On the Edge with Gerald Celente

We interview Gerald Celente.

79 comments on “On the Edge with Gerald Celente
  1. aaah says:

    Gerald should go and pretend to interview Corzine outside the courtroom.
    Then he oughta rip him a new one verbally.
    And kick him in the ass as he attempts to run away.

  2. Mother Earth says:

    Ugly. Apologies, but he talks like his frontal lobe is being suateet by Hannibal. There’s not going to be war with Iran, the US won’t recover from the Russain retaliation. Hubris is only fine if it makes oil flow. Thermonuclear war isn’t enough fun. Oil won’t have it.

    The first country the US will really have to fight with is Canada as it delivers it the oil it may want for itself and it can block the Alaskan supply.

  3. gold bullet says:


    Have you watched Alex Jones ‘interviewing’ ‘Honorable’ Jon Corzine?


    It’s pretty funny. 🙂

  4. susan says:

    @Mother Earth :

    Hi!! Nice to see you again!

    I’ve been reading that the USA actually has a lot of oil under their own soil, kept secret as ‘strategic reserves’ – is this true? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to exploit the ‘low-hanging fruit’ first, rather than the tar-sands oil, which is expensive to extract? EROEI, etc?

    Also, never quite trusted that Gerald Celente just fed info into a large computer and it spewed out ‘trends’….I’ve always thought that he had inside info and acted upon it, himself first, then passed the crumbs on to us. Him losing in this MF Global debâcle makes me think that the top 0.01% really have thought this crisis through properly, and can burn ‘insiders’ like Celente. He is obviously really mad/angry now, but I find it difficult to have a lot of sympathy for him……

    Still, it would make a good film, huh MM?

  5. Sylvia says:

    ‘There’s nothing there’….Gerald hits the nail on the head.

  6. UpTick says:

    Gerald Celente and all his doom and gloom” predictions for 2011
    Boss nappings, gost malls, food stortages , a cop on every coner waiting to give you a ticket and banks going bust “.. and my fave.. SCREW THE PEOPLE. So why the fuck would you buy gold futures if you can sit and make so many calls on all the down turn
    Gerald Celente’s Top Predictions for 2011

  7. Harry says:


    So Gerald means the Southpark moment of `And it’s gone!` has already happend?

    See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAKsMnAM8vk

    or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TlPo0yCSa4 ?

  8. UpTick says:

    Mother Earth LOL
    ‘he talks like his frontal lobe is being suateet by Hannibal. “

  9. susan says:

    It’s pretty easy to see, they’re pitting one person/race/creed/tribe/ against another, but just remember:


    I miss Michael!

  10. steven says:

    Never trust Gerald Celente, he just like Barry O. lies regularly not just on his so called predictions that are handed out to him by his handlers , but on a multiple of subjects. anybody who as appeared on the Alex J show as many time as our friend Celente here works for the man.

    Never trust Gerald Celente

  11. UpTick says:

    VATICAN CITY (AP) – Pope Benedict XVI seems worn out
    ” he kissed babies who were handed up to him, delivered a tough speech on the need for Africa’s political leaders to clean up their act,”

  12. MEJ says:

    “Jewed”? No, never. That way lies pogroms. Let every man bear his own guilt, not somebody else’s. If we start saying “it’s the jews” or “it’s those people over there” then we buy into the divide-and-conquer meme that TPTB have used to keep us in control for millenia. If we start talking like that, we might as well bow down to the overlords and quit complaining, because our slavery will be secure.

  13. signalfire says:

    Why was he buying futures instead of physical gold????? If anyone should know better, it would be him. I can’t afford much metal, but what I have is sitting right next to me.

  14. Up_to_it_InSilver says:

    Why does Gerald Celente call them the “White Shoe Boys”? Who would wear white shoes? White shoes would get all dirtied up when you go to work.

  15. Steve/NotLiverpool says:

    Gerald plays dumb, and pretends he did not know the risks, then contradicts himelf. I’m raising the bullshit flag.

  16. kdt says:

    Why does Gerald Celente call them the “White Shoe Boys”? Who would wear white shoes? White shoes would get all dirtied up when you go to work
    lol you do understand that would be why they can wear white shoes, also why women dont wear white befor easter too many puddles and too few guys with coats to throw down over them.

  17. evolutis says:

    Woof stops … constantly moving, misinformation far beyond our limitations LOL … we are in predictable, trouble so the strategy is, let’s make enemies? Once we get the white shoe boys punished we can put … Gerald in charge? wow a passport to heaven.

  18. Bill says:

    what is suateet ?

  19. F. Beard says:

    It’s pretty easy to see, they’re pitting one person/race/creed/tribe/ against another, susan

    A shrinking pie alone is enough to generate strife.

    A way to halt the shrinkage is a universal and equal bailout of the entire population, including savers, till all private debt is paid off combined with fundamental reform to prevent the recurrence of the problem.

  20. Michel78 says:

    I cannot stand the way GC talks. I used to.

    Profits from predicting doom. Thanks Uptic for reminding us about his 2011 predictions. You say that but continue to “build up positions”…for delivery in december!?

    Fuck him, me thinks he doesn’t walk his talk. Bad PR for TPTW though.

  21. Uptick says:

    This should have been this post headline

  22. Spaniard says:

    @ Roy | December 18, 2011 at 2:45 pm |
    “Jewed” : a verb. Means being cheated, especially monetarily. Get used to saying it.

    Well, apparently some others have gotten used to say PIIGS, and I expect xenophobic leaning creatures like yourself will make it a verb as well. Do not forget lazy blacks are to blame too, and those from a poor genetic pool in general.

    Are indian, chinese or japanese bankers any different from the jew ones? Go wonder.

    P.S.: By the by, anybody can play with acronyms: (U.S., England, Deutschland) USED countries; (Ă–sterriech, Deutschland, Denmark) ODD countries; etc.

  23. Silverwillwin says:

    Isn’t what we’re seeing here a double standard ? Gerald Celente on the one hand puts down Jon Corzine for being a “gambler” as though that’s a stupid thing to do yet isn’t buying and holding futures – gambling !? For that matter isn’t anything wallstreet- GAMBLING !?
    Maybe Celente should rethink his strategy a little better.

  24. Alf says:

    Max, you and Celente do a great job tearing the mask away from Satan’s face to reveal the true face of Satan himself…Goldman Sachs…Amen.

  25. F. Beard says:

    Yes, antisemitism (and other racism) is to be avoided at all costs.

    Double entry bookkeeping (the means by which banks counterfeit) was invented by the Italians in the 13th century according to this.

  26. fionnsdragon says:

    cant understand the anti GC sentiment, he got ripped off by the fascist scum and folks wana kick him.
    which fucking side are youz on?

  27. indeed says:

    I couldn’t even watch this hate-mongering, lyin’ speaking, dung flyer. Sorry, maybe after the holidays – but I’m dead then.

  28. A Gardener says:

    Wether you like him or not, the facts are clear. Get out of paper.

  29. karate kid says:

    first time max doesnt say much
    feel sorry for gerald should have taken his own advice

    everyone when the bottom drops out many will wish they would have listened

    gold in hand is worth more than all your accouts benes and paper

    to many will lose it soon

    days hours minutes seconds
    i would say years but we dont have that long
    good luck god help us all

  30. gussy says:

    @fionnsdragon, fair fuckin dues to ye man, what is the fuckin’ anti-Celente really about, people should take a hard fuckin’ look at themselves, pricks.

  31. Bruce says:

    kdt | December 18, 2011 at 7:04 pm |
    Why does Gerald Celente call them the “White Shoe Boys”? Who would wear white shoes? White shoes would get all dirtied up when you go to work
    I think that’s the point: they don’t do work.
    Love Celente.

  32. Bruce says:

    Michel78 | December 18, 2011 at 8:12 pm |
    I cannot stand the way GC talks. I used to.
    Profits from predicting doom.

    Right, and you don’t have to pay for his publication.

    Far better than profiting from creating doom. Let the man profit; I don’t see the harm he’s doing. The fact is if he were a bum on the street nobody would talk to him. I’m happy he’s putting it out there and saying what he needs to say AND profiting from it.

  33. Bruce says:

    indeed | December 18, 2011 at 11:10 pm |
    I couldn’t even watch this hate-mongering, lyin’ speaking, dung flyer.
    He’s the opposite of hate-mongering. Regarding MF Global, you don’t think he deserves to be a little bitter?

  34. Bruce says:

    steven, everyone who appears on Alex Jone’s show works for The Man?

    I suppose we all pay taxes, but do you include Max Keiser in that too?
    In what capacity do these guests work for the man?

  35. karate kid says:

    geralds great
    a hero!!!!!!!!
    thanks gerald for all you do
    you got balls
    most people have none!
    i meet them everyday !!!!!!
    god be with you!!!!!!!!
    merrry christ mas!

  36. Mini US says:

    Why attack the messenger?

    Its the message you should be listening to 🙂

    Its just not there.

  37. Daphne O'Brien says:

    Thanks Max for putting Gerald on. I’m pleased about that. I read all the “hate” posts and am amazed. Gerald didn’t put his money with BF Global. It was another company and he didn’t know that it was under BF Global’s umbrella.
    He also would have predicted that everything’s going down, but how could he know they’d reach in and take his money?
    Now he’s coming out and telling it like it is. A whole lot of people could benefit.
    Do some Americans not believe that their country is going down? I do, and I also know my country will follow in due course.
    Maybe it’s fear that creating the hate some feel towards this man.
    Just listen to him and WAKE UP!

  38. Daphne O'Brien says:

    How about MF Global?
    And I have wondered. Celente is Italian? Do some people have a beef with Italians and their accent, to hate him so?

  39. Silver’s Price Backwardation is ‘Scary’ and ‘Frightening’ – Pointing to Disappearing Supplies

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  41. WhatsItAboutAlphie says:

    What about the private sector and their lack of common sense. I hear that credit card debt is something like 1 trillion dollars when added all up. So hohoho Merry Christmas and keep spending money that you don’t have.

  42. steveosilver says:

    so now GC is a fool, a shill, and a rehypocater, lol.
    This is a perfect person for this to happen to, he has a voice and he is going to use it.
    I bet he even says things that you wish you could say in public, let alone on the interwebs.
    He explained he bought contracts to purchase with money he did not have yet, but by the time he would be required to pay in full, it would be.
    How many of you, in hindsite would not of bought gold positions at 1400, when its spot was at 1700?
    If he had not been re pegged to 1700 on halloween, he would have found the money to still take delivery.
    What kind of terms would have allowed this that anyone would have agreed to?

    But, but, you know if you dont hold it you dont own it, he should take his own advice, lol.
    How long are you people going to put your energy in the precious and play the game of monopoly?
    You got your food, water, shelter, guns, ammo, and stacks.
    Now what, you going to live in a cave to survive for awhile.
    Lets agree to disagree and continue with the conversation.
    Its time, 12/24/2011.

    From: mayataeho | Dec 17, 2011

    love and gratitude

  43. Danny Cunnington says:

    @F. Beard, Double entry bookkeeping was not invented in 1490. What you are seeing is a codification of an older practise for the reformation age. In Europe it started around 1200 in Venice and Rome. It’s part of Babaloyian contract law discovered in the Middle East during the crusades. This system builds economic empires very quickly but ends up crashing them.

    This system has crashed Babylon, Egypt, The Roman empire, The great credit crisis of Florence 1343 and now the empire of UK,UK and France. (still in progress).

  44. kdt says:

    @fbeard Double entry bookkeeping (the means by which banks counterfeit) was invented by the Italians in the 13th century

    if you want to know why they needed it read this


  45. kdt says:

    In the 1950s one historian, Fernand Braudel, showed that Venice leading the Italian bankers of Florence, Genoa, Siena, etc., wilfully intervened from the beginning of the thirteenth century to destroy the potential emergence of national governments foreshadowed by the achievements of Frederick II Hohenstauffen, the Holy Roman Emperor in the first half of the thirteenth century, and a successor of Charlemagne’s earlier achievements in spreading education, agricultural progress, population growth and strong government. The great Dante Aligheri wrote “De Monarchia” in a vain attempt to revive the potential of imperial government based on Divine and natural law.

    “Venice had deliberately ensnared all the surrounding subject economies, including the German economies, for her own profit… The fourteenth century saw the creation of such a powerful monopoly to the advantage of city states of Italy that the embryo territorial states like England, France and Spain necessarily suffered the consequences.”

    In addition Braudel shows Venice intervened to stop the accession of Spain’s Alphonso the Wise as successor to Emperor Frederick II. This triumph of “Free Trade” over the potential for national government rigged the fourteenth century global human catastrophe, the worst onslaught of death and de-population in history.

    Venice was manipulating Florentine bankers, kings and emperors alike by a tightknit financial conspiracy and complete dominance of the markets by which money was minted and created

  46. Al Kyder says:

    @ stevosilver

    “so now GC is a fool, a shill, and a rehypocater, lol.”

    A “rehypocater” *chuckles*

    Ofcourse he is anti-American now. He said bad things about Wall Street. He even used the
    “F” word in regards to MF Global on the Plasma Television.

    He is obviously a tool of satan and therefore working for “the Man”

  47. steveosilver says:

    @ F beard if what fullford say is correct about there being over 2 million tons of gold being held, is that enough to be used as money?
    2000000 mt = 64301492723.787 oz(troy)
    Seem like enough for everyone to have a few coin in their pocket.
    love and gratitude

  48. Spacehoppa says:

    GC is great and, unfortunately for him, he is perfectly placed to explain the MF rip-off and the spreading risks in the system. I don’t get where all the bile is coming from? He is cogent, witty, and he knows what he’s talking about. Outside of Max and Stacy, I can’t think of a better pundit to listen to.

  49. har says:

    Why doesn’t ask him about his “Great Stock Market Crash” that he predicted for October?
    October had the biggest gain in 70 years or something like that.
    Maybe he meant “crash up”?

  50. har says:

    Gerald Celente : The Crash will happen sometime this Month
    Gerald Celente – TruNews – 03 October 2011
    Most markets around the world for October were up at least double digits.

    How is that for trend forecasting?

  51. steveosilver says:

    Do you think that anyone has any credibility with anyone?
    Remember video tape is the most compelling type of testimony.
    Actions speak louder then words, yes?
    The elements of Fraud have to be met first.
    Have you been complicit by your lack of action to report such crimes.
    Are you guilty by association.
    poor charlie Manson, should have acted instead of perpetrating a thought crime.
    har de har har
    love and gratitude

  52. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    Why the hate? Gerald’s cool, got triple shafted by the PTB and how does this place him exactly-a deep undercover stooge? Future predictions will always have an element of risk.
    About Iran is super scary and yes it could be world war-China has already said it would support Iran, drones being downed and 2 nuclear labs exploding by unknown means and denials on all sides. Growth and exploitation have to be maintained how else is it going to be done(apart from war).

    Peace (I hope)

  53. David Staples says:

    There aren’t many people who can leave Max sitting there, barely able to get a word in.

  54. Dylan says:

    Love Gerald Celente and his cut through the BS approach. BUT there is definitely something strange about this MF business. I simply don`t buy it that he was taken in by this scam in the first place.
    I almost wonder if this was a deliberate strategem to bring the nature of this rehypothecation (counterfeiting) scam to public awareness and accelerate the demise of the whole corrupt system. There are people at the highest levels who are intending to push it over the edge and then step in with their stolen PMs to start the parasitic cycle anew.

  55. Steve/NotLiverpool says:

    I do wish people would stop defending the J E W S.

    The world has a problem with the Jewery. If the J E W S are so god damn holy, why have the been expelled from every nation on earth at on point or another, in fact, expelled from some countries several times.

    Yeah, sure. I forgot. There is nothing wrong with the J E WS, and I should not blame them.

  56. El_Puerco says:

    por : Rusia
    Viernes 9 de diciembre de 2011 – 01h35

    Un preocupante boletĂ­n del Ministerio de la Defensa girado al Primer Ministro Putin y al Presidente Medvedev el dĂ­a de hoy señala que el Presidente Hu ha “convenido en principio” que la Ăşnica forma de detener la agresiĂłn del Occidente encabezado por los Estados Unidos es por medio de “acciĂłn militar directa e inmediata” y que el lĂ­der Chino ha ordenado a sus fuerzas navales “prepararse para la guerra”. Wow, poor Canadians !…They are going to receive all the goods and service from China town…

  57. steveosilver says:

    @ steve/not liverpool what are the J E W S and why use that term unless you are specifically calling out someone that is a thief.
    Are the 99% of Israel, the people, the J E W S or is it the Zionist thief’s that live amongst them.

    We are all human beings and no Jewish person, including myself consider us to be the chosen people, unless you would consider it, chosen to be exterminated.

    What the elite fear and what you fear perhaps is that, we were willing to sacrifice our bodies, to walk into the gas chamber, before we would kill another, just to save ourselves.

    Under what logic of the reptilian brain would one sacrifice themselves, they would not and would kill and do kill for survival, fun, and profit.

    So remember if the Zionist attack Iran and in turn the people of Israel are wiped out, they will have accepted it, just so you can survive.

    We will always be persecuted and accept it, it is our honor, so that you can stand there cast stones, kill us.

    If i misunderstood your post then I apologize in advance, we are all humans first and should be as one.

    love and gratitude

  58. Silverwillwin says:

    Hey ! – I like Gerald C. too !! I’m just sayin’ that he shouldn’t get the word “gambling” in the story because – let’s face it – whether you like it or not – if you got money riding on anything as an “investment- regarding anything futures, stocks, etf’s- derivatives, -yada,yada…your gambling…You’re betting on the come. Gerald’s clearly pissed off – and for the reasons why, he’s got a right to be pissed ! But his money was in the casino . A dishonest one but albeit .
    Just get out of paper , I’m sure Gerald is !

  59. Do Not Go There says:

    I wonder how many of all those accounts that were stolen were owned by a member of Congress. It would interesting to know if any Congressperson withdrew their money before the fact or got their money back after the fact.

  60. Robert Mockan says:

    Celente better watch out. The indefinite detention law without legal recourse could be applied to him, any day now. All any person will ever hear is that he disappeared and has not been seen since. I can guess the controlled media will make up some story that he was upset about having his money stolen and committed suicide. If his body were found later with a bullet hole in the back of his head, well, the controlled media would simply say that is proof he.. shot himself.

  61. SilverCondom says:

    @ Robert Mockan

    Anything is possible: USA is land of opportunity!

  62. keehotee says:

    Think twice before taking advice from bitter, angry people who have a terrible fashion affliction.

  63. Badsey says:

    Best thing for Celente to do is to give up paper gold and go physical. As long as you are continually stacking physical you will do fine and make it.

    Celente got caught in a White-Shoe-Boyz fiat Ponzi. Could of happened to anybody -and most likely your fiat is being stolen/devalued as I write this. =This fiat Ponzi is so completely corrupt there is little escape. =Most likely your fiat has already been stolen and you have not realized it yet. The American dollar itself has been devalued ~98% since the creation of the Federal Reserve Cartel Ponzi scam.

  64. railroad tycoon says:

    He buys the contract to take delivery so he doesn’t have to pay the 10% markup from a dealer. If you’re buying $100K that’s $10K.

  65. Dementia 5 says:

    Timeless speech, oh still so valid today:


  66. Up_to_it_InSilver says:

    Bruce and kdt,
    “Why does Gerald Celente call them the “White Shoe Boys”? Who would wear white shoes? White shoes would get all dirtied up when you go to work
    I think that’s the point: they don’t do work.
    Love Celente.”

    That’s it! The White Shoe Boys don’t work except to steal so their shoe never get dirty! I bet Celente has plenty of physical and won’t even miss his six figures, but he has to be involved in the mix otherwise how would he know anything.

    I once deliberately put $3,000 into a new annuity managed by Fidelity and made $5.00 (that is five dollars, or 500 pennies) is three years. I closed the account and at least got my principle back. Imagine if I had put money into it for twenty years. I learned something.

  67. Get your money out of B of A…….. NOW!!!!

    Bank Run!!!!!!


  68. SilverCondom says:

    I am truly disappointed by Celente:

    He is basically supporting the beast he criticizes by speculating paper. He should have put his money where is mouth is!

    Got beaten by the beast? You’re on your own, Celente!

  69. steveosilver says:

    For GC it is a win win, with all the publicity from this event.
    He will easily make what he may have lost.
    But what will happen to the price of gold if its true there are over 2 million tons held off market?
    De Beers could give some insight on the De imonds, lol.
    Love and gratitude

  70. Vonda Bra says:

    @ railroad tycoon | December 20, 2011 at 3:04 am |
    —-He buys the contract to take delivery so he doesn’t have to pay the 10% markup from a dealer. If you’re buying $100K that’s $10K. —-
    Thanks, I think you pretty much have summed it up!

    @ Jackie O | December 20, 2011 at 8:57 pm |
    —dont shoot the messenger—-
    won´t ! … but Gerald must have known better … but he gambled too and got f####ed!
    I like Gerald, but … shit happens – prooved!
    The other side of this coin is, that GC is a heavy weight and all this, plus his outspoken anger in public, can bring some “gnosis and action” to so many others still sleeping ….

    btw, DOLPHINS are the best and most precious creatures ever !!!!!!!!!
    thanks for pointing that out and catching it in a vid! 🙂
    Happy holidays and a happy new year to YOU Jackie!
    Von Love

  71. Jackie O says:

    @Vonda Bra
    good point about the 10% markup…guess when you buy for a long time this way you may not think you could be the one to take a hit…..

    Dolphins love human so much no matter how crazy we are…lovely beings indeed

    Happy holidays and lovely 2012 to you!!!
    Jackie O

  72. Bruce says:

    Great comments about Gerald in that video, Jackie O.

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