When does Wal-Mart merge with Corrections Corp. of America?

8 comments on “When does Wal-Mart merge with Corrections Corp. of America?
  1. Bruce says:

    “Store management told cops that a group of intoxicated suspects were “playing ‘bumper cars’ with the handicap scooters in the store,”
    His friends (?) must be laughing their butts off. Plus look at that choice pic.

  2. luke Boshier says:

    Mitt Romney, in Reuters interview, says Russian leader Putin ‘endangers stability and peacefulness of the world’

    priceless comment. how the hell is this schmuck allowed anywhere near the position he is in- only in the good old USA

  3. Al Kyder says:

    @ Bruce

    There is something very wrong with that. Fav “its normal on meth pic”


  4. indeed says:

    The hispanic woman (holding one of the rest of the children) tells this 45 yo white drug addict to go and get a job. (I suppose she had cannibis to sell)? She’s so broke, yet has no trouble to get bail?


    BTW, I’m very glad Wallyworld had wheelchairs. And it was little joy ride.

    Eat your heart out. You only have to go to the hospital, get assaulted and get six discs imploded. Then get fired for “disability” because of the resulting internal damage (causing the visual delusion of “fat”-hey, the SouthEast Asian doctor/pusher fell for that governmental lie), then starve the rest of your thin and short life, while begging to find a single intelligent person in this country to help. No, free drugs won’t help a bit and the handicap parking isn’t helping me either. I was barred from work for “disability” not “handicapped” – completely illegal. Most of those parking spaces are open most of the time in this neck of the woods. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen anyone use one. I begrudge no one to use them to save a few steps, since I’ve worked for 43 years now, most of the time working two or three jobs so I know how tired a person gets – just look around to see what you’re taking, kids.


  5. Bruce says:

    Al Kyder, lol.

  6. NightNurse says:

    America is just one large nut farm, it goes from ridiculous to reasonless to insane every day. And it is this image it is brainwashing the world with – madness.

    “So you think you can tell, heaven from hell?”


  7. oneguy says:

    A better headline would have been,

    Woman high on homemade walmart meth wins walmart scooter bumper car race!!

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