“The FBI has caused incalculable damage.”

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  1. Micky says:

    It’s good people are standing up for what is right. That is how we take back our liberties.


  2. gold bullet says:

    Great news! 😀

  3. alan says:

    Catch 22 madness everywhere.
    Government departments must only get involved if you have the resources to get them involved. In which case, you have to resources to tie up the courts.
    As an individual who has held a patent. It was my understanding that if I felt my patent had been infringed, it was up to me to start legal proceedings to defend my rights. (Almost impossible for an individual with limited means.) The Government Intellectual property Dept was not going to be involved, the police or any other Government agency were not going to get involved.
    It does not hurt to have money and influence when dealing with an impartial legal system.

  4. jason says:

    I am thinking that hollywood is scared to death of the prospect that they might have to admit to a century of fraud and tax evasion. Imagine how much they would have to pay the IRS in penalties. Why have they never made any money on films? The profits were stolen by pirates or they are cheating that tax man. Pick one!

  5. daddy warbucks says:

    Kurt_O 3 comments
    How ’bout organizing a lawsuit against the FBI for their DIRECT INVOLVEMENT in covering up the crimes of 9-11 and for their obvious framing of Bruce Ivins for the Anthrax Letters.

    Let’s be clear about the FBI — this is the agency that:

    (1) produced the names and photos of 19 Arab patsies (some of whom later turned up alive and well) on whom to blame 9-11, amazingly, within only a couple days of the crime and to date still refuses to do any honest 9-11 investigative work.

    (2) hung the entirety of the Anthrax Letters crimes on the conveniently suicided lone scientist Bruce Ivins, after unsuccessfully trying to frame physician/virologist, Stephen Hatfill who successfully sued the government (dead men tell no tales — they rarely sue either).

    (3) continues to turn a blind eye to the growing epidemic of clearly stolen elections via electronic voting in the U.S.

    (4) continues to stage obvious fake bomb plots, complete with young Arab male patsy — theater for public consumption in which the FBI always casts itself as the hero who saved the day.

    We’re talking about the enforcement/investigative arm of Big Zio (our Zionist shadow government) whose priority mission is to protect and/or cover up the crimes of Big Zio. And this means, under the guise of honest investigation, identifying and framing selected patsies. Does this mean every FBI agent is a Zio-operative? No. There are decent and honorable people in the ranks of the FBI, but they don’t run it — Big Zio does.
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