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“Greece’s private sector creditors could take a loss of more than 70 percent.”

Greek Officials Attack EU and IMF As Debt Talks Stall

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David Morgan, The “Silver Guru” of “The Morgan Report” Explains Why He is “More Bullish on Silver Now” Silver Summit Conference 2011 Video Interview

Crime Pays

Mr Tchenguiz, along with his brother Robert, were arrested in March 2011 as part of an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office, into the collapse of Icelandic bank Kaupthing. Robert Tchenguiz was the bank’s biggest shareholder, and had been loaned £1.7 billion by the bank.

The Headlines According to Stacy: 31 January 2012

  • Tourism May Add $850B With New Visas  SH: Americans apparently don’t want of the wealth they sent to BRICs coming back into the deflating economy? I love the argument from the anti-immigrant group who fear the now middle class Chinese and Brazilian tourists may overstay their visa . . . and what? Take the non-existent US jobs?

QUOTE: The whole LTRO scheme increases “debt cross-holdings and systemic risk”, and ultimately lowers recovery rates for creditors. Mr Gallo thinks the next spasm of the crisis may hit as Italy redeems €97bn in February and March, and Spain redeems €30bn, with Portugal sliding into ever deeper debt as the economy contracts violently.

Keep in mind that subsidized corn is top reason for America’s obesity and diabetes problem

Vultures swoop in… The home buyers took all the risk, private equity firms (like Romney’s Bain) get all the reward.

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$1,000 needed

“It’s just so ridiculous it’s almost funny but at the time it was really scary.”

An Israeli newspaper says Israel uses Iran threat as a tool to divert international attention from Tel Aviv’s settlement policy and perpetuate the occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Mr. Volcker’s statement that, “to the best of his knowledge, the U.S. has not intervened in the gold market in more than 40 years” is a patent lie.

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