holders of the debt will be more than happy to hold it for a small price….big kiss!.

    what’s easier……forcing households to hold an edict of salt, then kicking in your door to see how much salt you got……..or…..the dollar regime. Pray if ya gotta but….

  23. Bob says:

    But is Don Amoba an ORGANIC Flying Spaghetti-Monster-in-chief. That’s the real million dollar question for Malcolm X Jr.

  24. Vonda Bra says:

    please watch them all:

    Santorum Says That ‘The Murder of Foreign Scientists is a Wonderful Thing’

    Bohemian Grover Newt Gingrich Denies Bohemian Grove Existence

    LA Cop Punches Special Needs Woman In The Face On A Bus

    ‘Fancy yourself a vegetarian or vegan? Think that the label that says “organically grown” has anything to do with the packaging, storage, and transport of that product to stores?
    What if I told you that cow, pig, and chicken collagen is now used in place of wax on your fruits and vegetables, among many other things much worse than you can probably imagine?
    And what if then I told you, as with most atrocities that happen now-a-days, that this is all approved by the FDA…’

    f####ing unbelievable !!!… watch:
    David Icke – Alex Jones – Free Thinking Human … or a Programmed Sheeple …

    sickening an so sad … 🙁

  25. Palantír says:

    Yes, but let’s say that in a mortgage contract you got 30 year to pay up, ether by chunks or as you write just pay interest and then after thirty years pay the whole loan in one go. How can it be legal for a third party to break that contract to demand full payment before the contract expires? Even if one part sells his share of the contract to another, it is still a 30 year contract for the new party, even in financial troubles.

  26. Robert Mockan says:

    What can one say? Ah, I know.


    They prevail because they are willing to use force to implement their goals. That includes doing anything they can get away with. People must decide what kind of world they want to live in, then make it happen.

  27. don middleton says:

    Youri….good clip 🙂
    Isn’t it “funny” how some writers had it right so long ago, yet here we are!
    “Yes, minister “could have been heeded but not, sadly.
    Max has history just right…….but now, a good game to play.

  28. gold bullet says:

    @Vonda Bra

    Spunk Boy Santorum is even more bonkers than I could have even imagined.

    ”We did it to our own citizens, we can certainly do it to others.” ”I hope our country is behind the assassinations and the dead scientists are a wonderful thing.”

    He admits that America is practicing state-sponsored terrorism all over the world. I can just now hope someone invades them to prevent their terrorism.

  29. don middleton says:

    Ans about entombing:
    If the FFB is doing it….well, who won’t?
    If you think the “market” ism there to run interference….please, what is the “market”?

  30. gold bullet says:

    SOPA explained in a few pictures:

    ”Don’t stop me now”

  31. gold bullet says:

    ”Over 120,000 People Sign Petition Asking EA To Officially Come Out Against SOPA”

    Stop SOPA!

  32. gold bullet says:

    ”Sega Gets It Right About SOPA: It’s Time For A Hard Reset On Copyright Law & Congress”

    Fuck SOPA and anyone who supports it!

  33. gold bullet says:

    ”Jimmy Wales In Favor Of Wikipedia Blackout: Community Must Decide”

    It seems that Wikipedia will join Reddit by blacking out its site on January 18th.

    Go Wikipedia!

    Fuck SOPA!

  34. Tamir says:

    British total insanity update

    “A mother has spoken of her hurt and outrage after she found out the brain of her six-week-old baby had been kept in a jar at Southampton General Hospital for 13 years.
    Julie Middleton, 40, buried her son Regan in 1999 but has now been told that doctors removed his brain during a post-mortem at the medical centre.
    She said although she knew tissues had been removed to ascertain the cause of death – which was found to be cot death – she had no idea the entire organ had been removed.”

  35. gold bullet says:

    ”CNN contributor wants to pee on dead Afghans too”

    No wonder CNN stands for Cunt News Network, because only CUNTS work on that ”news” station!

  36. Wolferl says:

    @ Palantir

    True, if it´s a 30 year contract and the initial lender was not intiteled to cancel the contract before that and the borrower pays all his interest rates in time and you don´t find a loophole in the paperwork of the contract the new owner of the loan legally has no right to make you pay before the expiry date of the loan contract. An exeption for this may occure in certain cases because of insolvency laws of a country, but still the borrower should be intiteled to get damages in this case. But i know they sometimes just try to scare people, who have no legal backround, out of the loan to make an extra profit.

  37. Wolferl says:

    @ Palantir

    Maybe “compensation” for “damages” is better.

  38. ronron says:

    where,s my fucking email update?

  39. ronron says:

    you can bet Tracy was worry,d when i didn’t post for a day. 🙂

  40. ronron says:

    and if i don’t get the fucking email update, i,m gonna post too the moon. Tracy. a conundrum.

  41. ronron says:

    and where,s the fucking light green fucking fuzzy turtleneck. this is unheard of.

  42. cowardlylion says:


    Time to let Pepe Danslarue come through please. Thanks! Are you two kicking out any more TaM? I particularly liked the one recently where you were walking around while doing the show. Great way to digest this constant stream of absurdity. All the senses.

  43. Gumby says:

    on a happier note, do you realize that there are still trees in America?

    doomer music

  44. Gumby says:

    @ronron – 1) put a firehouse down your pants. 2) turn it on! 🙂

  45. ronron says:

    @Gumby. your funny. someday you,ll understand.

  46. Gumby says:

    I still can play SuzieQ on the electreek geetar.

    One for space fans (of course totally unrelated to finance):
    When Galaxy Clusters Collide: Collision Could Help Astronomers Better Understand ‘Dark Matter’

  47. Wahrheit says:

    What is that brown stuff smudged around Max’s mouth?
    Seriously…. what is it?

  48. Wahrheit says:

    That two shot, with Krieger on the left and a still photograph of Max on the right, looks rather creepy. I mean, Max doesn’t even blink because it’s a photo and this is very obvious…

  49. evolutis says:

    @ Robert Mockan – agree with today’s comment. Specific action ?

    Stephan L. Thaler – wow brilliant – thanks again for the link,

    1909 The Machine Stops – 1983 The Culture – the connection between science and art, a cognitive celebration alliance.

  50. Youri Carma says:

    Europe Banks Hoarding Cash Resist Draghi Bid to Avoid Crunch


    Banks have been parking almost all extra liquidity from the ECB loans back at the central bank. “The ECB loans will largely be used to pre-fund 2012 and some of 2013’s bank refinancing needs, but it will not stimulate lending,” Van Steenis said. They will “just stop it falling off precipitously.”

    Most lenders across Europe have vowed to meet capital rules by trimming at least €950 billion from their balance sheets over the next two years , either by selling assets or not renewing credit lines.

    Euro-area banks have more than €600 billion of debt maturing this year, the Bank of England said in its financial stability report last month.

    Morgan Stanley’s Van Steenis estimates banks may reduce assets by as much as €2.5 trillion in two years, a process known as deleveraging.

    The volume of loans to households and companies in the 17- nation euro area shrank in November for the second consecutive month. Companies across Europe say credit is tightening.

    Because quantitative easing tends to improve capital markets first, the healing will be even slower in Europe given its reliance on banks for borrowing, according to Gallo.

    “The ECB loans are a kick-the-can measure that doesn’t fix the banks’ structural problems,” Gallo said. “Deleveraging needs to happen.”

  51. Youri Carma says:

    Marc Faber – CNBC 13 January 2012

  52. Gumby says:

    you want gloom? check out this:
    The following are 22 signs that we are on the verge of a devastating global recession….

    Best joke of the night: “You KNOW you live in a bad neighborhood when you come home and someone is sitting on the hood of your car.”

  53. snoop diddy says:

    doom metal – loving it, a music for a generation if only they knew things as they were and not as they were presented. The undertone drowned out by the overtone of the madding crowds. Things are so bad even doom metal is under appreciated lol 🙂

  54. gold bullet says:

    ”Eurozone in new crisis as ratings agency downgrades nine countries”

    ”S&P brought an abrupt end to the uneasy calm that has existed in the eurozone since the turn of the year by downgrading the ratings of Cyprus, Italy, Portugal and Spain by two notches. Austria, France, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia were all cut by one notch.”

  55. gold bullet says:

    ”CNN: Anonymous Wants To See An All Out Revolution Here In The United States!”

    Cunt News Network is scared shitless of Anonymous!

    They should be, because Anons expose them as the liars that they are!

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