[KR224] Keiser Report: Exotic pet banking fraudsters

We discuss Keiser’s GIABO soup for the protesting person of the year and the true cost of bankers. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Leah McGrath Goodman about the price of oil and MF Global.

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  1. kdt says:

    @flowpot lol apoigees people are people my bad lol the sufrage thing and prohibiton well im an ass sorry at least your not ofended thanks for that i cant stop laughing it was such a retarded assumption to make and i never do that for this reason lmao now i need a beer

  2. Flopot says:

    @Al Kyder

    It is the same old story. There are the good, the bad and the ignorant. Same with Israel. Bibi the warmonger is simply a bad man. But there are plenty within Israel who object to his policies for moral and rational reasons. Loads of Israeli soldiers who are ordered to commit brutal acts against the Palestinians regret these actions and protest against them afterwards.

    Same within Gaza and the West Bank. You have your slavering bigots firing missiles. And you have your Palestinians that desperately want peace with Israel.

    However, sitting on the fence is hurting my ass. So I might aswell spit it out – Bibi is the biggest trouble-maker on the block at the moment. All it will take is the perfect storm for him to get his way, i.e. a middle eastern war. I have said it before, he wants a Greater Israel – an Israel-on-the-Jordan. This will be done under the cover of a war because wars always radicalise a populace.

    Just look at the results of 9/11.

    To deny this is to reveal your ignorance of Bibi.

    Go ahead and quote Madmood’s mad utterances but the man on the ground making the moves to war is Bibi and his US allies.

  3. Flopot says:


    No worries. Men are always mistaking me for a woman. The b**tards! ;–)

  4. Al Kyder says:

    @ Flopot

    Bibi is the biggest trouble maker on the block, and needs to be the first to be dealt with.

    I have always said, first deal with Israel then Saudi Arabia.

    I object to Israeli’s claiming some kind of moral high ground.

    Bibi has a bad hand in this game now, nd he is bluffing, he plays it well, always trying to create doubt, but time is running out, not much sand left in the hour glass for Israel.

  5. Flopot says:

    @Al Kyder

    “not much sand left in the hour glass for Israel.”

    By which you mean, Bibi and his cabinet of warmongers? Not the entire nation.

  6. MirrorMirror says:


    War, War Veterans, History & USA Foreign Policy


    Maybe there “is” hope for America !

    13 mins.

    Respect !


  7. Apocalypto says:

    Fairtrade Gold.

    Merry Christmas, EVERYONE! 🙂

    Gold: Every piece tells a story

  8. Michel78 says:

    @Tamir: post more about Israhell and less about others.

    Oh, yeah.

  9. Grisu says:

    nice video,thanks
    you can also buy zero-emission silver and help protect rare species
    like the andean cat


    and have an excellent christmas,everyone

  10. Mother Earth says:

    Now that Max is also using my reasoning “would there be a crisis if ther was plenty of oil?” I hope I get a chance one day to come on the show and explain the carbon/credit system and Robo ( eco ) nomics..

  11. mbridges says:

    MirrorMirror | December 17, 2011 at 5:54 pm |


    Ben Fulford’s lawsuit may also just be an attention seeking ploy.

    It ‘s not Ben’s law suit. He is just a reporter operating out of Japan.

  12. Apocalypto says:

    Thief Injured Attempting To Steal Copper Wire From School

    MIAMI GARDENS (CBS4) – A thief apparently looking to steal copper from equipment on the roof of a Miami-Dade school fell more than two stories, a debilitating plunge that left him unable to walk, apparently with a broken hip or leg.


    Wire they doing that? Get it? Wire? They doing that? lol 😀

  13. Mary Genoud says:

    Stacy, Max and Leah McGrath Goodman great show. Amazing to learn banksters destroy £42,000,000 GBP of economic value for every £5 million produced. They’re like black holes sucking everything in that occasionally regurgitate.
    Algorithms certainly manipulate prices including that of oil; however, eia.doe.gov covers well supply & demand rates, the global peak has past.
    We have clean and alternative technologies to fix energy, but we don’t have policies.
    If tomorrow a shopping mall in Florida wanted to install a white roof (30% reduction in costs of air conditioning) and add a cogeneration system with fuel cells, solar panels, a couple of wind turbines, where would the owner of the mall find the $30 million or whatever? Policies would help; half the price in energy savings could go to reimburse the investment at current prices, and half the energy savings would be free. Within a few years the investment would be paid off, however the contract would continue with half the energy saved for free, and a small price levied on the second half of the energy savings. Therefore the costs of the mall’s energy would be less than half its cost in 2011. This kind of policy would increase the production and implementation of clean techs since people would consider it a form of savings and security.
    There is no reason why exporting nations and energy multinationals are not in green tech. They have the finance to scale-up productions and distribute. Why risk environmental harm from tar sands (another example of not counting externalities) when there is algae along with many other alternatives? Who needs fracking, when there’s bio-gas?

  14. snoop diddy says:

    Britain’s ONLY Option: A Great Escape!

  15. snoop diddy says:

    thanks for the link.

  16. snoop diddy says:

    thanks for link too, I really like listening to Armstrong, I wonder if we’ll ever see him on a Keiser Report explaining Kondratieff waves and recent scandals?

  17. Mini US says:


    Armstrong seems to say that London is better regulated, but Max says it is the home to all the fraudulent collapses we have seen in recent years.
    I guess they are just as bad as each other 😉

  18. snoop diddy says:

    Yeah, strange mix.
    then again, when it boils down to it, who knows if it is any better regulated.
    Probably more like different priorities when it comes to protecting what style of fraud.

  19. snoop diddy says:

    *protecting what style of legal looting :-/

  20. Al Kyder says:

    @ Mother Earth | December 18, 2011 at 11:46 pm |
    Now that Max is also using my reasoning “would there be a crisis if ther was plenty of oil?” I hope I get a chance one day to come on the show and explain the carbon/credit system and Robo ( eco ) nomics..

    Yes that I would like to see. I think we are slowly getting there.

    The carbon tax /power generation debate is what I am trying to raise too.

    We’ll just have to keep chipping away at it.

  21. kdt says:

    @al kyder The carbon tax /power generation debate
    carbon taxes will be used to maintain centralized generation by redtapining out of existence any possable competetive power sorces . no matter what dogooddiegood intentions anyone has regulation always benifits big business they have the cash to turn any atempt to control them in to a way to control the public LOOK AROUND YOU show me a regulation that is helping the population in question? dogooders need to get a clue, mind there own buisness ,and clean up there own yard . untill i hear al gore is selling off all his stuff and donating it to save the polar bears he loves so much, i will assume he is lieing ass p.o.s. pollition and untill i hear the agw movement denounce him and people like him as the hypicrites they in fact are for having a carbon foot print larger than most of the 3rd world countries he is dooming to poverty with his scam i will asume there is no real problem . as the people in agw dont seem to acculy give a crap other than regulating the masses so they can have ten mantions and a plane to fly between them .

  22. Tamir says:

    Hello Jihadis, terrorists, lunatics, maniacs, anti-Semites, fanatics, aniti-Zionists, crazies, neo-Nazis and the rest of the _disturb_ community here (I don’t mean all of the visitors – of course!),

    One of your great leaders had died – the psychotic Kim Jung Il:


    Oh, how terrible.
    Oh, yeah.

  23. Tamir says:

    Ho, I forgot: the above post is also directed at would-be suicide bomber and ones that have already done through at least one such operation. Oh, yeah.

  24. Al Kyder says:

    @ kdt

    That is true, and look at China, still copping it fro the US for being anti-competative.

    Everyone knows that China was just way better at gaming Kyoto and they raised a 1 billion dollar solar industry on those “Carbon Credits” \\

    Meanwhile in the US Solyndra went belly up because they had a hopeless business model, but lets blame China for dumping !!

  25. Al Kyder says:

    @ Tanir

    One of your great leaders had died – the psychotic Kim Jung Il:

    On the bright side we can expect to see has son sell black market nukes to Al Qads forces in exchange for French Brandy and high class hookers.

  26. Tamir says:

    @Al Kyder,

    Thanks for making laugh this morning (work is a mess…). Great post 🙂

  27. TJ says:


    You’re a lying hateful cunt. Lara Logan wasn’t raped, the only terrorists are on government payroll and you aren’t fooling anybody.

    Keep spewing your shite, it keeps the rest of us sharp.

  28. TJ says:

    @Al Kyser

    are you Tamir? part-time?

  29. Tamir says:


    You are a sick fucking cunt man. What, pushing fingers into the vagina of a woman is not rape in your sick world?!
    Get a life, for fuck sake !

  30. Tamir says:


    As I determined in the past, you are indeed the perfect candidate to the hurtled from a building in Gaza city. Ho, yeah.

  31. TJ says:


    That’s allllll baloney and you know it.

    You’re simply not credible.

    How is Mossad treating you these days?

    Spending too much time in Gaza?

  32. Tamir says:


    I’m not Gaza (but I have been around some years ago). I don’t work for Mossad (do you think I would have told you if I did?). But I’ve heard they pay well…

  33. TJ says:

    @ Tamir

    Who gives a shit how you justify yourself. The posts tell it all.

  34. Tamir says:


    You are welcome to think of my posts whatever you please and expressed your displeasure with them.

  35. TJ says:


    My displeasure lies in the outright lies you repeat.

  36. Tamir says:


    But I only link to videos and quotes !
    So, are you attending the state funeral of Kim?

  37. TJ says:


    No, I’m attending to the wake of your troll identity.

  38. Tamir says:


    I was once suspected of being a computer program (was it you?). That is not _that_ far away from the truth, I guess, as I do work with computers and machines. But I never told any lies on this forum. And no, I’m not a computer program 😉

  39. TJ says:


    Of course you’re not a computer program but you have an agenda.

    Lara Logan was not raped, all the bad guys are a bespoke invention and you’ve laid that out above as truth?

    You’re either clumsy or not too bright….

  40. Tamir says:


    I’ll go for not too bright….

  41. TJ says:


    That’s a Mossad answer if I’ve ever seen one. Congrats 😉

  42. Tamir says:

    @snoop diddy,

    Alex Jones was right all along.
    Shit, he was right.
    Are there Americans here?
    I mean, aren’t you people upset about this? Obama is now a dictator. He’s no better than Kim Jung Il.

  43. MirrorMirror says:


    @snoop … sure, Alex has nearly always been right .. for over 10 yrs.

    … something I have always maintained here.

    What I really don’t understand is that he has been allowed to broadcast for so long .. same applies to Max & Stacy as well BTW.

    If both of those “teams” weren’t so right about everything – with the exception of M&S’s AGW – I would seriously wonder whether this is a massive setup !

  44. MirrorMirror says:

    [email protected] = @Tamir !

    Sorry , but yet another example of how this Msg-board format is “not the best” IMO.

  45. Michel78 says:

    Lara Logans’ story in Cairo:

    “The only thing that some people only thought she was an Israeli spy!”


    Tamir, you fuckin’ troll, please go away with your shit. And take your state with you.

  46. gold bullet says:

    ”2012 Gold Averages: Goldman $1,810/oz, Barclays $2,000/oz and UBS $2,050/oz”


    How surprised will the crooks at Goldman, Barclays and UBS be when Gold reaches $2,500/oz or even $3,000/oz!

  47. Tamir says:


    You forgot to mention that the attacks on her grew much worse when there rapist jihadis realized that she might be an Israeli. Wonderful that you find sex crimes so acceptable when directed at your “enemies”. Would you feel the same if your mother or sister were treated like that (no offense intended!) ?

  48. Tamir says:


    Something tells me that the gender of their victim would not have made any difference to them…

  49. Tamir says:


    Are you a convicted sex offender?
    I sure as hell sounds like that.

  50. gold bullet says:

    ”Draghi warns on eurozone break-up”


    Here we have ex-Goldman Sachs bankster crying a river over the eurozone break-up.

    ”European Ministers Seek $261B IMF Crisis Funds”


    Now here is a bit of QE, in Europe this time.

    ”Fed May Inject Over $1 Trillion To Bail Out Europe”


    And last, but not least, ANOTHER FED bailout for the banksters!

  51. Tamir says:


    Here is a response from the page you linked to:

    “Marion I. Lipshutz | 25 February, 2011 at 10:29 am |
    “I didnt witness what happened to Lara Logan before I saw the mob coming”,
    That’s right! You did NOT witness what happened.
    I believe CBS News and I believe Lara Logan and she owes you nothing!
    This is typical sexist denial and blame-the-victim-ism when it comes to violence
    against women.
    Shame on you!”

    Shame on you indeed – you are, in my view, scum. Not more, maybe even less.
    Shame Shame Shame Shame Shame Shame on you!!!

  52. Tamir says:

    What about “non-zionist” women (=Egyptian women) that are being raped in public, ah, Michael78, you asshole? Ever took a bus in Cairo? Ah? Did you read the accounts of women that “enjoy” men rubbing at them in a crowded bus until (you know what), ah? So shut the fuck up, maybe you are yourself a convicted rapist, who knows. Lara tells the truth, you are scum period.

    @Stacy, Max,

    I apologize for my language, but this individual is scum and makes me generally sick.

  53. Youri Carma says:

    Eldorado Gold to acquire European Goldfields
    — Deal would create gold producer with combined C$11 bln market value
    — Offer pitched at 56.5% premium to European Goldfields’ close on Friday
    — BlackRock unit to vote 7.3% stake in favor of the transaction

  54. Tamir says:


    Eat shit and die!

    “Outraged | 22 February, 2011 at 2:34 am |
    Sorry, I am not buying your “eye witness” account. How in the hell do you explain that she ended up in the hospital for a week. If you want to cover up what happened go ahead. But you fool no one with half an ounce of brains. Why not just own up the the fact that Lara Logan was horrifically assulted. It seems to me that the cowards that did this to her are even more cowardly now that their inhuman deeds are seen clearly understood. And those that are complicite in a coverup such as this don’t deserve an ounce of respect but should be stepped on as if they were dirt themselves.”

    Happy now?

    Defending a bunch of rapists. What is wrong with you?

  55. Youri Carma says:

    China must focus on ‘real economy’: state media
    The real economy needs more attention and support than the virtual economy , as development costs are higher, production periods are longer, and profit margins are limited, the paper said.

    Ah! Tell me somtin!

  56. Youri Carma says:

    France finally realizing what a bad deal euro was – As even Noyer knows, U.K. at least has its own currency
    President Francois Mitterrand , who was responsible for driving the Germans toward monetary union after the fall of the wall, confessed when he was close to death in January 1996 that he had made a mistake by granting full independence to the European Central Bank — because the Germans would ultimately get their way . The admission, made to Miitterrand’s old confidant and Socialist comrade-in-arms Jean-Pierre Chevenement, was all the more revealing because Mitterrand had a track record of being right about Germany.

  57. snoop diddy says:

    DeGaulle is spinning

  58. gold bullet says:

    ”Eurozone crisis live: UK to be asked for £25bn in loans”


    Another Guardian live blog about the tragic comedy that is the eurozone crisis.

    ”Nick Clegg vows to target widening wealth inequality”


    Who is he trying to fool here?! (Answer: The brainwashed-by-BBC-propaganda voters and tax payers)

  59. SilverCondom says:

    Silver is getting killed… again!

  60. Youri Carma says:

    – Did GLD And Other Gold ETFs Kill Gold Stocks? –

    Altough this is a inconvenient situation for gold miners and shareholders it’s in fact very bullish for physical gold because if it’s unattractive to mine gold less new gold will enter the market while demand can only grow thus creating a good ol fash market shortage.

  61. Youri Carma says:

    The GLD is digging it’s own grave

    Altough this is a inconvenient situation for gold miners and shareholders it’s in fact very bullish for physical gold because if it’s unattractive to mine gold less new gold will enter the market while demand can only grow thus creating a good ol fash market shortage.

    This gold shortage will put immense upward pressure on physical gold when traded higher on the real street gold market makes the GLD obsolete.

  62. Michel78 says:

    @Tamir: hope you get well. how is life for Palestinians?

  63. Michel78 says:

    I forgot: Oh, yeah.

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