VIDEO: Kyle Bass on Permanent Job Loss, The End of Growth & the Coming Unaffordable Debt Writedowns

The company disabled video embedding for some inexplicable reason, nevertheless, here is the link to the one hour youtube to watch the video.

28 comments on “VIDEO: Kyle Bass on Permanent Job Loss, The End of Growth & the Coming Unaffordable Debt Writedowns
  1. donnydave says:

    Watched half,having a quick break.
    This is just a fantastic watch.Some amazing stuff on here.
    BRB after 2nd half.

  2. MirrorMirror says:

    Damn GEMA .. blocked for Germany.

  3. snoop diddy says:

    I took the plunge to d/load a proxy thing the other day, been watching a few Daily Show clips which arent viewable in Australia. it’s been going alright – i’ve been using It d/loads google Chrome so I dont know if you want that or some other proxy s/ware but it’s been worth it I reckon and no hassle so far.

  4. donnydave says:

    Watched it all…. WOW.
    Loved his talk about ponzi scheme and the Japanese population.Would never have thought about population like that – Was reading this article this morning,

    Now it all makes sense. oh and….”debt has grown in the last 9 years at yearly 12% growth rate.while GDP has grown at 4% rate” Speaks voulumes.

  5. snoop diddy says:

    the short story is – we’re all screwed, dont need a proxy hider to know that lol!

    Yeah, I d/loaded that to my hard drive, lots of interesting charts etc. havent figured out if youtube d/loader can hide a proxy yet and d/load forbidden vids? anyone know?

  6. Bonn says:

    U need to get this Guy on the Keiser Report !!!!

  7. devon says:

    Fairly smart guy with a pretty restricted world view. Interesting to have access to a “high level” economic discussion about growth that doesn’t include a restricted energy future or climate change as drivers toward the end of growth. Also, an interesting view of the elite blindness to the real suffering of the 99%. They just call it “social unrest” and worry about how it might affect their bottom line; never seem to actually care about others suffering. They seem to be waking up a bit, opening up their eyes, but all they see is their own asshole. I’d be afraid if I were them, and am incredibly grateful to not be.

  8. davem says:

    He says we all need to invest in hard assets, and includes property in his list. i thought that property was doomed – though I think he means apartments to let – but even so, is this really a good investment? The way rents are sky high presently in London, I can only see rents falling.

  9. davem says:

    Lloyds to claw back ex-chief’s bonus
    Lloyds starts legal moves to retrieve part of a £1.45m bonus awarded to former boss Eric Daniels shortly before bank was forced to put aside £3bn for mis-selling PPI

  10. MirrorMirror says:

    @snoop diddy ” I took the plunge to d/load a proxy thing the other day”

    LOL … and I just loaded JAP on another machine which managed to “see” the video … until I gave up after the 7th. second .. it was far too slow.

    BTW .. all this CopyWrong sh*t …. maybe there’s way of charging damages to the CopyWrong holder for the parts that didn’t have a copyright !
    i.e. they prevented me from watching 1 hour for the sake of their 5 seconds

  11. MirrorMirror says:

    @snoop ….. “anyone know?”

    I heard that the YT smallprint states that Vs musn’t be downloaded.

    OTOH, you see a lot of download software such as DVDVideoSoft being offered for free.
    Makes you winder why they do this … to catch people out ?

  12. donnydave says:

    @davem ok it was a long watch but I am pretty sure he said everything will lose value after the crash,but at least with assets other then fiat you will have ‘something’ instead of nothing.
    Somebody will have to check that,aint got time to watch it again 🙂
    peace out.

  13. kdt says:

    wow said the fly on the wall, are we alowed to viev these people without clearence? i love the part where the smart one reasures his friend that this is just a set back to globalization it was sick making, glad he sounded like he didn’t believe it , moron boy shur did not hear it that way tho
    @max whatin thehell is this black swan of cairo paper, sounds all james bond like

  14. kdt says:

    optical back stop??

  15. kdt says:

    he said real asets with real returns lol , what about what he said when asked about his dealings with comex ?? even he called it what” intresting” sounds croked to me why was his order not pulled and stacked?if not on 1 palet or at least in one area?and they were shocked he TOOK the bars .

  16. Bonn says:

    Same Bullshit Last year
    He’s A Dickhead !!!!!!!!!!

  17. What-me-worry? says:

    Black Swan of Cairo: “….preventing small forest fires can cause larger forest fires to become devastating.” As we all can witness.

  18. Mother Earth says:

    This Kyle guy is just full of crap, runs over with it. Completely irrelevant crap. Being able to talk in bullshitter tonality does not make you any more than a bullshitter

  19. kdt says:

    @what-me-worry TY what is funy is that they needed to write the paper to state the obvious . it conferms for me at least that even the conspericy nuts are don’t understand how bad this is , the people they think have a PLAN are looking at each other like those three are , and who’s retarded kid is that fat guy that used to work for the imf my god is he the avg for these “elites” it is like he was on another planet and he needs to get over his man crush.

  20. kdt says:

    at 44;00 he lays it out they will run off the cliff like the lemmings they are and we all go up in flames, nice, good job ,way to go ,dumb ass, pos, self agrandizing ,moronic ,shi…

  21. Jayme says:

    Social programs are a Ponzi scheme and so are governments. As population declines, the jig is up, political promises cannot be met and the system collapses. So much for socialism. I suppose this is why immigrant workers are so important to a society, they provide services that would otherwise be too expensive to continue maintaining within a Ponzi based economy. Everyone gets to continue with the illusion of increasing wealth when in fact, the burden is passed to the newcomers or outsourced overseas. Addition of debt accumulation has moved the delusion of wealth into every facet of life and this model of wealth through exponential growth is rotten to the core.

    What Kyle says about immigration is just another means of ‘kicking the can down the road’. All political policy is ultimately a Ponzi scheme. Why should ANY system be dependent on more exploitation for continued existence? Ponzies are notoriously centralized and favor very few while sacrificing the many. Perhaps a solution to globalization is to get rid of the politicized central form of government.

    ‘Capitalism without bankruptcy is like religion without hell.’

    The only white swan event I can think of would be a major technology breakthrough in energy and would put ‘unskilled’ workers back to work but technology won’t employ unskilled workers. The black swan seems more likely without some very good and smart people working to bring about the change.

  22. What-me-worry? says:

    @kdt – not the best interview I’ve seen – feel like I’ve never been born ……… but agree with your sentiment i.e. how fucking obvious does the fraud have to be before people acknowledge some ‘actions’ are needed? The necessary material to form the hammer to smash this farce of a civilisation dead in it’s tracks are seemingly spread wide and thin amongst 7 billion nails.

  23. What-me-worry? says:

    @Jayme – Bonn reckons the vatican has the secrets we need for our new energy paradigm stashed under the pope’s pedo porn stash, which I’m inclined to agree with.

  24. Jayme says:


    I don’t doubt it. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s possible for black swans to transmute into white swans. The choice in the past has been the black swan of war to boost economic recovery for short periods of time.

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