A Picture Tells a Thousand Words About Why Ron Paul Will Not Be Allowed to Be Nominated

Stacy Summary: Personally, I don’t mean to support any candidate over another. What is important, however, is that this blatant media / banking-military-industrial-complex intervention in national politics all over the world be exposed and stopped if we want to prevent their World War 3 and World War 4 and World War 5 they have screenwriters busily concocting as I type.

49 comments on “A Picture Tells a Thousand Words About Why Ron Paul Will Not Be Allowed to Be Nominated
  1. Josh says:

    I love how they “lost connection” as soon as he started to say the wrong things. I guess they just assumed the 10 year war vet would stick to the script.

  2. alfred b. says:

    Typical CNN fashion….unaccountability of lame street media…to hell with you cnn…I unsubscribe!!

  3. Military Industrial Complex, Corporate Media Governmental fascism
    Eisenhower’s warning manifests itself very often these days, this is just one more example.

  4. MirrorMirror says:


    Shouldn’t there be a warning for Children under the age of 50 ?

  5. steve says:

    They’re gonna havta kill Paul in order to stop him.
    And in doing so, they shall have done set their own house afire.
    Tick, tick, tick – boom, boyz!
    ‘Game over’, boyz.
    You loooose.
    (Actually, you’ve already lost – you just haven’t quite figured it out yet.)
    This house
    is on fire, so’s yas better gits out whilst yas still can.
    Before it burns ye’s fat, pimply, hairy ass.
    But, then, again, it still mights anyways.
    Probably will , too.
    Definitely maybe.
    Mmmmm Hmmmm.
    Remember that they too are just men – if you cut them, they will bleed.
    If you cut ’em deep enough, they will fuckin’ bleed out.

  6. MATTEF86 says:

    I`m not American, but I`m quiet sure the soldier will get in a lot of trouble for this. Usually soldiers are not allowed to show up at political events like this in uniform. Of course soldiers are allowed to make political donations and can also give political speeches, just not in uniform. If you are not a banker you have to live by every letter of the law. Only bankers are allowed to steal trillions of dollars and live a life of financial anarchy. So I guess his punishment will be hard.

    However it`s so ridiculous how CNN cuts him off. What do they expect from a Ron Paul supporter asked about foreign policy? Of course he is anti-war. I`m surprised there are enough stupid people left in the USA who take the Cartoon News Network serious.

  7. Danny Cunnington says:

    It’s worse than that. He is an active soldier and they have army regulations that means he will probably be punished for his remarks. The US soldiers abroad are probably the most abused voters in the US system.

    Back in 2005, I was talking to a bunch of US soldiers who had served in Iraq but they were in Amsterdam. They told me that the vote from their large base was blatantly riggged. They said they everybody talked about who they will be voting for and nobody was going to vote for Bush Junior. When the vote was counted to results showed 88% support for Bush Junior!

    I asked they how come nobody heard about this. It turns out to make this sort of accusation in the military involves making allegations of fraud against senior officers. They are also forbidden from mentioning the way they voted to the media, forbidden to do any independent tally and the only way you could hear this was direct from the soldiers when there were no officers around. They said that Vietnam vets told them the same thing. The vote always get rigged to support the emcumbent who claimed they supported the troops. The military rules mean that they can get away with this.

    Expect that soldier to face disciplinary measures for expressing support for a candidate who is anti-war. They spin it as undermining morale of an active unit.

  8. Mark Lytle says:

    I say it over and over, young people should leave this country, go to the southern hemisphere. I think there will be a time when more of the sheeple wake up, but it will produce little change. Most of the sheeple will shrug, say, “O.K. I’m a slave” and keep going on with whatever they’re doing.

  9. Mark Lytle says:

    In fact, many have already done this, internally…

  10. febo says:

    Stacy – why don’t you want to be seen to be backing Ron Paul? Is there another candidate for 2012 who will let Blankfien and Dimon go **** themselves?

  11. stacyherbert says:

    @febo – I think the system is beyond redemption that no single person can fix; we have to hit reset and have another Constitutional Congress and recreate a Republic; in terms of endorsing any candidate, it’s up to others whom they choose to vote for if they choose to participate in obviously rigged elections, I do hope Ron Paul gets the Republican nomination so that the discussion about foreign policy is had publicly; it is from this discussion which revolution could potentially brew

  12. Dr. Richard Head says:

    I guess this soldier’s brain washing…I mean boot camp wore off.

  13. Flopot says:


    Lol. Yes, as soon as the soldier went off script (i.e. the US should not make war on Iran) the plug was pulled. But methinks leaks like this will continue until the MSM can no longer hold up the dyke of censorship. I know that is a terrible metaphor. Sorry about that. “Levee of censorship” might have worked but it is too late now ;–P

  14. Jayme says:

    Glad I didn’t have to hear the rest of the clip. What a really sad circus.

  15. Mark Lytle says:


    I keep waiting for the system to reset, I guess it will happen at some point, but watching $Libor as a sign of the encroaching western banking implosion, it’s flattening out the last few days, probably because the FED is doing a massive bailout/backstop with currency swaps. So they keep finding ways to kick the can…

    By the time it does reset, most of the country will be in poverty anyway…

  16. febo says:

    @StacyHerbert – I respect your stance but publicly supporting and voting for Ron Paul is not pinning everything on 1 person – its participating in a revolution. Pauls’ philosophy requires all citizens to more actively participate in society and politics. You appear to be avoiding the issue, like too many in the alt media – your “reset” is nothing but a contentless word. If you are not backing Ron Paul in 2012, what better are you going to be doing?
    ‘Scuse my bluntness.

  17. RealBrother says:

    I think the soldier was trying to explain non of the countries he spent 10 years invading had anything to do with 911. The hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.

  18. gold bullet says:

    I do agree with Stacy’s stance re: Ron Paul. One man cannot change the system that is fundamentally corrupt and so deeply and morally flawed. Nothing would really change in the US even if they elected someone like Ron Paul for president 10 straight times. Only when the economic situation reaches a point where the majority of the people are desperate enough to got out to the streets of every major city in their millions and are prepared to risk it all, even their lives, to demand a change to the system and to be willing to fight the powers that be to the bitter end to change the system and a reimplementation of a true Democratic Republic, that is when revolution will happen in America.

  19. Mark Lytle says:

    Tarpley made some good points recently that are germane here. He is talking about the mental state of the elites. He says bluntly, “They’re nuts.” There’s preparations for war with Iran, even as the Russians and Chinese have told us flatly not to do this. Consequences, sky high oil prices on the low end, Nuclear War on the high end.

    The reset may be global war rather than collapsing banks.

  20. Mark Lytle says:

    And people who would risk WWIII for who knows what reason have no problems fixing elections. Paul is not going to get the nomination, period..

  21. gold bullet says:

    Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised


  22. febo says:

    @Goldbullet – you make the same mistake as Stacy. Ron Paul is the bird in the hand, but you want 2 in the bush. You are hungry, but you insist on 2 in the bush. Too fussy by half I’d say.

  23. @duckbiter says:

    @gold bullet
    Ur just a dreamer.

  24. Flopot says:


    Revolutions have happened in the past and they will happen again.

  25. Illinois Brandon says:

    Once Jamie Dimon basically endorsed Romney you knew he was the guy. I don’t like either party myself. I believe the elites are setting Obama up to win in 2012 and then the Shit will really hit the fan in my view. They know the far right will lose it and lash out. There has been a huge growth in far right groups in America since 2000. A record number of guns were sold last year! Plus we likely see the effects of peak oil by 2016 which will throw the whole world into turmoil.

  26. Vonda Bra says:

    @ stacy
    —…in terms of endorsing any candidate, it’s up to others whom they choose to vote for if they choose to participate in obviously rigged elections, I do hope Ron Paul gets the Republican nomination so that the discussion about foreign policy is had publicly; it is from this discussion which revolution could potentially brew—-

    I absolutely agree!
    but I also go with febo´s comment.
    Isn´t Ron Paul infact the only chance in THIS election to somehow get started with that “reset”, we all seem to agree on is absolutely crucial ?

    @ Mark Lytle | January 4, 2012 at 5:20 pm |

    —And people who would risk WWIII for who knows what reason have no problems fixing elections.—
    of course, but you seem to have lost any hope this is not going to happen …
    at the moment, it looks as if they were fighting amongst eachother, which will weaken their powers …
    —Paul is not going to get the nomination, period.. —
    the prospects for that indeed might not be ideal 😉 … but as we are just at the beginning of this … a lot still is possible!

    It was absolute torture yesterday to watch that CNN-coverage !!!
    My body decided it was better for my health to just fall asleep … 😉


  27. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Silverstreamist | January 4, 2012 at 6:00 pm |
    THANK YOU! for Stepan Molineux piece! 🙂 .. watching it ….

    @ Illinois Brandon | January 4, 2012 at 5:49 pm |
    I know … I´m aware of all that too, maybe thats why I still cling to that tiny little chance that could be Ron Paul …
    btw, Rupert Murdoch now jumped into the twitter-business and also endorsed that caricature Romney .. 🙁


  28. @duckbiter says:

    @gold bullet
    The culture of the USA rejects solidarity. Internal issues blind the people to what’s happening. An easy life (so far), and simple selfishness and greed as a naive aim, rule out any concerted action.
    As a non-American, I have been astonished by how they use the term “socialist” simply as a pejorative. And that 40% profess a belief in The Creation.
    The USA is light years away from revolution.

  29. Steady Eddie says:

    CNN = Criminal News Network
    ficatillo in culo CNN!
    I spit on your grave MSM!

  30. Silverstreamist says:

    @ Vonda
    Cheers, love. 😉
    Homeless Mustard Sings “Creep” GREATEST Cover EVER

  31. Mark Lytle says:


    I mostly agree with you. I think there is a substantial minority that are ready to do ‘something’, but what that would be is not well defined because of the diffuse way power represents itself to us in the system.

    The majority are out to lunch, sometimes angry, but never really radical.


    What scares me about the elites is they are developing a ‘bunker mentality’. Literally.

    The threat of Mutually Assured Destruction kept them somewhat in check for decades, but in the last few years, rumors have circulated about vast underground installations, designed to withstand anything, natural or man-made. Mimicking this, for the lesser elites, are well verified outfits that will build you a small bunker for a still ‘hefty’ fee.

    Type in ‘Survival Bunker’ into Google. I get 24,200 hits. I think that grows every week.

    If the elites have made such preparations, and I think they have, they don’t care what happens to the rest of us. Kyle Bass, noted hedge fund manager, has built a 40,000 square foot fort in West Texas. I would suspect a fair part of it is subterranean..

    Remember, it’s been over 70 years since Hiroshima. These bubble-headed Boomer elites barely remember how bad that was. They are not connected to reality. So they think with their money, that they can ‘survive’ it. So they can be more reckless…

    Remember the TV show Survivor? That’s the mentality. Being ‘off the island’ means you’re a chump, which means being above ground when the war starts.

  32. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Silverstreamist | January 4, 2012 at 6:51 pm |
    Homeless Mustard Sings “Creep” GREATEST Cover EVER
    thank you, I loved it! 🙂
    definitely would invite him out for dinner! … or help him to professionally record that song in studio …

  33. Mark Lytle says:

    Here’s the game:

    War Imminent in Straits of Hormuz? $200 a Barrel Oil?



    “It is worth remembering that chess was played in Sassanid Iran 1,400 years ago, where it was known as “chatrang.” What is occurring now off the Persian Gulf is a diplomatic and military game of chess, with global implications.

    Washington’s concept of squeezing a country’s government by interfering with its energy policies has a dolorous history seven decades old.

    When Japan invaded Vichy French-ruled southern Indo-China in July 1941 the U.S. demanded Japan withdraw. In addition, on 1 August the U.S., Japan’s biggest oil supplier at the time, imposed an oil embargo on the country.

    Pearl Harbor occurred less than four months later.”

  34. chris m says:

    I’d just love to know what it is that
    the Main Stream media doesnt like about Ron Paul.

    They either ignore him or else they just dismiss him as some sort of oddball.

    He’s just about the only politician in the US (perhaps the world even)
    with that funny old thing called Integrity.(perhaps thats because the MSM cant spell the word Integrity.

  35. Talcott says:

    Screenwriters indeed.

    The ‘photo’ finish in Iowa is a bit …fishy, yes?

  36. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Mark Lytle
    —-What scares me about the elites is they are developing a ‘bunker mentality’. Literally.—

    I know, and I´m aware of all that, but I decided for me not to occupy myself with that stuff on a daily basis, allowing them to hold me in constant fear and driving me nuts!
    If that crazyness is about to happen, it will happen and it will kill me anyway … I do not have a bunker. So whats the use of doing them the favour to give in to this and spend the rest of my life in dead faint??? obviously they want us all to get to this state.
    I try to resist this best I can!!!
    You can call me a fool! 🙂

  37. Mark Lytle says:


    I still fight it too, I have hardly given up. I just see it as a bit Quixotic. While I’m still on planet earth, I might as well do what is right. That said, I don’t have much confidence in humanity at large. But perhaps we’ll get lucky and prevail, anyway.

  38. Vonda Bra says:

    @chris m | January 4, 2012 at 7:17 pm |
    —I’d just love to know what it is that
    the Main Stream media doesnt like about Ron Paul.
    They either ignore him or else they just dismiss him as some sort of oddball.—-

    Ron Paul is endangering their/THE SYSTEM!

    —He’s just about the only politician in the US (perhaps the world even)
    with that funny old thing called Integrity.—-
    He is at least A CHANCE!

    Once the people who are living on the floor of the pyramid start to run away …
    the whole pyramid is going to come down and those on the top will fall as well !!!
    (unless they make it to their bunkers intime … 😉 )

  39. Jack Pagan says:

    @ Febo

    Stacy won’t back Ron Paul in public because he’s a Libertarian…and her and Max avoid being attached to that label like the plague.

  40. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Mark Lytle
    —I don’t have much confidence in humanity at large.—-

    yeah, sometimes it is really hard to keep confidence in humanity … but doesn´t it make much more sense and and make it more thrilling to build up on that tiny rest of it, then to give up any hope and stare at the walls from now on … ? 😉
    I believe in morphogenetic fields —-> Rupert Sheldrake

  41. Michel78 says:

    hahahaha! the ‘elite’ is pathetic.

  42. What-me-worry? says:

    Ron Paul vs MSM…………………

  43. Robert Mockan says:

    They are probably setting up space in a cell next to Manning for that soldier. Or maybe Obama will say WTF, just ice the bastard for saying that before our people could block the transmission. And if he does get back to the front lines? Bet he is sent to point, then gets it in the back from “friendly” fire. We know that story has been played out before also.

    Of course Ron Paul is not going to be nominated. What is it people still do not understand about the insane oligarchs?

  44. Vonda Bra says:

    repost from “febo” from the other thread … thanks! 🙂

    Hey, you think this is over? Ron Paul just called Newt Gingrich a Chicken Hawk!

  45. Joe in Syracuse says:

    Illinois Brandon: I don’t like either party myself. I believe the elites are setting Obama up to win in 2012 and then the Shit will really hit the fan in my view.

    You may well be right about the re-election of Obama. Obama puts a ‘liberal’ face on all the Bush policies he has either adopted or ramped up.
    He is the Neo-Cons best friend as now all the Republican candidates have to run even farther to the right of crazy to distinguish themselves from Obama. The Republiacns control the narrative now so it’s batshit crazy time for the rest of us. The US is only an incident or two(of course false flag) from full fledged fascism and most Americans don’t see it coming.

  46. indeed says:

    I respect Stacy, she used to support Ron and changed her mind when more information came in. I don’t think that Ron Paul will change this system for the good, even if he’s elected. That dye has been dumped into the ocean long ago. I too, was blinded by “change that we can believe in”. And: “If the media hates him, he must be the right guy”. (From my view, not Stacy’s). I don’t know if I’ve totally changed my mind, I don’t think that everyone has either. It’s just how it plays out. In my mind the President is a statesman foremost – we’ve lost that illusion, too. Trying to legislate morality after the fact of the wrongdoing of someone else isn’t it. It isn’t because he’s a libertarian, it’s because we had the wrong impression of his “integrity”. I have more respect than the people who tried to defend me with their comments on the video than anyone else (now THAT is integrity and ethics, in my viewpoint), and I don’t even know who they are. It doesn’t help that we’ve fallen into that trap so many times, that we, including the media, doesn’t want to do it again. We all have versions of “constitutional”, too. Apparently, the Bill of Rights doesn’t apply to all of us anymore or the contract that we have with each other – again, not his fault, just the worldwide greed of a few.
    We all do what we can, try to change what it’s repugnant, get up and try again. Sometimes we fight with the words that we have, I’m so very sorry that my views were perverted to hurt the middle and lower class (which I had before I found Alex) at a time when we’ve been trampled over and over again. I’m still here for a little time, if you’ll will hear me with a grain of salt, since I’m still seeing the world with my own pain of grief.
    Just my view, not everyone’s.

  47. Trip says:

    Jeez! I’m not going to support anyone because the system is so corrupt and so far gone that no one person can make a difference? What kind of a stance is that? The no-stance stance? Please, get some backbone.

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