UK taxis will soon record client conversations

28 comments on “UK taxis will soon record client conversations
  1. Dementia 5 says:

    What for? For whom?

  2. gold bullet says:

    Big Brother Gone Wild On Steroids!!!

  3. ChrisV says:

    Although this is a massive invasion of privacy I can see why the taxi drivers would want it. Working in london can be very dangerous for the drivers. There’s a lot of people struggling to pay the bills and a taxi driver with a few hundred pounds in cash is an easy target, especially at 4am in a bad part of London.

    As part of my job I normally get taxis to other offices and you hear some horror stories. A thief will get a taxi and ask to be taken to a remote location then they will rob the driver. There’s no way to catch the person.

  4. Dementia 5 says:

    Cameron wants to know what you think.

    Well, here’s a bonus Mr Cameron, here’s what I think about you:

  5. Max Power says:

    Where is proper surveillance when you need it…

    A man convicted of a $2.8 million fraud in Invercargill in the 1990s was able to get a job as a finance officer at an Australian corporation. He has now been convicted of defrauding it of more than $300,000.

    Warren Attfield was sentenced to five years in prison in 1996 after admitting defrauding woodchip company South Wood Exports of $2.8m, much of which he gambled at the TAB, during six years.After serving his sentence Attfield moved to Australia. Because he had no criminal record there he managed to get a job as finance officer at the Yaamba Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation for Men in Bundaberg, Queensland, in February 2006.

    The corporation offers counselling and support services for Aboriginal men, including a drug and alcohol rehabilitation hostel.

    In 2007, Attfield began to steal money from the corporation to finance his gambling addiction.

    He confessed the fraud after the corporation did not have enough money to pay staff wages.

    He was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison by a judge in Toowoomba, Bundaberg’s News-Mail reported.

    Invercargill National MP Eric Roy said something needed to be done to stop cases like Attfield’s happening again.

  6. Lover of Metal says:

    Sounds like a recipe for blackmail and extortion. From 8 or 9 pm, most people only get cabs because they’re too drunk to drive or they’re about to get too drunk to drive. Affairs, Confessions, Tall Stories etc. Great intel gathering platform 🙂 Clever Brits!!

  7. Mother Earth says:

    Want to keep a secret? Act like you have none..

    But they;ll come up with drugdealing in the back seat..maybe even child prongrpahy made in taxi’s or pedophiles prefering them to talk about fileswapping pirctures of Cameron (he’s still underage isn’t he) ?

  8. Mother Earth says:

    Sins are for the dumb..

  9. Bruce says:

    Colin Cook is creepy, with creepy thoughts.
    Nick Pickles barely uses his arms when walking, but has non-creepy thoughts.

    Not only should the customers be outraged, the drivers should be too. Plus they’re paying for it in loss of business, not just having to buy the recording equipment. No doubt some corrupt politician is getting kickbacks from the sale.

    RIP casual conversations with your taxi driver.
    I wouldn’t want to say a word if I knew I were being recorded.

  10. Danny Cunnington says:

    Well I hope that makes the hapless Brits “Feel safe”. Meanwhile, their out of control government is trying to start WW3 and is willing to risk a nuclear exchange. Factoid: The UK is the most heavily targeted country on the face of the planet per square mile. The reason there’s no civilian protection is that they know it a waste of time given the massive incoming IBCM salvo.

    Good luck with that one.

  11. IBM’s Watson, needs to know what Oxford boffins are talking about. If Max & Stacy fans have time on their hands, try downloading the “FOLDIT” game, a human can do in minutes what the most advanced computer would take tens of thousands of years to do unassisted. Foldit helps bio-chemists develop state of the art medicines. so it’s a game with a purpose, I believe first introduced by young Professor Luis von Ahn at Carnegie Mellon.

  12. Harry says:

    Listen to this conversation: Silver Volatility – Exposed

    Perhaps we could teach IBM’s Watson to trade paper silver, and cause all those scumbags to lose their shirts!…Watson could later come to the rescue, when they booked into a surgery, suffering medical complications and nervous breakdowns following their losses!

  14. steve says:

    Hey, waddaya gonna do? – They already let the ‘gummint’ take their means of defense.
    Guess they’ll be serving Molotov cocktails at the next street party.

  15. Sir David Rottentrousers says:

    They’ve done this in Japan for more than a year. They also video tape the passenger. It’s utterly ridiculous and a waste of money in a place like Japan (safe country) but they do it anyway.

    Remember, this is a global effort. You want to know what is going to happen in your country next? Just watch places like Singapore and Japan….

  16. Markar says:

    Such idiocy for a bankrupt country to spend money on this! As if anything of any consequence to intelligence gathering will be spoken in taxis now that this is public knowledge.

  17. susan says:

    It’s not just about Big Brother wanting to know your every move – it’s also about trying desperately to keep the economy afloat: when I lived in Italy, there was new legislation like this coming in every few weeks, keeping people on their toes, keeping up the feeling of impotence, keeping people dipping into to their savings and keeping their minds off of the larger picture. One idiotic trivial but expensive rule after another…

    I wonder how many MPs have shares in surveillance companies? Or maybe the question should be ‘how many zionist security companies own MPs?’

  18. Jayme says:

    What would the politicians be doing if they weren’t passing laws to make people ‘safe’? Nothing – because they are superfluous. Rather than use the technology as a tool to free people, they use it to ensure their power remains intact. The technology is mature, it ‘creates jobs’, and the status quo feels ‘safer.’ It will be put in private vehicles as well… for your own safety of course. The only people who wont be monitored are the politician who ‘earn’ their way out of accountability (by being born in the ‘right’ families). Russo points out the elite want everyone RFID chipped like cattle. Welcome to your new life.

    Senator charges GM’s OnStar invades privacy

    Historic Interview with Aaron Russo, Fighting Cancer and the New World Order [1h9m]

  19. Kevin Eshbach says:

    HBO’s lobbyist have finally succeeded in bring Taxicab Confessions to the UK masses.

  20. Flopot says:

    How quickly the facade of democracy slips away when people have access to real information. Now that the “freedom loving” democracies of the “civilised world” are losing the information war (i.e. we have access to other sources of information other than MSM propaganda) they need to ramp up the coercion levels.

  21. FranSix says:

    They must be afraid of public opinion on anything. Bond markets rule, but are about to collapse. Very simple.

  22. Do Not Go There says:

    Knowing this you can play with their minds. Just make up stuff that incriminates the ones you think are listening. Tell about the time you saw a male senator and a male JP Morgan executive get it on when you was in the bathroom. Have fun with the bastards.

  23. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    Mobile big brother. Its all done for our ‘safety’, protect us from all them hoards of super stealthy terrorists out there. I guess lamp posts were ruled out for now.

    @Alastair,Harry, on brotherjohn’s channel he says the SLV oz per share has gone down consistently from .9745 in july to .9736 in september.
    The rabbit trail leads to Blackrock and JP Morgan..

  24. RealBrother says:

    What you should be worried about is the web camera and microphone on every laptop and phone. As predicted in the book 1984. Google “WebcamGate”.

  25. K says:

    If TPTB want information on anyone who uses cabs now all they will have to do is persude the cab driver to ask certain questions or lead the conversation in the direction they desire. Too invasive IMHO but no doubt the sheeple of Oxford will be thankful that they can feel “safe” now – seriously, what kind of criminal talks about there crimes in a freakin’ taxi??!!

  26. JailBanksters says:

    Who would it harm more, Terrorists or the General Public?
    Maybe the Lawmakers (Bank of England) believe terrorists are riding around town in Taxis discussing how to terminate the Bank of England.

  27. Apocalypto says:


  28. Trip says:

    drip drip drip goes the stain of the police state.
    “There is never a need to sacrifice liberty in order to protect liberty”:

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