You heard it here first!

In 1989, France’s Francois Mitterrand and Britain’s Margaret Thatcher maneuvered to block German reunification. Their concerns that the expanded nation would prove an irresistible force are now coming to pass.

10 comments on “You heard it here first!
  1. Max Power says:

    Media News :

    News bulletins around the world have been following Russia’s election rallies. But one channel stands out – America’s Fox News has been showing streets ablaze, violent clashes and firebombs thrown at security officers, but with one major problem – the images are not from Russia, they’re from Greece!

    US (CNN Domestic + FOX News)

  2. sam says:

    Well, there are some bad guys in Germany. the worst guys are in the US and UK.

    as geroge carlin said (to paraphrase). when we go to war, we’re not doing it for the humanity, we’re doing because they’ve got ambitions on our imperialism.

  3. gold bullet says:

    When the Berlin Wall came down, my grandfather said to my parents: ”World War III will happen in your lifetime.”

    I fear that he was right and that the world is at the brink of WWIII.

    The only question is who will fire the first shot?

  4. zilverreiger says:

    Wallst and City of london who started the world and recent wars have been in power all along, stop blaming Germany as such.

  5. Specky4eyes says:

    @max Power. That video has been removed. Do you have another link to it?

  6. Specky4eyes says:

    It’s okay. I found it here:

  7. Lumpenkönig says:

    Who is expected to bail out Europe: Germany. All of the European countries want German money, but nothing else. They fear that Germany might (someday) demand a return on its investment?

    The re-absorbtion of former German territories now part of Poland would cause Germany to collapse. Germany could not afford the infrastructure upgrades, the cleanup costs, and the addition of millions of welfare recipients.

    I believe that Germany would dominate only after the Reinheitsgebot becomes European law:

  8. Eric Saunders says:

    Not supporting the Nazis, but there Germans were right about their country having been screwed by international financiers… It just didn’t have anything to do with Judaism. Read F William Engdahl’s work on JP Morgan’s role in funding the war and then forcing Wilson to enter the US in the war when it seemed that Germany might hold out after Russia left the war. And the bankers were responsible for the reparations and inter-ally loan repayments which raped Germany at Versailles.

  9. kdt says:

    again germany is an organic thing it was devided by force and the wall was maintained by force this required energy HUGE amounts of energy all becaus the germans refused to submit to rome EVER and they will not it is not in them to do so. look im sorry for the french and briton (NOT) but they need to get off there asses or quit the field !!it is that simple frankly they are both an embarisment as nations they leach the system both of them you will notice as bad as wallstreet is the scumiest crap goes on in europe and always has iv read the instructions from the home ofices telling there american branches to rape our econimy, every banking problem in american history has started on a desk in LONDON. i get the joke we never gained independance from the british bankers so yes in that sence we are and allways have been part of the “united kingdom”barf puke yuck, M…..F……. global’s use of there london office was for this very reason there draging the us into ww1 (kicking and screaming most of the way) is the root of the M.I.C.! fuck europe we dont want to crap on germany for you again. we want our kids back home god damnit they did NOT sign on for an endless conflict and niether did we!!! if for no other reason vote ron paul at worst he is in for 4 years. this war is forever if we dont speak up and he is the only one even saying it

    @eric that is in fact somthing like the 3rd screwing germany got at the hands the “civilized” nations of europe it is sickening the level of denile in europ over there treatment of germany in the past, it is no wonder the germans lash out at times like the abused children they are iv said it befor do not expect mercy and credit your selves becaus the germans are going to show you how well they have learned the lessons that the rest of europe has been teaching them look what they did with napoleons lesson, “Keiser” anyone? they adapt every time there atacked so go ahead kick them some more but dont think we will be there to help as an american i say we have our own problems we dont see any need to go toe to toe with people whose blood runs in our veins over MONEY ever again.

  10. ricin3000 says:

    Oh yes, it’s all ze Germans’ fault.

    They should just walk into the slaughterhouse while the City takes them in.

    Yes, that makes sense. Thanks Max. For sharing. From German children.


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