[TaM-1227] The Truth About a Paris Cafe

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  1. ronron says:

    where is the fucking weekly news letter, Tracy?

  2. ronron says:

    @Tracy. what do you think of the mike check?

  3. ronron says:

    no Max. the cash you have is to live. not lose.

  4. cos67 says:

    REPEATED, but now in the right place:
    BTW, if you’re in London, in the maw of the Lion, itself, could you take your radio show ever-so-slightly more seriously?
    You’ve got your Madge and her yeast and her ass. What the f*****ck?
    I’m all for humour, but what the f*****ck is that?
    You’ll end up everytime with the brain going soft and that’s it, you’re burnt.
    You’re not a media hack, which is good, but, pal, this shit comes across really piss poor to anybody who wants to follow your much-more-cogent tv shows, as they try to figure out whether you’re the real deal.
    Keep it real, and stay out of Madge’s ass.
    I remain on ear strike. No TAM for me, thanks.

  5. Frans says:

    @ M&S: Thanks! I got drunk in style once again listening to TAM!
    What a way to spend my weekly Saint Emilion Grand Cru! Hic.

  6. sam says:

    Great show guys.

  7. Sir Halibut says:

    these shows from a Paris Cafe need a proper theme tune!

  8. sam says:

    99% vs 1%, then
    1% vs 0.1%, and then
    0.1% vs 00.1%.
    not directly taking your advice Max, but you’re certainly helping reinforcing it. am 90% in gold and silver and have been for over 6 years.

    am not that rich but 33, no debt and some wealth. it’s about keeping what wealth you have as the world becomes bedlam.

  9. WHA CAFE European #Marketc.:

    – this is Europe –


  10. FranSix says:

    Asahi Shinbun took this very beautiful video of steam trains still in use in China. The area reminds me of the Okanagan valley in BC. Karl Marx would see nothing wrong with this picture.


  11. Keehotee says:

    listen to this lady – important message


  12. Al Kyder says:

    Such a well planed show. Your thoughts on the post-Marxian and Neo-Liberalism rebranded, are very true, I was wondering, as stacyherbert said, where is this (conversation) going to inevitably lead.

    @ Madge Weinstein The trickle down is more of a golden shower type event.

    Three Minute Philosophy Rene Descates

    The Idea of tying wages to money supply is one of the most important points that groups like #OWS need to bring to the fore.

    [si]Gold having outperformed all and only keep your money in paper that you are prepared to lose. That turned out to be a very accurate prediction maxkeiser.

    But now you mention hydro-carbons. And you rightly see the political implications. I personally think of gas the same as gold. Energy in general, but gas will be king. That does mean Russia will be in a very interesting position. Also watch Russian Rail freight. Rail freight is something unique to Russia, that Trans Siberian line. I agree the oil story has become an inflation issue. Thats about it really.

    I love that commentary on the Bowie Bunds, as stacyherbert said, its the facts Jack 🙂 One thing Bowie was brilliant at was re-inventing himself. That may have been his greatest talent.

    BTC open source and the SLA are working. BTC haters are being manipulated by the copyright issue in a round about way, They claim false information about BTC and open source in general. I even see it on your web site.

    I feel very sorry for these people, Its like when the English met the American Indians and said “This is the white mans money, learn to use it or die”, I see the BTC naysayers like this.

    In other words, this is the new currency. learn to use it or die the death of 10,000 tax cuts. Like George Bush used to do, Announce a new Tax quietly, then a few days later announce a massive tax cut on the very same tax.

    If we advocate the guillotine for banksta’s I think we should suggest kidnapping for copyright lobbyists. Hold them to ransom. If we have to terminate a few contracts, then so be it. Maybe a Fatwah on Motion picture association of America. Its a person, so all workers should fall under the fatwah.
    Fortune cookie.
    Confucius says; Nothing until copyright royalty is paid.

    Well Germany is a case where people just have not woken up and smelled the coffee. They have got tanks in Saudi Arabia, 200, In Saudi Arabia, they never even got to Baghdad in WW1 or WW2.

    Now they have jumped to Saudi Arabia. The sSpanish have more influence than the French. They have 270 leopard tanks in Saudi Arabia.

    Its time Merkel sent some more trainers and advisors down there. Make sure those stupid Wahabbi’s know which direction to point those things,

    Germany helped out Spain before WW2 and crushed our revolution, now they are Iran’s biggest trading partner. What will they decide, who will they point those Tanks at ?

    If Sarkozy is a Chiauhau then he is more like Ceaucescu begging to Stalin.

    So in return for such a great show, here is a tiny video for you 🙂 20secs


    I love archive .org’s new built in player. Give it a try @ that link.

    Tanks again for the show. *mwah*

  13. Keehotee says:

    just the facts – know-nothing twats avert you eyes..


  14. SAO says:


    “Tracy” lol.

  15. Bruce says:

    * Environmental sounds add extra excitement to TAM.
    * So true about peoples (false) perception that Obama’s doing good re: military.
    * Global debt versus global GDP figures = eye opener
    * More importantly, Russia is a babe superpower.
    * A phatty is called a boomba
    * I like to purchase something, but I cannah find no BitCoin shops
    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Asterix_-_Cast.png
    * 10k meals at restaurants. Clayzee
    * Max, the peasant man

    I propose no new content until I catch up to previous episodes.
    Many thanks 🙂

  16. Bruce says:

    I guess this relates to copyright somewhat 🙂
    Copying Is Not Theft – Official Version – YouTube
    Found it today 🙂

  17. aaah says:

    Neofeudalists update of Marie Antoinette’ s line…..
    “Let them eat urinal cakes.”

  18. Bruce says:

    ronron | December 4, 2011 at 12:08 am |
    no Max. the cash you have is to live. not lose.
    Agreed. Though I think Max was referring to actually holding that cash in savings. At least that was my interpretation.

  19. Bonn says:

    Whats strange is France is willing to trust Germany …..We Blokes in India Dont Trust ya Anglo Saxons one bit….and I dont think this setiment will change fer the next 200 years at least….the more I learn,and see and Find out , the more Aghast I feel ….n am like You Guys are Numbnuts !!
    Hic 😉

  20. wtf says:

    Pretty cool. You folks were right by where I used to live:

    37 rue de la Bûcherie

    I had a view of Nortre Dame from my window.

  21. Al Kyder says:

    @ Bruce

    “* I like to purchase something, but I cannah find no BitCoin shops”

    It does not work like that. There are shops that will take BTC directly, but think of it more as a money order.

  22. wtf says:

    Interesting. Had never heard of Camille Claudel. There’s also Dina Verni who hooked up with sculptor Maillol.

  23. swell says:

    Another great show. Bitcoin P2P after David Bowie figured everything out after the man fell to earth, fer Pete’s sake. MPAA most insidious conspirator ever, planet unites against them. Great walk-through-Paris guided-tour, Stacy’s voice soft as dove’s down.

  24. stacyherbert says:

    @wtf – ah, you lived at Shakespeare & Co? rue de la Bûcherie has an interesting history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rue_de_la_B%C3%BBcherie

    The Rue de la Bûcherie is one of Paris’ oldest Rive Gauche streets. In the middle ages it was a street where damaged meats were salted and boiled to feed the most humble and miserable inhabitants of Paris.

  25. Danny Cunnington says:

    You can only go 90% in on physical silver if you have several million. That’s because you need outside the bank cash to obtain the stuff you need whilst it still buys something. I’m around 45% in silver.

    The oil price is not an inflation story. It’s a manipulation story. Checking around you can see that there’s been around a 15% pullback in discretionary driving by the entire population of Europe and the US. This started around the middle of the summer. This group are the biggest consumers on the planet as one block and a 15% petroleum pullback can not be taken up by developing countries because of the rules of sheer scale.

    The oil price should be around $40. The reason it been pushed up is the same reason electricity and gas prices have been jacked up. It’s the quickest way to bankrupt a developed country and force a wave of inflation. Energy costs and labour are the biggest component of any industrial production. Artificially jacking up energy causes massive food price inflation and an irresistible pressure to reduce labour costs meaning a serious haircut for worker compensation made worse by the compulsory penance forced upon you for your original carbon sin known as carbon taxes.

  26. MirrorMirror says:

    [email protected] zum 10. Jahrestag des Euro

    ca. @5 minutes, they say that Euro Notes are difficult to forge .

    LOL — so what is the ECB doing buying junk bonds illegally ?
    Oh I forgot , only the Govt. is allowed to do this … the Govt ? … is that the ECB ?

  27. MirrorMirror says:


    [email protected] zum 10. Jahrestag des Euro

    On the occasion of 10th anniversary of the Eurobank notes and – the European central bank (EZB) brought coins out, which is celebrated on 1 January 2012, a propaganda film. How can one celebrate the triumph of the single currency thereby? The film represents the euros as mad success. Is the woman at the beginning of the film a Greek? And the request of the Greeks to exchange their old Drachmen by 1 March 2012. Is that now a Parodie or a complete fooling ? And the new EZB boss Mario ” the Dragon” Draghi holds a speech. ” The EZB provides for price stability! ” Genuinly laughable. Stalinistische propaganda was more honest during the Soviet time . I say, EUDSSR! And then the EZB organizes still one „euro run “- competition 2012, but not in genuine. From 1 January to 31. March 2012 takes place an on-line competition, at which 9 – until 12-jährige of children „of the generation euro “, which lives in the European union, can participate, but only before the screen. A race that none is, exactly like the euro no currency is.

  28. MirrorMirror says:


    Interesting articles @ Extinction Protocol :

    Geologist warn tremor a reminder big earthquake is in Montanta’s future

    Somerset official warns gas exploration project in Mendip could awaken massive volcano

    5.3 magnitude earthquake strikes near Wellington, NZ

    Analysts fear India’s new “China killer” nuclear missile may ignite arms race in South Asia

    Climate chaos: Super storms to pound regions of northern Europe

    Seattle airport records highest atmospheric pressure reading ever

    George Soros: The global financial system is in a ‘self-reinforcing process of disintegration’
    ( Reggie Middleton’s 28 minute Capital Account Video featured )



  29. davem says:

    Will Hutton – George Osborne has no idea how to rescue the economy – but then who has?
    Anyone who believes the chancellor merely has to keep calm and carry on ignores the likely consequences…

  30. Rian says:

    Karl Marx’s pamphlet The Civil War in France leading to the Commune is a stunning work . The cast of characters sound very familiar. He was a fantastic journalist. His comments on America
    also interesting. I understand why he went to London, it in it’s time was an information hub with reports coming in from around the world via the Empire.

  31. Wolferl says:

    Quartier latin. Nice. Havn´t been their for some years.

  32. Bonn says:

    Dont ’em “PSYCHOPATHIC RETARDS” conduct thier False Flag Ops When the President is on Vacation ???
    Obama on to Hawai on a 17 Day Vacation

  33. susan says:

    Great show M&S – although I could do without the idiot.

    I’m worried about the tendency of talking up divide-and-rule racism: maybe you should say ‘The German Govt’ instead of Germans…..

    Mind you, reminds me of a joke I once heard:

    “Why are there so many avenues of trees in France?
    “So that the German Army can march in the shade”

    One of my French students laughed at this recently, but we nonetheless need to be careful of advocating violence (guillotines) and racism.

    Lurv is obviously the answer, and long prison sentences.

  34. Wolferl says:

    @ susan

    You want no “divide and rule”? And in the same sentence you want to divide the Germans and their government? Strange.

  35. MirrorMirror says:


    @Wolferl … have you ever watched Hogan’s Heroes ?
    ( “Ein Käfig voller Helden” )

  36. MirrorMirror says:


    From : http://gregpytel.blogspot.com/2009/08/lord-mandelson-pointed-out-that-bankers.html

    If you are new to this blog, you are invited to read first “The Largest Heist in History” which was accepted as evidence and published by the British Parliament, House of Commons, Treasury Committee.



  37. Wolferl says:

    @ Mirror

    Yep, a US comedy full of the false views on Germans but quite funny nevertheless.

  38. MirrorMirror says:

    @Wolferl … the series is from the 1960s

    How old were you in 1960-1970 .. roughly … not born yet ?

    If you had experienced Germany during this period, you would have been surprised how close the comparisons were.
    I have personally observed the development of Germany over the last 5 decades.

    Germany changed initially due to the music revolution and then changed on a broader scale after the introduction of “private” TV channels.

    It is fascinating being a “Zeitzeuge”.

    I also took the opportunity to talk to many older Germans that fought during the war …. to hear their experiences. Many were not willing to discuss this , but some were.

    Also worth noting is that many Germans of the older and middle-old generation complain that they were never “taught” the Second World War at school .. and many were completely ignorant of the Nazi era.

    One thing I must say is that the “commoners” in Germany are just as good all the souls of all other countries …. it is just that it is “the system” that makes them ( or better : keeps them ) different.
    A sort of Chicken and Egg problem … of historic proportions !

    You must admit that “obedience to hierarchy” is unfortunately still very prevalent in Germany …. i.e. believing that “the State knows best for us”.
    Maybe this will change soon .. now that we have the Euro as the best demonstration of how corrupt the “all powerful state” becomes when it gets too large !


  39. Grisu says:

    now that you mentioned asterix, max actually reminds me of this guy


    Tortuous Convolvulus is a Roman with a special ability, he can cause dissension and stir up fights between anyone and at any place. Sometimes his cunning and deceitful words are responsible, but on others his mere presence is enough. He preys on distrust and hidden grievances. He was supposed to be eaten by the lions of the arena. But they fought and ate each other instead. Caesar eventually send him to the Gauls to stir up as much trouble as possible

    vol.15 original title: la zizanie
    english title:asterix and the roman agent

    ps: sarko looks exactly like isnogud

  40. Wolferl says:

    @ Mirror

    I have been born in 1968. (Just like Stacy? 😉 )

    Of course, a lot of things have changed in Germany since the 1950ies. Including the Germans. But that´s true for every western country. Since almost all of my grandparents and grandaunts died in their 90ies i know they had some other ways of seeing and doing things.

  41. MirrorMirror says:

    @Wolferl …”I have been born in 1968. (Just like Stacy?”

    “I was born” … will do!
    .. otherwise, I must congratulate you on your excellent English.

    –> “i know they had some other ways of seeing and doing things”

    Yes, many older generations were paranoid about getting a “blue letter” in the post …. which normally meant bad news , i.e. they’ve done something terribly wrong …. like parking the car too long.

  42. MirrorMirror says:


    Iran shoots down US drone :

    Iran schiesst US-Drohne ab


    Wow .. those things are pretty small … good shot !

  43. Wolferl says:

    @ Mirror

    Obedience to hierarchy is not a bad thing in the first place. It makes sure things are working. Once there is a decission made, you save a lot of time and energy discussing the matters over and over again with everybody. And you need not use much pressure to implement things. But after WW2 there´s a culture of criticising in Germany too, as you can right now in Stuttgart. Criticism and Obedience are kind of two sides of a medal. You can criticise everyone and everybody in Germany. The difficulty for non Germans may be to know when and how you do it in an accepted way.

  44. Wolferl says:

    @ was born

    Hahaha, that happens when i start thinking about English grammar. Since i´m still alive i suddenly thought it´s “have been”.

  45. MirrorMirror says:

    @Wolferl … ” It makes sure things are working”

    I agree ….. for the 1% !

    BTW … I have always maintained that that is the reason the German economy ticks like a machine …. taking orders without questioning them !

    That is why I asked you about Hogan’s Heroes … obviously “over done” , but the gist is there … and still is today IMO !

    I would love to see the Germans “protesting for their rights & questioning their orders” .. but you still only see a small minority on the streets unfortunately.

    Could you imagine British people being “forced” to work for 1 Pound / Hour ( the “1 Euro jobs” ) in order to receive Social Benefits ?
    I am pretty sure they would not !

    BTW … read this post :

    It is NOT from me … but I have explained the same many times why State Pension Contributions in Germany are a complete scam.
    The author has done the same calculation in USD … but it is pretty similar to my results … and a Steuerberater (tax advisor ) friend of mine came to the same results FWIW.

  46. Wolferl says:

    @ Mirror

    I´m a member of an social organisation that employs more than 100 socalled “1 Euro jobbers” in my hometown alone. These people are happy to have these jobs, nobody forces them to do this. They earn more than 1 Euro every hour, up to 2,50. Combined with their social benefits they have more than 1000 Euro every month. The idea behind this is to pay those long time unemployed for something usefull for society and not for staying at home and drinking beer. All those “1 Euro” people i know are happy to have these jobs, since it gives them the pride to do something usefull. Of course sometimes there is a tendency to substitute regular jobs with 1 Euro jobs, but that´s against the law and has to be prosecuted.

  47. Al Kyder says:

    @ wolferl

    I always thought Yassir’s Hero’s would have been better.

    An Israeli P.O.W. camp tunneks and such in Palestine, and Tran-Jordan.

  48. Al Kyder says:

    @ MirrorMirror

    Obama will probably turn it into a “Gulf of Tonken” incident.

  49. LuzazuL says:

    Regarding PAST YET RECENT TAMs, super interesting and enjoyable all of them. The one with Constantin> I had to hear his bit four times in different days, and in each day I had different thoughts on the matter never agreeing exactly 100% with him yet appreciating his depth of thought always (oh I wanted to have been in that conversation so badly!). Shame that Constantin had to leave, would have loved to hear “elaborations”.
    The ones with Madge except this one, as I have yet to hear it> Madge I think is great because a) of the utter provocationist disorder he causes, I can hardly think of anything more energizing than bad manners and disorder and b) I’m sick and tired of people excluding jews from left-wing argument/arguing/cogiting — and Madge is there to prove that jews are, well, people, duh; and, finally, c) Madge reconciles me with Americans who know next to nothing about Europe, European “ways”, European history, and European cultural histories. In “normal” circumstances American recent-expats posit a problem [of Europe] and immediately prescribe a solution to the problem they themselves posited, never listening to Europeans’ own views and terms (and therefore behaving as cosmetic dermatologists addressing a gastric issue). Madge is open to candid observation of the local and then waits to sense the locals’ terms of solution. This is very new [and pleasant] to me.
    So, looking forward to hear this last episode.

  50. LuzazuL says:

    Re: comments here> Stephan however is the biggest disorder. I admit, disorder in style. Yet I bet he would be impossible to interview. Imaginary question to Stephan: “So, have you read Lovelock, and if yes, what do you think of his pro-nuclear energy stand? And does that relate to your work on petrol?” Answer: “You must first love camels and understand the difference between the fusion and the fission of the historical Dutch tulips”.

  51. jischinger says:

    like the Vietnam draft when the upper 1% (aka super rich) of the 1% (rich) start to eat the lower 99% of the 1% we will see change.

    If we’re lucky, MF Global was just the beginning

  52. jischinger says:

    Perhaps I should have been a little clearer about Vietnam

    no one cared about Vietnam when the kids of the poor and middle class were going off to die – it was only when the kids in the upper class were sent off that those people cared and began to rise up.

    so it’s only a matter of how long before the super rich start to eat the wealth and futures of the upper classes, then and only then will we see change.

    this may sound odd, but if you want to hasten this process stop shopping at stores and using services owned by the upper class – support the struggling middle class (independents money under the table workers) and the super rich.

  53. SilverCondom says:

    Sarkozy = Chihuahua

    This is truly the more accurate description of this midget pseudo Napoleon that is this french president I have ever heard.

    Thank you Stacy! 😀

  54. arty says:

    Madge wonders why people just believe what they’re told without evidence – it’s hardly something new – just look at the proportion of people, all over the world, now and thoroughout history, who beleive all sorts of religious nonsense whitout a shred of evidence. Why would they not beleive nonsense from political / business / media leaders. What it boils down to is that most most people are just plain stupid, a category into which I think Madge himself falls.
    TAM used to give useful education / insights into financial scams, mixed with some funny shit – I don’t think this Madge guy can add either, and I have to say, random musings on which Paris street/church you may have seen before or not seen before don’t really make for great radio – have to say. I used to enjoy TAM a lot more back in the day.