Ron Paul Vindicated on ISRAEL

12 comments on “Ron Paul Vindicated on ISRAEL
  1. MrJones says:

    InTrade showing Ron Paul to be Republican Presidential Nominee in 2012 at 8.2%.
    That seems kind of low considering the surge he has gotten lately. But I’m thinking he will wind up like the Kennedy’s if it comes close.

  2. Christophe says:

    Bleh. RP says almost nothing but platitudes and doesn’t go nearly far enough. This video is an absurdly favorable take on everything RP has said, written for the average person.

    RP doesn’t say that 9/11 was an inside job (he categorically denies it), and similarly does not say that Israel / Mossad is the enemy of peace and one of the prime originators of terror operations in the world (along with the insanely criminal neo-cons in the US and elsewhere). Israel should be boycotted and warded against, and I currently do everything I can to avoid doing business with it and its companies
    => we must do far more than just cut economic aid to Israel (and other governments), which I highly doubt RP will affect anyway, since he’s basically a fake just like Obama
    => Ron Paul’s father was a free mason, his wife is a free mason and his two daughters are ‘rainbow girls’ / ie: part of masonic cults

    In closing, pieces like this video remind me exactly of the same type of stuff you see for Obama, especially when he was first running, but which you still see floated about even nowadays: ‘journalists’ who seriously ponder/consider whether Obama is anti-Israel… OBVIOUSLY NOT, and frankly I will ONLY VOTE FOR someone who recognizes that Israel needs to be boycotted just like South Africa was, only far far more (since their secret service is totally out of control, at the hands of part of the global criminal conspiracy)

    => thing to notice about the disinfo present in the video: it does not question whether we should be friendly at all with Israel, or rather it absurdly proposes that we should be neutrally~friendly with Israel! What obvious propaganda – just as I come to expect concerning RP.

  3. Marbou says:

    The problem is not with Israel, the problem is with the Jewish/Zionist lobbies in the US who are obsessed with taking what Ron Paul says and turning it into a lie to broadcast on the 95% of media outlets they control.

  4. UpTick says:

    That was fucking Great !

  5. Al Kyder says:

    The Republicans would be very sensitive to allegations about Hamas. Jeb Bush would be very opposed to any hub hub about that little affair.

    So far though you have to admit he has the best rhetoric of all the candidates so far, from an International perspective.

    Americans should be confronted with the trut about Hamas, who trained them, and where.

    Anyhoo this pic of Hamas will amuse you all, I wondeer where it was taken? out the back of the Whitehouse or maybe in a Hollywood studio.

  6. subhuti says:

    Christophe is accurate in my view. For Paul to say that he is letting Israel be free of US influence is spin, since we all know what AIPAC and its friends do, to demand compliance of the Washington establishment. On the other hand, he is being clever. If the Israeli government insists on doing things their way, then US can say, fine, thanks much, have a nice life! That’s the diplomatic way of saying “good riddance!”
    His other point about Paul and 911 is very well taken. There are so many ways that US political and social life is really psychotically in denial. Obama was confronted by 911 truthers one time and he said he would have a new investigation. Yeah, sure. Bush Sr. himself said that if the American people knew what he had done, they’d run him out on a rail. But we have to face the fact that all of US history is so fraught with criminality (what is the difference between what happened to the Indians, and what Germany did to the Jews and millions of others during WWII, and what the Israelis have planned for the Palestinians), slavery, paying the soldiers who fought the Revolution with worthless currency, and on and on, that if the bills came due, we would all be screwed. But that seems to be happening to us anyway, except for the bankers, corporations, military and political class…at least so far!

  7. Bonn says:

    I dunno this Obsession With Israel
    No Clue Why ????
    Hic 😉

  8. terryfkwit says:

    no matter what country in the world you live in you need to support RP in any way you can…

  9. Al Kyder says:

    @ terryfkwit

    America is a dead horse that I am tired of flogging.

  10. alan says:

    Israel was created from land stolen from the original inhabitants in 1948. Terrorism was used to expel the original inhabitants. No amount of spin will change that. Although that said, the exact same thing has happened to many peoples in fairly recent times (last 100 years or so). And of course, it was considered a legitimate way of doing things prior to that.
    Life is not fair, just thankfull my family has not been slaughtered by power crazed loonies, that come from all political and religious camps. Since WWII the USA has probably been the biggest culprit, prior to them the British. Humans are a ruthless animal.

  11. Konrad says:

    “Externe views” seems to be wanting to end uneccessary wars thousands of miles away.

    But many people profit from these wars, that’s why the media hates him:

  12. OhChit says:

    Why Zionist Israel and its neo-con supporters are Anti-American is what I’d like to know? I wish one candidate would say to the moderator of the next debate when the question of apartheid Israel comes up that he/she/it believed that he/she/it was running for president of the U.S.A. and its citizens concerns and not those of AIPAC and the rest of the think tanks that have perpetrated this coup of America.

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